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Skyrim:Dremora Butler

Skyrim: People
Dremora Butler
(RefID: xx01FF27)
Added by Dragonborn
Race Dremora Gender Male
Level 6 Class Destruction Mage
RefID xx01FF27 BaseID xx01FF20
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 183
Stamina 50
Primary Skills Destruction, Restoration, Sneak, Alteration
Perks Regeneration
Class Details CombatMageDestruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) Prisoners Faction
The Dremora Butler

The Dremora Butler is a Dremora you can summon to carry your excess items with the power Secret Servant if you choose it as a reward during the quest Black Book: Untold Legends.

He wears fine clothes with a pair of fine boots.

Related QuestsEdit


Upon summoning him, his world-weary outlook will show as he will greet you with sarcasm.

"At your service."
"Oh look. My new master."
"A new master. It's been centuries."
"More cups and plates for me to carry?"
"I don't suppose you'll carry some of this for a while."

Once you tell him to carry your items, he will reply with the same attitude.

"Certainly, sir/ma'am."
"I live to serve."
"I always dreamt of being a pack mule."
"I was hoping you'd say that."

When you end your conversation with him, he will say one of the following before disappearing:

"A butler's work is never done."
"I'll be going now."
"It's been so much fun."


  • His carry weight is capped at 148. He won't carry more than that.
  • The Dremora Butler is different from many other Dremora in that his voice is not the usual low pitch menacing sound, but is rather more astute and refined, sounding instead like a typical Altmer and befitting his status as a butler.
  • If you give him a weapon to carry, he may have the weapon equipped the next time you summon him.
  • The Dremora Butler cannot be banished by any banish or expel Daedra spells.