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The Daggerfall Ambassador's fleet has been blown off course and shipwrecked on the ice.
Zone: Wrothgar
Objective: Frozen Fleet — Help the survivors of the Frozen Fleet.
Quest Giver: Eshir, Lord Ethian
Location(s): Frozen Fleet, Smuggler's Bolt
Reward: Materre's Bodkin
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Lady Sovelle, an ambassador from Daggerfall, was sent to negotiate a trade agreement with the Orcs.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find the ambassador's husband and speak with him.
  2. Search for the survivors.
  3. Find and rescue Lady Sovelle.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Lord Ethian can be found pacing around the survivors' camp near the Frozen Fleet.

"My wife, she's out there somewhere! On the ice!
She could be injured, dying. Or worse, those hideous creatures might have gotten her."
Tell me what happened here.
"Oh, it was a disaster! We were on our way to Orsinium, my wife and I. She's Lady Sovelle, ambassador to the High King. She was coming to negotiate a trade agreement.
But the ships went off course, crashed in the storm. And now Sovelle is missing."
Orsinium is on the other side of the province.
"You want to discuss geography? Now? My wife is missing! We need to find Lady Sovelle!
She was helping people off one of the wrecks, the other survivors. Captain Henrisa won't risk any more sailors, but perhaps you could search the ice for me?"
I'll search for survivors on the ice.
"High King Emeric relies upon my dear Sovelle. If she were here, she'd know what to do."
Tell me more about Lady Sovelle and her mission.
"My Lady Sovelle? If it will help, I'll tell you whatever you'd like to know.
High King Emeric sent her to negotiate a lucrative trade agreement with Orsinium, but it's probably too late for that now. What else would you like to know?"
Tell me more about the storm.
"It was powerful, practically a blizzard! I think it blew us off course, but who am I to judge such things? I'm not a sailor, and I'm terrible with directions. Sovelle said I'd get lost on my own estate if not for all the servants."
You think it's too late to complete Lady Sovelle's mission?
"I'm not sure how these negotiations work. That's more Sovelle's area of expertise. But without her, I don't know who can deal with Orsinium.
We did have an Orc with us. Skordo. Sovelle thought well of him, but you know how Orcs can be."
When was the last time you saw your wife?
"The last time I saw my wife? Right after we hit the ice. The storm was raging and everything was loud and confusing. Sovelle sent me ashore with the first group of survivors.
She stayed behind to help. Just like she always does. Please find her."

Once you have talked to Lord Ethian, you can talk to Captain Henrisa for more information. Her quest marker does not appear on the map or compass, and there is no objective related to her. However, doing so gives you some feel for what is going on.

"I saw you talking to that milksop, Ethian. He's nothing like his father. Nothing at all.
But I don't have time for his belly-aching. I need to make sure we don't lose anymore people to the cold and the ice."
You're the captain of the fleet?
"I am, although I'm not sure that means much now that my vessels are smashed upon the ice.
Is there something you want or are you just here to remind me of my failures?"
How did your ships end up so far off course?
"Off course? What do you know of navigation and seamanship?
I'm paid to make port as fast and as safely as possible. I've sailed this coastal sea lane before, not that it's any of your business. If not for the storm, we'd be in Orsinium by now."
Why haven't you sent your crew to search for Lady Sovelle or other survivors?
"We rescued Ethian. What more do you want? Haven't I lost enough sailors already?
The ambassador's gone - probably drowned or crushed on the ice. I have a duty to the survivors here. Besides, we never should have come to this land in the first place."
When was the last time you saw Lady Sovelle?
"On the quarterdeck? During the storm? She was helping one of those green-skinned savages she loved so well. Who can say, though? I was trying to avoid an iceberg at the time."

The Plot UnravelsEdit

Follow the quest marker and enter the Materre's Fortune, where you will find Holbert.

