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Map showing the regions of the Shivering Isles

There are two main regions in the Shivering Isles, not including various others that appear to be purely titular.

Dementia (list of places) (Blue-Green)
Mania (list of places) (Yellow)

Titular RegionsEdit

There are also nine other titular "sub-regions": four in Dementia, four in Mania, and The Fringe. They are:


The FringeEdit

A large, walled area on the coast of the Emean Sea in the western part of the Isles.


  • The Isle of Flame — A peninsula that forms the northwestern-most point of the Shivering Isles. The ruin Cylarne is located in the center of the peninsula with an Obelisk of Order outside.
  • The Jester's Spine Mountains — The mountain chain in the northeast running from Saints Watch to New Sheoth. The Jester's Spine Mountain ridge line running the length of Saints Watch is narrow with steep slopes and provides an incredible view of the northern Shivering Isles. Brellach is accessible on a narrow pass through the Jester's Spine Mountains near the beginning of Saints Watch. The mountains continue south, passing Highcross, Ebrocca, and Fain, finally ending at a waterfall just east of New Sheoth.
  • The Laughing Coast — Extends along the western edge of the Shivering Isles from The Fringe to The Isle of Flame. Aichan is located at the northern end of the Laughing Coast.
  • Saints Watch — A peninsula at the northern tip of The Shivering Isles. It is so named because Brellach, the stronghold of the Golden Saints, is located there.