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(RefID: 000CC5A1)
Location Fort Neugrad
Race Breton Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25) Class Bandit Wizard
RefID 000CC5A1 BaseID 000CD64C
Other Information
Health 35-441
Magicka 100-294
Stamina 50-150
Primary Skills Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Sneak
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleCommoner
Faction(s) BanditFaction

Brandish is a Breton bandit wizard who resides in the library of Fort Neugrad while it is occupied by bandits. Because of his involvement outlined in the Bandit Chief's journal, he will mostly be found in the Fort Neugrad library.

He wears a set of black mage robes and boots, and carries a steel dagger, a leveled health potion, and a leveled amount of gold.


  • A lot of internal filenames refer to a "Brandish" in Riften, but these files have nothing to do with this NPC. The actual NPC that these files refer to is "Brandish Begin-Again", which was an earlier iteration/name for Riften marketplace vendor Brand-Shei. For example, his merchant chest and service faction, as well as several object references in Riften, are named after "Brandish" but assigned to, and used by, Brand-Shei.
  • Brandish can be found roaming outside near the wagon.
  • If you lockpick the door to the Library, but do not kill him after it, he may wander out.