"You... you don't look familiar. Which of the ships were you sailing on when... when we hit the ice?"
I wasn't on a ship. I'm here to help the ambassador and any other survivors.
"I'm the first mate of the flagship, Materre's Fortune. I... I came down to secure the hatches when... when I saw the ambassador's bodyguard. Then I hit my head.
I don't remember anything after that."
How'd your fleet end up so far off course?
"Now that you mention it, I thought something was wrong. I never sailed with Captain Henrisa before, and I never sailed this part of the sea, so I could have been mistaken.
I tried to reach the captain, but that's when we ran into the blizzard."
Do you think Captain Henrisa made a mistake?
"I wouldn't want to disparage the captain. She works for Lord Ethian's father and most of the ships belong to him. Because of the ambassador's mission, they wanted to make an impression.
What about the ambassador's bodyguard?
"Skordo the Knife? He's an Orc from Northpoint. The ambassador brought him along in case we ran into any trouble.
He told me that he thought something was going on and asked me to keep my eyes open."
Any idea where I can find the ambassador?
"The ambassador? I have no idea. I did see Lady Sovelle and the captain having a heated discussion right before the storm hit.
Oh dear. I hope the ambassador wasn't injured when we crashed."
There's a camp nearby. You'll be safe there.

You will be asked to find the ambassador or Skordo. He is just north of the Materre's Fortune, inside the shattered wreck of the Pride of Northpoint.

"Anyone out there? Anyone who's not a riekr, that is? I could use a hand?"
"Whoever you are, can you move some of these damn crates? I'm stuck!"

Interact with the pile of debris inside the ship to free your old friend.

"Damn furniture tore up my sword arm. I'm practically useless!"
"Stupid ship started collapsing around me. Figured I was going to sink before I got out from under this mess."
Are you all right?
"Sure. I enjoy being crushed under rubble as I slowly sink into icy water.
What kind of question is that? And just who in Oblivion are you?"
Very funny, Skordo. It's good to see you, too.
"I had a feeling I'd be seeing you again. You do have a habit of wandering into the most disastrous situations."
What happened to you after Coldharbour?
"Coldharbour. I'd prefer to forget about that dismal place. I lost a lot of good friends there. A lot. Poor Darien. Do you remember Darien? He was a good man.
Bah! Let's talk about something less depressing!"
Is everything all right in Rivenspire?
"How should I know? This may shock you, but I'm not much of a "keep in touch" person. Honestly, I picked up my rucksack and walked not long after you left.
Things probably settled down, but I doubt we got all the vampires. Creepy bastards."
We can catch up later. Lady Sovelle's husband sent me.
"He did, did he? Last time I saw that spineless skeever, him and Coris the mage were walking away. They left me under here to die.
I heard them talking about the captain and the ambassador as they left."
Who's Coris the mage?
"He's one of Captain Henrisa's lackeys, a shifty-eyed mage who was always skulking around. Didn't like him.
Look, help me out. I don't think I can swing a sword right now, but I need to make sure the ambassador is all right."
What about the captain and the ambassador?
"Hard to believe, but not every Breton likes that High King Emeric made peace with the Orcs. They call us savages and they want Lady Sovelle's mission to fail.
Captain Henrisa wasn't shy about telling the ambassador just what she thought about Orcs."
Let's try to find Lady Sovelle.

Skordo will now tag along with you, but cannot attack, by his own admission.

Head east to the quest marker, and you will find Holbert and Lord Ethian. Skordo is less than pleased.

"Have you found my wife yet? Please tell me that you know where Sovelle is."
We haven't found the ambassador yet.
"Where could she be? And why did she have to stay on the ship? She cares for everyone else but refuses to safeguard herself.
Skordo, you were supposed to protect her!"
Could the captain or one of the crew have had a hand in her disappearance?
"Impossible! The captain works for my father. She would never harm my wife.
Wait! We saw the captain head toward the signal tower. If that's where Sovelle is, then I have to go there, too!"

He will then run to the aforementioned lighthouse, where Coris Rufinus will show up to attempt to ruin your, and only your, day.

