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Conservator Vinelore
Location Sil-Var-Woad
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Conservator Vinelore

Conservator Vinelore is a High Elf and the appointed curator of the Royal Menagerie at Sil-Var-Woad.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Once you find Lotus, the Conservator and her rangers will restrain her.

Conservator Vinelore: "Whoa! Whoa! Control her! Get a hold of your beast, Talomar!"
Conservator Vinelore: "So, you managed to teach it some discipline after all."
Talomar: "Lotus! Easy, girl. I'm here …."

Talk to the conservator.

"The Royal Menagerie is closed to the public at the moment. What are you doing here?"
Talomar asked me to help search for his indrik.
"His indrik? You mean the royal family's indrik. Every animal here is property of the crown. He would be wise to remember that before his personal attachment interferes with his duties.
Regardless, your search is over."
What happens to Lotus now?
"She'll be secured in the inner paddocks until order is restored. This act of sabotage will not be easy to recover from.
You claim you arrived after the incident?"
I found Talomar just outside the grounds, looking for Lotus.
"Hmm, I believe you. Whoever drugged today's feed supply knew too much about our procedures to have been an outsider.
You may go, but I want you off my grounds. Talomar can escort you out, since watching Lotus seems too much for him."
I understand.

She turns to speak with Talomar.

Conservator Vinelore: "Talomar, take your new friend here and get off my grounds. The rangers will take things from here."
Talomar: "But Lotus? I … yes, Conservator."

Speaking to to the Conservator again, she'll say:

"Your departure wasn't a request. I suggest you go before we find a cage for you."

After searching the zoo's administration quarters, you will confront her at the paddocks.

Conservator Vinelore: "Disobedience doesn't suit you, Talomar. Uncooperative animals don't last long here."
Talomar: "What have you done with Lotus, you monster?"
Conservator Vinelore: "I'd be more concerned for yourself right now."

Talk to Vinelore to distract her while Elise breaks the wards to let the indriks in the inner paddocks loose.

"Try something rash and Talomar will sprout an arrow from the eye. You've all caused me enough trouble for one day."
Why are you experimenting on the indriks?
"They're a very special beast. Revered, even, as blessed beings who are as graced by the gods as we Altmer. They are a gift to our people not found anywhere else in the world, and we have squandered their potential too long."
To what end?
"Maintaining our natural primacy, what else? The mongrels of Tamriel infest everything—even our unspoiled isles now—but their overgrowth can be curbed. They only need a natural predator. The indriks will be our immortal Aedric avengers."
I won't let you continue these experiments.
"You're in no position to stop me. This enclosure is as strong as a fortress and these barriers are impenetrable by even the indriks' effortless teleportation.
Surrender before my—what was that?"
What was what?
"No! The wards! The indrik will run wild!"
So much for your grand plans.

She turns to face Elise as the wards shut down.

Conservator Vinelore: "Elise! I should have known you'd be behind this!"
Elise Mallon: "Good luck containing your experiments. We'll give your regards to the Queen."
Conservator Vinelore: "This isn't over, mongrel!"
Conservator Vinelore: "You'll all pay for this."

As she flees, she shoots Talomar with an arrow.

Pursue Vinelore. She taunts you upon approaching her location:

Conservator Vinelore: "I've been wanting to see how the latest serum performs in live tests. Let's find out."
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Conservator Vinelore
Location Sil-Var-Woad
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 63,735 Difficulty  
Reaction Hostile Class Archer

Confront Vinelore and her experiment, Specimen II. During the battle, she says:

Conservator Vinelore: "There will be time enough to fix this once you're all dead."
Conservator Vinelore: "It's a thing of terrible beauty, isn't it?"
Conservator Vinelore: "I'll wipe your base filth from Summerset, and the world."

Once you've defeated her, her last words are:

Conservator Vinelore: "Auri-El! Lead me from this forsaken place."