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Torug's Pact is one of the craftable sets providing special bonuses to armor and weapons. It is available for crafting to players pursuing blacksmithing, clothing and/or woodworking professions. Special crafting sites with stations dedicated to creation of this set are located in the second zone of each of the three Alliances.

To make an item for this set, a crafter must first complete research on three traits for this particular item at a corresponding crafting station.


2 items: Adds 1-129 Spell Damage
3 items: Adds 14-1206 Maximum Health
4 items: Adds 34-2975 Spell Resistance
5 items: Decreases weapon enchantment cooldown and increases non Oblivion Damage enchantment potency by 30%.


  • Enchantement cooldown reduction from this set is multiplicative with enchantment cooldown reduction from Infused weapon trait.

Crafting SitesEdit

Aldmeri Dominion ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Fisherman's Isle — An island in southeast Grahtwood, east of Haven. (map)
Daggerfall Covenant ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Hammerdeath Workshop — An old foundry in central Stormhaven, northwest of Wayrest. (map)
Ebonheart Pact ON-mapicon-Crafting.png Lake Hlaalu Retreat — A lakeside camp located in western Deshaan, just north of the town of Narsis. (map)