Skyrim: Bilegulch Mine

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Bilegulch Mine
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
The Armorer's Challenge
Console Location Code(s)
BilegulchMine, BilegulchMineExterior01, BilegulchMineExterior02, BilegulchMineExterior03, BilegulchMineExterior04
Falkreath Hold
Southwest of Fort Sungard
West of Sunderstone Gorge
Special Features
# of Smelters 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Workbenches 1
# of Stone QuarriesHF 1
Ore Veins
# of Orichalcum 9
Bilegulch Mine

Bilegulch Mine is an orichalcum mine situated southwest of Fort Sungard and directly west of Sunderstone Gorge. It is located in the area where the Reach, Whiterun Hold, and Falkreath Hold all meet, and it is officially part of Falkreath Hold.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.



The mining camp is barricaded and guarded by only a few Orc bandits. A lookout platform, with an Orc bandit on watch, is inside and to the right of the entrance. The camp is dotted with a few Orc-styled outbuildings. Immediately to the left of the entrance is one such structure holding a random leveled potion of attribute healing, a potion of true shot, and two leather strips.

On the other side of the structure is a basket with six iron arrows, and a low table with three long bows, two sheaves of iron arrows, and a sheaf of Orcish arrows. The entrance to the mine is up the wooden stairs directly across from the camp gate. At the foot of the stairs is a basic structure covering a bedroll. There is a level-locked chest next to the structure, as well as a pair of hide boots. Follow the scaffold up three flights to the mine entrance and the rest of the mining camp.

At the top of the stairs there is another bandit, as well as three barrels, one of which can be looted. Past the entrance to the mine, which is to the north, there are two more structures, and one more bandit. The structure against the rock face holds a forge, with a smelter just to the west; the last bandit is usually working the forge if they haven't detected you. A cart to the west of the smelter holds six orichalcum ores. To the east of the forge is a wooden floored area with a workbench and a table. On the table is an Orcish greatsword, three pairs of iron gauntlets, two steel swords, and the level-dependent appearance of an Orcish helmet. A steel warhammer leans against the far end of the table.

The structure to the south of the blacksmithing area holds a bedroll and a novice-locked chest that may contain some interesting items. To the west of it is a table and chair on a small wooden overhang. On the table is a leg of goat roast, a wooden bowl with two green apples, and a bottle of nord mead.


Bone chimes hang just inside the entrance, so move carefully to avoid them, and stealthily if you want to surprise the Orc bandit chief. Directly ahead, just behind a wooden cart, is the first of the nine orichalcum ore veins, as well as a pickaxe on the ground to the left. On a round table close by is an open crate with three bottles of Nord mead. The mine turns left before the cart, and you will likely see the bandit chief straight ahead now. Before advancing, look to the crates on the left-hand side for another open crate holding a leek, a draught of the knight, and a draught of resist magic. There is a barrel just after them that can be looted for minor gains and a second ore vein is on the wall to the right.

The mine now splits into two paths; to the left the mine drops down to another level, and the path goes straight ahead and then turns left to the chief's camp. The chief's camp contains an expert-locked chest that can be opened with the Bilegulch Mine key (held by the bandit chief), another barrel, a table with some food, and a bedroll. On the table is a leg of goat roast, some raw beef, a bottle of wine, and a woodcutter's axe.

The path that drops down to the next level contains some more bone chimes, which you may want to avoid if the chief has wandered down there and you wish to catch them off-guard. At the bottom of the ramp is a broken cart and a table with a copy of the Smithing skill book The Armorer's Challenge, two shovels, and three pickaxes. The last room contains the seven remaining ore veins (four on the left, three on the right), another lootable barrel, and a cart.


  • Bilegulch contains the highest number of veins, and the highest overall number of Orichalcum ores, in Skyrim.
  • A stone quarryHF can be found directly to the left (south) of the door to the mine.