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This article is about the main barracks. For the barracks by the gate, see Guard Barracks (Gate).

Guard Barracks
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Whiterun Guards
Console Location Code(s)
Whiterun Hold
Plains District of Whiterun
Guard's Barracks exterior

The Guard Barracks is a building in Whiterun where guards live when not on duty. It is located behind the Bannered Mare in the Plains District.

It is the main barracks of Whiterun and it consists of only one area, Guard Barracks. There is another barracks by the main gate to the city, for use by the guards who guard the gate.

The building itself is quite hard to spot for the casual user of Whiterun's services. The path to the building starts between the Bannered Mare and Arcadia's Cauldron, it runs south, then follows a loop to the east, and then back northwards and straight to the door.


Whiterun Guards

Guard BarracksEdit

The Entrance to the Guard Barracks
The Sleeping Quarters

The interior of the building is split into four rooms with a hallway in the middle of the building connecting the four rooms. Upon entering, the first room contains a dining area along the western wall while the eastern wall is used for storage. A large sack with food sits next to the front door and another large sack rests underneath a locked display case with a steel battleaxe on display. The rest of the area contains two food barrels, a cupboard with clutter and an eidar cheese wheel and a goat cheese wheel on the shelves above, and two sacks with food. Along the western wall is a small table with a bottle of Nord mead, a bowl with four leeks and an apple pie. A set of shelves holds five bottles of Nord mead and some regular books and two wheels of goat cheese. The dinner table is set for five and contains a piece of bread, a goat cheese wedge, some sliced eidar cheese and a coin purse.

The hallway in the center contains a wooden table with an iron helmet and underneath the table, a pair of iron boots. It also contains three food barrels and four bottles of wine, along with a dresser with normal clothing. The western room contains three food barrels and the secret entrance to Dragonsreach Dungeon while the eastern room has four large food sacks, two food barrels, a wardrobe with clothes and a bit of gold and two bottles of wine.

The last room is a sleeping area where the guards relax in shifts. It contains eight owned beds and opens up to the sight of a small dining table with a honey nut treat, a salmon steak, three grilled leeks and a bowl with eight baked potatoes. Behind the entrance door is a set of shelves with a pair of iron gauntlets. To the west are four of the beds, an end table with clutter and some more cheese on top, a goat cheese wedge and some bread. A pair of iron boots is on the floor next to a huge wardrobe with minor valuables. A large sack lean against another bed, a minor chest and another end table with clutter can be found between two beds, with a bottle of ale and four wedges of goat cheese. The eastern part of the sleeping area contains the rest of the beds. Going clockwise, you will stumble upon a dresser with clothing, with a pair of shoes on the floor and some clothes on top, right next to a coin purse. An end table sits between the next two beds, with a coin purse on top. Between the last two beds are a pair of shoes on the floor and a small table with some food and drink, two salmon steaks and a bottle of alto wine.


  • The guards here will not be immediately hostile to you if you have escaped from jail, they will only say "Wait! I know you...", when you get close to them, but will not try to arrest you, or attack you.