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(RefID: 0001C3AD)
Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Dawnstar Sanctuary
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=5-50) Class Assassin
RefID 0001C3AD BaseID 0001C3AB
Training Trainer (Master)Light Armor (Master)
Other Information
Health 150+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 50+(PC-1)×1.7
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×5
Primary Skills Light Armor, One-handed, Sneak, Archery
Class Details TrainerLightArmorMaster
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) The Dark Brotherhood; FavorExcludedFaction; Light Armor Trainer; Skill Trainer
Nazir considering his next contract

Nazir is a Redguard assassin and a member of the Dark Brotherhood. He will offer you contracts upon joining the Dark Brotherhood. He is also the master trainer in Light Armor.

Nazir wears a unique set of Redguard clothes with a matching hood and a pair of boots. In combat, he relies on a scimitar.

When inquired about himself, he will reveal that he grew up in the deserts of Hammerfell, where "blood is a shade of crimson I can scarce describe". He is apparently not proud of his past (though he will not explain what he did), and explains that after the Dark Brotherhood saved him, he tried to forget it.

He often makes jokes or sarcastic comments about the contracts he sends you on—for example, after reporting back and telling Nazir a mine owner in Dawnstar is dead, he says "Of course she is. I hear the mining business is extremely cutthroat. And those hours... they're murder." He seems to enjoy making these jokes, commenting "I could do this all day."

He is not very happy with the arrival of Cicero and the Night Mother, saying that he dislikes a vast majority of entertainers, and jesters in particular. He also says that he's not too keen on long-dead corpses of old women, and that although he'll make an exception for the Night Mother, he makes it clear that he'll only ever answer to Astrid.

He is one of the few survivors of the attack on the sanctuary during the quest Death Incarnate.

After the Dawnstar Sanctuary is established, he will permanently relocate to the main room and can still offer you contracts that have not yet been completed. If Cicero is there, he will not be surprised, but he'll make a futile request of you to stop him from dancing and singing.

Related QuestsEdit

Dialogue (General)Edit

You: "What can you tell me about yourself?"
Nazir: "Ah, well, I'm Redguard, as I'm sure you've noticed. Though not like most of my kind you'll find in Skyrim, that's for damned sure. I am a child of Hammerfell, born of the sands of the mighty Alik'r. In that great desert, blood is a shade of crimson I can scarce describe. My past is long and storied, and not altogether proud. But the Dark Brotherhood saved me from myself. And I have never looked back."

Alternatively, if you are a Redguard, his opening lines will change to, "Ah, well, I'm Redguard, as I'm sure you've noticed. Though not like you. Hmph. No, definitely not like you."

Once Cicero arrives with the Night MotherEdit

Once the contract is finished:

You: "What are your thoughts on Cicero and the Night Mother?"
Nazir: "I don't like mimes, minstrels, thespians, acrobats, jugglers, troubadours or tumblers. Flutists give me a headache. I particularly hate jesters. As a rule, I'm also not crazy about the corpses of old women. For the Night Mother, I'll make an exception. But Astrid is the only mistress I serve."

During Whispers in the DarkEdit

You: "Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero."
Nazir: "Does she? Listen, brother/sister... Astrid is my mistress, and I worship the ground she walks on. But this Cicero business has her a bit... paranoid."

During The Cure for MadnessEdit

You: "Any thoughts on the current situation?"
Nazir: "Going after Cicero now would be a fool's errand. That little jester is currently being digested in Arnbjorn's stomach, mark my words."

Dialogue (Primary Quests)Edit

Nazir during Sanctuary


When Nazir is first met during the quest Sanctuary he will greet you.

Nazir: "So you're the newest member of our dwindling, dysfunctional little Family. I've heard quite a bit about you."

Your Choice Nazir's Response
It's a pleasure to meet you. "Save the niceties for now. I have no intention of getting invested in someone who may be dead tomorrow. If you're still breathing in a few weeks, I'm sure we'll be the best of friends."
You will hear even more, I assure you. "Ooh, cocky. I give you three days before you screw up and someone runs a knife across your throat. But who knows? I've been proven wrong before."
(Remain Silent) "Ahh, going for the mysterious and brooding thing, hmm? That may work for your targets, but you'll find I'm not so easily impressed."