Lord Ethian: "Wait! Don't hurt me! My father will pay you!" (runs past Coris)
Coris Rufinus: "I really dislike meddling interlopers."

Once you end his existence, head to the lighthouse.

Lord Ethian: "Help! I'm on top of the tower!"

You will find Signal Tower Orders as you step inside, revealing more about the conspiracy taking place. Lord Ethian can be found at the apex of the tower.

"Sovelle, she's not here. And I think maybe that mage tried to kill me! Well, maybe he was trying to kill you."
Tell me the truth. Are you responsible for the ambassador's disappearance?
"What? How dare you insinuate such a thing! I would never-! I'm as at a loss as to where Sovelle is as you are!
My father promised we would go off course just long enough for Sovelle to miss her meeting. She wasn't supposed to be harmed!"
What was supposed to happen?
"We were just... it was supposed to.... The captain's worked for my father for years. My father. You just can't say no to him. He said that the captain will take care of everything.
By the gods, what have I done? Sovelle will never forgive me."
You must have some idea about where we could look.
"I truly don't know! It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
The terrible storm. All those sailors who died. My father said Captain Henrisa would make sure that no one was harmed! We were only supposed to get into port late!"
Let's go downstairs. We'll look for Lady Sovelle together.

Once you exit the tower, Holbert will run for you and tell you Skordo found something.

"While you were up in the signal tower, Skordo did some scouting and he thinks he figured out where Captain Henrisa disappeared to. he went to see if the ambassador was there as well."
Where did Skordo go?
"Just down the path here. He found what looks to be an old smuggler's bolt hole down in the rocks.
Skordo sent me back so I could tell you all about it. He's waiting for you over there."
Ethian and I will meet up with Skordo.

The Smuggler's BoltEdit

The grumpy Orc is just northwest of the tower.

"See that cave? That's an old smuggler's hole. I'd bet my last gold piece that Captain Henrisa is in there. Maybe even the ambassador."
What's so special about this cave?
"Nothing, really. Just a gut feeling. I learned a long time ago not to ignore my gut in situations like this.
Besides, I saw one of Captain Henrisa's lackeys sneak in there, trying to be all stealthy. I'm sure that's where Lady Sovelle is!"
Do you think Captain Henrisa can be reasoned with?
"Why would you want to reason with someone like that? Do you reason with an angry wamasu when it's trying to eat your face? No, you-
Oh, ogre dung! What's that fool Ethian up to now?"
I guess I better go and see.

In an unexpected burst of courage, Lord Ethian confronts Captain Henrisa in front of the cave, and is rewarded with a stab. Skordo promises to do what he can for the faint, bleeding man, while you are now tasked with killing the rogue captain.

She will greet you with a line about Orcs and attack you. Once you kill her, Lady Sovelle can be found at the end of the cave, alive and irritated.

"If you could untie me, I would greatly appreciate it.
And would you know if my husband is safe? He's Lord Ethian and I made sure he got off the wrecked ship with a few of the crew and passengers."
I'm sorry. Captain Henrisa stabbed him while he was trying to rescue you.
"Ethian? My husband? Tried to stand up to Captain Henrisa? I... I never expected him to do such a thing.
Oh, why didn't he stay with the rescued crew? He was never good in a crisis. Tell me, how bad was he injured?"
I'm not sure. Skordo is with him.
"This is all Ethian's father's fault! What a vile man his father is! Ethian never could say no to him. Henrisa was eager to tell me all about it after she captured me.
If Ethian dies because of this, I'll find a way to make his father pay!"
I'll untie you.
"Thank you. I shou'd go see my husband."

Once outside, you will see the Lord, Lady and the Knife.

