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Skyrim:Blackguard's Hood

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Unique Item: Blackguard's Hood (xx02ad31)
Type Light Armor
Added by Dragonborn
Editor ID DLC2TGArmorVariantHood
Armor Rating Rating 18
Armor Rating Rating 18 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 1745
Quality Tempering Leather
Quality Tempering Leather Perk
Prices are 25% better.
Blackguard's Hood

The Blackguard's Hood is the hood of a set of armor that also includes a chestpiece, boots and gloves. It can be found along with the rest of the set in the basement of Glover Mallory's house, however Mallory will only give you the key to his basement after you complete Paid in Full. The hood is also only available to Thieves Guild members, as you must complete Meet the Family in order to receive Paid in Full. In appearance, it is identical to the unobtainable Thieves Guild Variant Hood, though this hood provides five more points of protection. Its enchantment functionally serves as an upgrade to the base Thieves Guild Hood, improving prices by 25 points, a bonus five points greater than that of the Guild Master's Hood (and with 2 more points of protection) without having to complete the entire Thieves Guild questline to obtain it. It can be tempered with a piece of leather.

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  • All the Blackguard's Armor items will respawn when Glover Mallory's basement resets, allowing multiple copies of the set to be obtained
  • The Blackguard's Hood, like other Thieves Guild Hood variants, has no model for vampires. Vampires attempting to equip the hood will appear bald. This also enables player vampires to equip it alongside other headgear.