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Skyrim:Blackbone Isle

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Blackbone Isle
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Added by Dead Man's Dread
Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Far west of Orphan's Tear
Ore Veins
# of Moonstone 2
Blackbone Isle

Blackbone Isle is a haunted island in the Sea of Ghosts. It can only be reached via the boat at Orphan's Tear.

The island consists of a small strip of coastline as well as the entrance to a cave known as Blackbone Isle Grotto. The Grotto houses a ship named Dead Man's Dread, which can be repurposed as a player house after completion of the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit

Blackbone IsleEdit

You will arrive on Blackbone Isle just at the entrance to the Grotto, where you may immediately be attacked by an undead enemy (see below). You will need to enter the Grotto as part of the related quest, but a quick detour down the coast can offer additional loot. The island cannot actually be circumnavigated due to invisible barriers, and tall mountains block any progress into the interior. Your only option is therefore to head south, towards a shipwreck visible from the entrance.

The remainder of the coast is crawling with undead if you have either the Bone Wolf and Plague of the Dead Creations installed. There are a total of six undead enemy spawn points along the shore where you may encounter some of these new enemy types, including the one at the entrance. If you have neither Creation installed, the island will instead be inhabited by six harmless rabbits. Several chests can be found by exploring the island, as well as two moonstone veins.


  • Blackbone Isle has a map marker and it can be fast travelled to from the mainland. However, although you can display the world map while you are on the island, there are no displayed place names and you are therefore compelled to return to the mainland using the boat on the beach outside the grotto entrance, as fast travel is impossible in the reverse direction. It is worth bearing in mind that you will probably be immediately attacked when you land at Orphan's Tear unless you have dealt with the 3 respawning resident bandits before you left for the island.


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