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Restore order at the Royal Menagerie in Sil-Var-Woad.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Sil-Var-Woad — This wilderness is home to the Royal Menagerie.
Quest Giver: Talomar
Location(s): Sil-Var-Woad
Reward: Menagerie Keeper's Gloves
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6121
Help Talomar find his favorite indrik
I met a keeper of the Royal Menagerie in Sil-Var-Woad. He warned me that dangerous animals have escaped into the park grounds, but he is searching for a tame indrik that may have escaped during the chaos.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Talomar just outside Sil-Var-Woad.
  2. Help Talomar find his indrik, Lotus.
  3. Talk to Elise Mallon and continue the search for Lotus.
  4. Talk to Conservator Vinelore.
  5. Speak with Elise Mallon outside Sil-Var-Woad.
  6. Find a Conservatory Key on a Dead Ranger and enter the complex.
  7. Search for evidence and confront Conservator Vinelore.
  8. Put an end to the experiments at Sil-Var-Woad.
  9. Speak with Talomar outside.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

"You've picked a bad day for a stroll in the park."

When you approach Sil-Var-Woad, you'll be greeted by Talomar, who tells you of the Royal Menagerie and its current predicament. the Royal Menagerie is a zoo, and the animals have broken free. Talomar is looking for Lotus, an indrik that was given to Queen Ayrenn as a gift by her father when she was young. Lotus is the Menagerie's pride and joy, and Talomar is her favorite keeper. Talomar wants to make sure she's safe, and enlists you to help him find her.

Your first task will be to enter Sil-Var-Woad and head east, where you'll find a mammoth that smashed its way through a limestone wall. Examine the corpse and take a few Mammoth Tusk Shards, then show them to Talomar. It's not normal for the Menagerie's mammoths to bash their heads against walls until they die. They've tested their boundaries before, but not like this. Head through the hole in the wall and climb over the bent bars of the enclosure on the other side. Make your way southeast, to Lotus's enclosure. In the southern corner, you'll find a pile of Tainted Feed. Talomar mentions that there's no sign of Lotus, and that feed this tainted shouldn't have gone past their inspections, but he is adamant that it couldn't have been poisoned by a fellow keeper.

Find out why the Royal Menagerie has descended into chaos

You'll find Elise Mallon, cornered by lions. Kill the lions and speak with her. She thanks you for assisting her, and tells you that she thought she saw Lotus taking a drink at the reflecting pool. However, Lotus is skittish, and fled the moment she saw Elise. When you ask her to join your search, she refuses and runs off. Head south towards the reflecting pool. Talomar spots Lotus and runs after her. Follow the pair around the Conservatory, all the way to the northern edge of the zoo.

Conservator Vinelore and her rangers arrive as you get there, and she is not pleased. Talomar calms Lotus, and the Conservator assures you that she and her rangers have Lotus under control. They're going to take Lotus to the inner paddocks, where she'll be secure until the chaos blows over. She believes the stampede is the result of an act of sabotage, and tells Talomar to escort you off the grounds. As you're about to leave, you're approached by Elise, who looks like she has something to say to you.

Elise tells you that she's an Eye of the Queen, charged directly by Queen Ayrenn with keeping an eye on Conservator Vinelore. The Conservator doesn't seem to like Elise, and has prevented her from rising in the ranks at the Menagerie, so Elise got creative and poisoned the feed, causing the animals to go berserk and break free of their pens. She is using the chaos to continue her investigation unimpeded. She tells you that there are entire sections of the Menagerie that are off-limits to keepers. Any animals taken back there are never seen again. Elise believes the Conservator is up to something sketchy. Elise wants you to help her find evidence of corruption or wrongdoing within the Conservatory.

Search for evidence of corruption in the Conservatory

Before you can make any progress, you'll need a way into the Conservatory. Find a Conservatory Key by searching the corpses of Dead Rangers around the complex, then enter the building. Begin your investigation of the Conservatory. You'll find a great deal of slaughtered animals and notes here, but the most important is upstairs. Read the Serum Infusion Report on the western bookshelf (next to the table with a large pile of light blue-green ash on it), then speak with Elise. These notes are all the evidence she needs to prove to the Queen and her Proxy that cruel experiments were performed at the Royal Menagerie. After your conversation, a commotion occurs. Head on outside to the Paddock with Elise.

Enter the Paddock, where Talomar is confronting Conservator Vinelore. Elise tells you to distract her for a minute, as she has an idea. Conservator Vinelore admits that she's been conducting experiments on indriks. They are revered as beings blessed by the gods just as the Altmer are. She wants to maintain the Altmer's "natural primacy", and claims that the other races need a natural predator to curb their populations. The Conservator intends for this predator to be the indrik, calling them her "immortal Aedric avengers". Just as she finishes her monologue, Elise finishes breaking the wards on the indrik enclosure, allowing them to run free.

Defeat Conservator Vinelore

The Conservator shoots Talomar with an arrow before fleeing into the Paddock. Elise is staying behind to tend to his wounds. Meanwhile, you need to finish this business with the Conservator and free Lotus. Elise gives you her Ward Breaker so you can bypass any barriers the Conservator tries to throw in your way. Pursue the Conservator into the Paddocks, where she injects Specimen II with a serum that has yet to be tested on live subjects. The indrik is empowered. Kill the Conservator and her beast. Lotus is cowering in a pen near the Conservator's corpse. When you free her with Elise's ward breaker, Lotus recognizes you as non-threatening and opens a portal for the two of you to escape with.