You: "Astrid said you'd have some work for me."
Nazir: "Did she, now? Well, as it turns out, there are a few lingering contracts we haven't had the chance to complete just yet. And more, dribbling in from time to time. I'll assign them to you as they become available. To be completed at your leisure.
You: "Sounds simple enough."
Nazir: "It is. These aren't particularly glamorous assassinations, I'll be honest. Don't pay much, either. But they'll keep you busy. Just do them as you're able. There's no real time limit - the targets aren't going anywhere. You can turn each one in as it's completed, or wait and turn in the whole group when all the targets have been eliminated. Whichever works for you."
You: "I'm ready for the first set of contracts."
Nazir: "Well then, let's get started. I've got three available right now. Your targets are the beggar Narfi, an ex-miller named Ennodius Papius, and Beitild, a mine boss. When you've completed all those, we'll see if I might have some more."

Whispers in the DarkEdit

The Night Mother breaks her silence, Astrid will once again send you to Nazir for contracts.

You:"Astrid wanted me to see you about some work."
Nazir: "Well then, your timing couldn't be better. As it turns out, I've got two new contracts. One rather easy assignment, and another that should prove quite a challenge. Your first target is an Orc bard named Lurbuk. The other is a vampire by the name of Hern. Happy hunting."

Death IncarnateEdit

Nazir and Babette after the attack

During the attack on the Sanctuary, Nazir can be found saying "If I am to die today, so be it. But you'll not soon forget the Dark Brotherhood."

Once you help him defeat the attackers:

Nazir: "So you are alive. I was starting to wonder."
You: "The was a trap. Someone set us up."
Nazir: "Considering most of us are now dead, I assumed as much. And before you ask, no - I don't think it was you. Well, maybe I did, but you saving my sorry hide just now sort of erased any doubts. So thanks."
You: "We need to get out of here!"
Nazir: "You've got that right. Only a matter of time before we're roasted alive. Come on!"

After the attack, Nazir speaks to Babette:

Babette: "Hurry, Nazir! I'm telling you, he/she's in there!"
Nazir: "I'm going... as fast... as I can, you stupid she-devil. I don't see you... helping..."
Babette: "I'm not exactly built for manual labor. Now come on, you've almost got it."
Nazir: "One more... pull... Yeeaahh! There."
Babette: "Can you get it open?"
Nazir: "I think so. Just hold on a moment."

After the Night Mother speaks again, Nazir will talk again:

Nazir: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. It's all right. You've been through a lot. Maybe you should just sit down for a bit..."

Your Choice Nazir's Response
I have to speak with Astrid! She's here in the sanctuary, follow me. "She's here? By Sithis, I thought we'd lost her. Let's go!"
I'm fine. But the Night Mother has another task for me. Let's go. "Oh! Well in that case, lead on. I'm right behind you."
(Remain Silent) "I don't know, Babette. Looks like he/she may have suffered a head wound. Best not let him/her out of our sight..."

Hail Sithis!Edit

The Night Mother compells you to speak with Nazir, and hold the family together:

Nazir: "By Sithis, what a mess. I guess this is the end."
You: "Not exactly. The Night Mother has spoken to me again."
Nazir: "What? Well - what did she say?"
You: "I must speak with Amaund Motierre once more."
Nazir: "Amaund Motierre? But that would mean..."
You: "The contract is still on. The true Emperor must be assassinated."
Nazir: "You mean... there's still a chance? But how? Our plan has gone to ruin, everyone is dead, the Family..."
You: "Our Family lives on, Nazir. You have to trust me."
Nazir: "Hmph. All right, then. Go. Go, my Listener. Find out what that slimy bastard Motierre has to say, then send the Emperor to Sithis. Ah, but when you're done, there's no use returning here, is there? I was thinking... the Dawnstar Sanctuary. We could make a proper home there. Listen, when you're finished with this Emperor business, meet Babette and me there. I'll find some way to move the Night Mother. Don't worry. Now go! And come back with a barrel full of gold, hmm? Babette, my girl - pack your things. We're moving."
Babette: "I was hoping you'd say that."

Once you have returned with the payment from assassinating the Emperor, Nazir will be eager to see what the contract was worth:

Nazir: "Well? What word of the Emperor?"
You: "Titus Mede II is dead... by my hand."
Nazir: "Truly? Could you have brought us more wondrous news? Recent events notwithstanding, this is a happy day for us, my friend. Despite your misfortunes, you stayed true to the Dark Brotherhood. You've saved us all, and for this you have my eternal thanks. Now, of course I must ask... Killing the Emperor... How much did Motierre pay for such a thing?"