"My poor Ethian. He wasn't a brave man, but he tried to stand up against that vile Henrisa."
You husband wanted to make sure you were safe.
"He did, didn't he? Thank you. Now, I have a job to do. I'll mourn Ethian after I have fulfilled my obligation to High King Emeric.
I'll send Skordo ahead to Orsinium to let them know we are on our way. Perhaps we'll see you there."
"The Orcs will negotiate with me. There's still time to salvage my mission and make sure Ethian's father lives to regret what he set in motion.
But thank you. Without your timely assistance, more innocents would have been lost."
Is there anything else I can do?
"No, my friend, you've done more than enough. The rest is up to Skordo and me.
I knew Baron Materre was a despicable man, but to force his son into this treasonous scheme? I never could quite free Ethian from his father's influence, though."
Ethian had nothing to do with your kidnapping.
"My heart told me that, but it's good to hear you confirm it. His father, always scheming. He wanted my mission to fail, even if he had to have me killed to accomplish that. But Emeric needs this treaty."
Ethian was very worried about you. It's obvious that he loved you.
"Is it? Ours was an arranged marriage. I suspect that when his father learned of my true political feelings, he was extremely disappointed.
Still Ethian had a good heart and we got along well - at least we did when his father wasn't interfering."
Ethian seemed genuinely surprised that Captain Henrisa wanted to harm you.
"Ethian's father hoped to deal with two problems at the same time - my marriage to his son and Emeric's treaty with the Orcs. But his scheme led to his own son's death, and he'll answer for that.
I plan to tell the High King everything."


  • Even if you have not completed the main questline, the option to ask Skordo about what happened to him after Coldharbour will be present.

Quest StagesEdit

Where Loyalty Lies
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I met a survivor from the fleet of ships that smashed upon the ice on Wrothgar's northwestern shore. The survivor asked me to find Lord Ethian at the makeshift camp they set up near the ice.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ethian
I should search the wrecked ships for the ambassador, Lady Sovelle, or any other survivors. I can also speak to survivors in the camp to see if they have any useful information about what happened out there.
Objective: Search Wrecks for Survivors
Hidden Objective: Talk to Captain Henrisa
I found First Mate Holbert in one of the wrecked ships. Now I need to look for the ambassador and her bodyguard.
Objective: Find the Ambassador or Skordo
Objective Hint: Destroy the Debris
Objective Hint: Talk to Skordo
I found Lady Sovelle's bodyguard, Skordo the Knife. Now I need to locate the ambassador.
Objective: Search for Lady Sovelle
While searching for any sign of Lady Sovelle, Skordo and I ran into Holbert and Lord Ethian. I should talk to Ethian and find out if he has any news.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ethian
Lord Ethian ran off. He thinks his wife might be at the nearby signal tower. I should follow after him and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.
Objective: Follow Lord Ethian to the Signal Tower
I caught up to Lord Ethian on top of the signal tower. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Lord Ethian
Lord Ethian admitted that his father wanted to sabotage the ambassador's mission. But he also claims that there was no plan for anyone to get hurt and that he doesn't know where Sovelle is. We should return to Skordo and Holbert.
Objective: Return to Skordo and Holbert
Holbert the first mate explained that Skordo spotted an old smuggler's cave and went to investigate. He thinks that Captain Henrisa and the ambassador may be there. I should go and meet him.
Objective: Find Skordo the Knife
I met Skordo outside an old smuggler's cave. I should talk to him and see what he found out.
Objective: Talk to Skordo the Knife
Lord Ethian was wounded trying to confront Captain Henrisa. I should follow the captain into the smuggler's cave and avenge Lord Ethian. If Lady Sovelle is inside, perhaps I can help her as well.
Objective: Search the Smuggler's Cave
Hidden Objective: Watch the Scene
Objective Hint: Kill Captain Henrisa
I killed Henrisa and found Lady Sovelle. I should talk to her and set her free.
Objective: Talk to Lady Sovelle
☑Finishes quest I rescued Lady Sovelle and she left the smuggler's cave to check on her wounded husband. I should catch up with her and see if there's anything else I can do.
Objective: Talk to Lady Sovelle Outside