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Skyrim:Commander Caius

Skyrim: People
Commander Caius
(RefID: 00038258)
Home City Whiterun
House Guard Barracks
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 10 Class Imperial Soldier
RefID 00038258 BaseID 00038257
Other Information
Health 122 Magicka 50
Stamina 113
Primary Skills Block, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Light Armor, Restoration, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Faction(s) CrimeFactionImperial; CrimeFactionWhiterun; During sieges, staff and family hide.; Guard Faction; GuardFaction; GuardFactionWhiterun; Imperial Government; JobGuardCaptainFaction; Ruling Government; TownWhiterunFaction
Commander Caius

Commander Caius is an Imperial soldier stationed in Whiterun. He is in charge of the guards patrolling the hold under Jarl Balgruuf the Greater.

Caius wears a set of Whiterun guard's armor and a pair of fur boots. He is equipped with a leveled sword which can be up to Daedric quality, and carries a selection of common loot and gold.

If the Stormcloaks capture Whiterun, his position is taken by Sinmir. Caius will then move to the Blue Palace together with Balgruuf, Proventus Avenicci and Irileth.

As long as Whiterun is under control of the Imperial Legion, he may greet you in a number of ways. He may simply introduce himself: "I'm the commander of the guard here in Whiterun." He may reassure you: "My boys'll keep you safe. Don't you worry." He may give you a warning: "You're not thinking of causing trouble here in this beautiful city, now are you? 'Cause I'd strongly advise against such foolishness." He may simply ask: "Yes? What is it?"

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  • Caius' dialogue after the Stormcloaks have taken Whiterun suggests that he wasn't intended to be exiled to the Blue Palace, but rather be allowed to stay in Whiterun without his rank.
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