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Skyrim:Farm Overseer's House

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Dwarven Ruin:
Farm Overseer's House
# of Zones 1
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 18
Console Location Code(s)
Southwestern part of Blackreach
Farm Overseer's House exterior

The Farm Overseer's House is a small Dwarven building in Blackreach. It is in the southwestern part of Blackreach, west of the bridge to the Tower of Mzark. The building is devoid of any creatures or automatons.



Fifteen mushroom patches of various types are growing outside the house, as listed below. There is a geode vein just behind the northern corner of the building, and a corundum ore vein next to the mushroom patches on the ground.


4 White Cap
3 Bleeding Crown
3 Imp Stool
2 Blisterwort
2 Fly Amanita
1 Namira's Rot

Farm Overseer's HouseEdit

The house is a typical deserted Dwemer dwelling. It contains a stone double bed against the west wall, a novice-locked wall chest to the left of the bed, and an adept-locked chest on the floor, also to the left of the bed. To the right of the bed is a set of shelves holding a random poison and some random Dwemer metal items. Against the north wall is a table and chairs, with two skeever tails, a glowing mushroom sample, and a Falmer bow resting on the table. A quiver of Falmer arrows is on the floor in front of the table. There is a wall shelf behind the table on the north wall holding a random healing potion and a random magicka potion. There are a further two glowing mushrooms growing on the north wall, and another on the west wall. The east wall has a fireplace in the center with an unlit fire. A set of shelves to the right of the fireplace holds various Dwemer metal items. Additional metal items are scattered around the room.