Find Elise and Talomar outside and speak with them. Talomar is overjoyed to have Lotus back. Now, you need to make a decision. Talomar is conflicted as to how he wants to proceed. The Royal Menagerie is technically defunct, but he could rebuild it and make it a nature preserve. Alternatively, he and Lotus could leave and do their own thing. Regardless of your decision, you are rewarded for your role in stopping the Conservator's grim experiments.


  • The dead ranger holding the key to the conservatory won't exist before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
    • The dead ranger wears armor worn exclusively by Aldmeri Dominion soldiers on the island rather than typical ranger cloth and leather armor.
  • The experiment notes in the paddocks lack the typical golden glow of readable notes.
  • Despite the paddocks being accessible the moment the wards are downed, Vinelore, Specimen II and Lotus won't exist there until reaching the related objective.


  • Talomar retains his follower icon even during objectives where he ceases to be a follower, up until the objective to speak with Elise after finding Lotus. ?
  • Talomar's pathing breaks after saving Elise Mallon, and doesn't actually go to her after she runs off. He instead stands still near where he was prior to rescuing her. ?
  • The objective to "Search the Conservatory" and the optional objective to speak to Elise on the ground floor can be skipped if you head straight to the top floor of the building. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Untamed and Unleashed
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Talomar search for his indrik, Lotus. We should look around the grounds for any sign of her.
Objective: Search For Lotus
Objective: Search for Any Clues
I came across a dead mammoth that appears to have bashed its own brains out toppling an enclosure wall. I should speak to Talomar about this discovery.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
I agreed to help Talomar search for his indrik, Lotus. We should look around the grounds for any sign of her.
Objective: Search for Any Clues
The feed left in Lotus's enclosure is discolored and smells strangely. I should take some to Talomar and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
Talomar and I found signs that the animals might have been exposed to tainted feed, which could explain their aggression. We haven't found any sign of Lotus, however, and should continue our search.
Objective: Search for Lotus
Talomar and I heard a cry of distress during our search. He ran off to lend assistance. I should follow suit.
Objective: Find the Source of the Cry
The source of the cry is another keeper being cornered by a pride of lions. I should help her.
Objective: Rescue the Cornered Keeper
I saved the distressed keeper from the lions. Talomar recognized her as someone named Elise. I should speak to her about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Elise Mallon
Elise did not stick around to help with our search, but mentioned that she saw Lotus by the reflecting pool. We should continue our search there.
Objective: Search for Lotus Near the Reflecting Pool
Optional Step: Talk to Talomar
We spotted Lotus at the reflecting pool, like Elise said, but she got spooked and fled from us. Talomar took off in pursuit of her. I should follow them.
Objective: Pursue Lotus
Lotus was caught by some other menagerie staff. Their leader, Conservator Vinelore, wants to have words with me.
Objective: Talk to Conservator Vinelore
Conservator Vinelore said she would handle Lotus and commanded Talomar and I to leave the menagerie grounds. I should speak to Talomar about this.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
The young keeper I rescued earlier called out to us. She appears to want to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Elise Mallon
Elise confessed to drugging the animals, but claims she did so only for an opportunity to collect evidence of mistreatment of the animals. She's asked us to help her. I should speak to Talomar about this.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
Talomar is skeptical, but I convinced him to investigate the Conservatory. He says I might find a key on the body of one of Vinelore's rangers.
Objective: Find a Way into the Conservatory
I found a key to the Conservatory on the body of one of Vinelore's rangers. I should use it to gain us access to the inside.
Objective: Enter the Conservatory
The inside of the Conservatory contains all manner of alchemical equipment. I should search for some proof of wrongdoing going on here
Objective: Search the Conservatory
Optional Step: Talk to Elise
Objective Hint: Search Upstairs Rooms
I discovered some sort of laboratory filled with test subjects and records. I should search the records for something incriminating.
Objective: Search Conservatory Records for Evidence
I found a lab report that confirms dangerous experiments are being conducted on the indriks here. Elise will want to see what I found.
Objective: Talk to Elise
Talomar is no longer in the Conservatory. Elise suspects he's taken off after Lotus himself and we can head after him to the inner paddocks by heading through the Conservatory. We should find him.
Objective: Find Talomar
I found Talomar being held at arrowpoint by Conservator Vinelore. I should confront her about what we discovered about the experiments.
Objective: Talk to Vinelore
Elise sabotaged the containment measures for the inner paddocks, setting the indriks loose and forcing Vinelore to flee, but Talomar was wounded during her escape. Elise is tending to Talomar, I should speak to her about him.
Objective: Talk to Elise Mallon
I promised Talomar that I would find Lotus and bring her to safety. She's being held somewhere in the inner paddocks, but with the indriks and Vinelore on the loose mounting a rescue will be dangerous.
Objective: Find Lotus
Conservator Vinelore and one of her test subjects have blocked my path through the inner paddocks. I will have to fight my way past to reach Lotus.
Objective: Defeat Conservator Vinelore and Her Experiment
I found Lotus cowering in a cage not far from where I fought Vinelore. I should use the ward breaker Elise gave me to free her.
Objective: Disrupt Wards to Free Lotus
Lotus escaped her cage and seems to be responding positively to me. It seems she wants me to follow her through the mystical portal she created.
Objective: Follow Lotus to Safety
I was able to reunite Talomar with Lotus. He seems to have forgotten all about his injury, but I should see how he is doing.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
Finishes quest  I convinced Talomar that he can do more good by staying and making sure the menagerie is properly cared for.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
(If you convinced Talomar to stay)
Finishes quest  I convinced Talomar that he will be happier if he leaves the Royal Menagerie behind him.
Objective: Talk to Talomar
(If you convinced Talomar to leave)
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