Your Choice Nazir's Response
20,000 gold. "Ha! Remarkable! Well, the old bastard certainly made it worth your while, didn't he?"
10,000 gold. (Lie) "Ha! Clearly, we should have killed that old bastard years ago!"
5,000 gold. (Lie) "Oh. Is that all? Really? Come now! You're joking with old Nazir! Surely the Emperor's life was worth more than that."

Saying that the payment was only 5,000 Septims will lead to Nazir wanting another response, where you may either be truthful or continue the lie.

Your Choice Nazir's Response
Gotcha! It was 20,000 gold. "Ha! I knew it, you rascal! By Sithis, the old man was worth the trouble."
Sorry, no joke. 5,000 gold. (Lie) "Pfft. You'd think an emperor would fetch at least twice that. Damn that motherless cheapskate, Motierre. In any event, here's my advice. Go to Riften's Ratway, find Delvin Mallory. I believe Astrid had you visit him once before, no? Mallory is an expert "obtainer of goods." We can use the money to repair and refit this Sanctuary. Make a true home for us, eh?"

If Nazir is told about any amount of gold over 5,000, he will go on to say:

Nazir: "Now, might I offer some advice? You should go to Riften and find Delvin Mallory. I believe Astrid had you visit him once before? Mallory is an expert 'obtainer of goods.' We can use the money to repair and refit this Sanctuary. Make a true home for us, hmm? You do that, and I'll see what I can do about recruiting some new additions to our Family..."

Dialogue (Contract Quests)Edit

Nazir will also explain any of the contracts he gives to you. He can give general background information on any of the targets.


Kill NarfiEdit

You: "Tell me about Narfi."
Nazir: "He's a hapless beggar living in some ruins just outside the village of Ivarstead. Easy even for you."

Once the contract is finished:

Nazir: "So, what of the old beggar, Narfi? Is it done? Has he groveled for his last septim?"
You: "Narfi is dead."
Nazir: "Congratulations. You slaughtered an emaciated beggar in cold blood. You are truly an opponent to be feared. Here's your payment."

Kill BeitildEdit

You: "Tell me about Beitild."
Nazir: "She separated from her husband several months ago. Now the two run competing mining operations. Beitild's angry and desperate. A fighter."

Once the contract is finished:

Nazir: "I see you're back from Dawnstar. Beitild lies dead, I hope?"
You: "Beitild is dead."
Nazir: "Of course she is. I hear the mining business is extremely cutthroat. And those hours... they're murder. I could do this all day. Here's your payment."

Kill Ennodius PapiusEdit

You: "Tell me about Ennodius."
Nazir: "He lives just outside Anga's Mill, in the woods. He was once the miller. Now Papius is just a paranoid recluse who thinks someone is out to get him. And he's right."

Once the contract is finished:

Nazir: "How went your meeting with Ennodius Papius? Did you prove his paranoia legitimate?"
You: "Ennodius Papius is dead."
Nazir: "Good. And I hope you were careful in that lumber mill. Those splinters and rusty nails can be quite nasty. Your payment, for a job well done."

Kill HernEdit

You: "Tell me about Hern."
Nazir: "He's a vampire, and has blended into human society for years. He's never far from his female companion, Hert. Also a vampire. The contract is for the male, Hern. But you'll probably have to contend with the female, too. So for Sithis' sake, watch yourself.

Once Hern is dead:

Nazir: "You're alive. Then I guess you haven't paid a visit to the vampire yet, hmm?"
You: "Hern is dead.
Nazir: "No sarcasm this time. You faced a vampire, and lived to tell the tale. Well done. And if you contracted Sanguinare Vampiris, be sure to get that taken care of. Else you'll end up like our own Babette. Unless, of course, that was your goal all along. Here's your payment."

Kill LurbukEdit

You: "Tell me about Lurbuk."
Nazir: "He is, by all accounts, the worst bard in all of Skyrim. Apparently so many people sought his death, Astrid had to hold a lottery to determine the client."

Once Lurbuk is dead:

Nazir: "Please tell me you flayed that horrible bard alive and made a drum from his skin..."
You: "Lurbuk is dead."
Nazir: "Wonderful. The only good bard is a dead one, as far as I'm concerned. All that singing and... mirth. Your payment, as per the usual."

Kill DeekusEdit

You: "Tell me about Deekus."
Nazir: "He's an Argonian layabout, likes to scavenge shipwrecks. My guess is he'll run if threatened. Or swim, if given the chance."

Once Deekus is dead:

Nazir: "No new boots? Does this mean the Argonian is still alive?" (or if you are an Argonian) "Taken care of that layabout Deekus, yet? Or does the idea of killing a fellow Argonian make your scales crawl?"
You: "Deekus is dead."
Nazir: "Personally, I've always found Argonians to be incredibly unpredictable opponents. Especially near water. In any event, nice work. Here's your payment."

Kill Ma'randru-joEdit

You: "Tell me about Ma'randru-jo."
Nazir: "He's an accomplished wizard. And, locating him may be challenging, as he travels with the caravans."

Once Ma'randru-jo is dead:

Nazir: "You smell like dead cat. Can I assume Ma'randru-jo has been taken care of?" (or if you are a Khajiit) "How went your encounter with Ma'randru-jo? Back in Hammerfell, I always loved watching two cats rip each other to shreds..."
You: "Ma'randru-jo is dead."
Nazir: "Ah! Well done! Well done! Those caravaners can be an elusive bunch. Takes a fair bit of stalking to take one down. But then, that's half the fun, isn't it? Here's your payment. Well earned, indeed."

Kill AnoriathEdit

You: "Tell me about Anoriath."
Nazir: "The wood elf [sic] may run a stall in the city, but he retreats to the plains outside Whiterun to hunt. Kill him there, and no one will bear witness..."

Once Anoriath is dead:

Nazir: "Hmph. No arrows protruding from your skull... Can I assume Anoriath is dead, then?"
You: "Anoriath is dead."
Nazir: "Ah, so the hunter came to know the fear of the hunted, hmm? Your payment, my friend. Well done."

Kill AgnisEdit

You: "Tell me about Agnis."
Nazir: "She's a maid. Old, and feeble. But with this contract it's much more a matter of "where" than "who." Your political affairs are your own, but any allegiance you may have in the ongoing war could very well affect your access to Fort Greymoor."

Once Agnis is dead:

Nazir: "Ah, back from Fort Graymoor [sic]. The old servant has been put out of her misery, I hope?"
You: "Agnis is dead."
Nazir: "Don't worry, my friend, I'll spare you the facetious quip about killing a defenseless old woman. Infiltrating an occupied military fort and making it out in one piece is nothing to joke about. Well done. Your payment for services rendered."

Kill MalurilEdit

You: "Tell me about Maluril."
Nazir: "He's dangerous. Very dangerous. A rogue Dark Elf mage doing research into Dwarven artifacts should be both respected... and feared. Just not by you."

Once Maluril is dead:

Nazir: "So, you've returned from Mzinchaleft! A Dwarven ruin... what an exotic place for a kill. Assuming Maluril is actually... dead?"
You: "Maluril is dead."
Nazir: "I hope the elf didn't give you too much trouble. I once got set on fire by a sorcerer. Nasty business, that. But I digress. Here's your payment."

Kill HelvardEdit

You: "Tell me about Helvard."
Nazir: "He's the housecarl of Falkreath. You know what that means? He's the bodyguard to the Jarl himself. So be careful."

Once Helvard is dead:

Nazir: "Back from your little vacation in Falkreath. So, did you enjoy the sights, sample the food... kill the housecarl?"
You: "Helvard is dead.
Nazir: "Hmph. Well, that's sure to throw a branch into Falkreath's well-oiled political machine. Here's your payment. Well earned, as always."

Kill SafiaEdit

You: "Tell me about Safia."
Nazir: "Ah, yes. The pirate captain. A ruthless she-devil, by all accounts. Deadly with a blade. And let's not forget her crew - loyal and bloodthirsty, the lot of them. This is my final contract, and certainly the most challenging. Be careful with this one, my friend."

Once Safia is dead:

Nazir: "You haven't faced that pirate captain yet, have you? Safia? I only ask because you're still alive..."
You: "Safia is dead."
Nazir: "By Sithis, now I am truly impressed! To kill a pirate captain, on her own ship no less? Simply masterful! You've not only earned your payment, but my respect as well. And believe me, friend - that does not come easily. I'm afraid that concludes our business. You have exhausted all available additional contracts. But I'm sure you've got plenty to keep you busy right about now, hmm?"