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ON-qico-Raid.png Launch a direct assault on the Celestial Serpent.
Zone: Craglorn
Objective: Sanctum Ophidia — Assault the mountain stronghold of the Celestial Serpent.
Quest Giver: Turuk Redclaws or Atildel
Celestial Serpent's Trophy
Celestial Serpent's Trophy Hard
Location(s): Sanctum Ophidia
Reward: Serpent's Languid Coffer (Normal Mode)
Serpent's Coiled Coffer (Veteran Mode)
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 5743
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Immediately
TrialGroup Size: 12
The Serpent's Apex Stone
Turuk Redclaws told me of the dangers of the Serpent. How it wants to destroy the cities of Tamriel, and see the forest overtake the land.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Kill the Possessed Mantikora.
  2. Kill Stonebreaker.
  3. Kill Ozara.
  4. Kill the Serpent.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

When you enter the trial, you'll hear Atildel talking to a captive Courtling.

Atildel: "Shut up or I will shut you up!"
Scaevola Calvisius: "The Serpent will reclaim this land! Render mortal cities to dust! Devour your glittering towers in primeval growth!"
Atildel: "To Oblivion with the lot of you, and your damned Serpent."

You will accept the quest from Turuk Redclaws inside the Sanctum, or from Atildel in the Star-Gazers' Observatory.

Turuk Redclaws:
"You! Milksop! Turuk and his Undaunted need you. All Tamriel needs you! Warn the Guilds. The Alliances. Warn everybody!"
Warn them about what? What are you talking about?
"A tree spirit. It could speak—had a face out of a fever dream. It leads an entire army of cultists in the caverns ahead.
It slaughtered us, showed us … showed us a vision of what it plans to do to all of Tamriel."
What did it show you?
"A vision of the future. A future where that spirit escapes these caverns and runs rampant across the continent. I saw the cities of Tamriel, shattered and over-grown.
That spirit wants us dead—Men, Mer, Khajiit. It doesn't give a damn."
I'll handle this.
"We found him—we found him, and we'll need help. He slew so many of us."
Who did? What are you talking about?
"I was part of a scouting force sent to survey the Scaled Court. To see if there was any kind of trouble we could stir for them in the highlands. We found the Celestial Serpent instead."
What happened?
"He had an army of Scaled Court with him in those caves. They killed so many of us."
I'll deal with this. Where do I go?

You can ask them more questions after accepting the quest. Each will give you their version of the slaughter and tell you about your foe.

Turuk Redclaws:
"Turuk was going to dare you to do it. You think like an Undaunted! Or you're crazy. Either fits.
That spirit—the Gazers called it a "Celestial Serpent"—will wreak havoc if it ever escapes these caverns. You cannot allow that to happen!"
What were you doing out here?
"Must be a cowardly Fighters Guild in these parts, because the Star-Gazers begged Turuk to come with them—to find and dispatch Scaled Court in the highlands.
Turuk found them, all right. Too many of them. There's a small army in the caverns ahead."
You fought them?
"You could call it that. They slaughtered many of Turuk's Undaunted. We managed to catch one of theirs in return, but this one hopes he will get the chance to pay the Serpent back in full."
I want to know more about this place.
"The Scaled Court call it home. Inside is a mad temple built by ancient folk. Turuk cannot say he cares. Ask the Scaled Courtling we caught if you want to know more. Hopefully he's in as much pain as Turuk is."
Tell me more about the Celestial Serpent.
"It has gathered an army of cultists in these caves, for what purpose we could not discover. But it means to slay us all. The Scaled Court here take orders from it alone.
The Serpent claims to be responsible for all the turmoil in this region."
"There are Scaled Court in the mountains, in a cavern the Serpent cultists called "Sanctum Ophidia." I'll meet you there—a group of Gazers remains, but they'll need help. The Serpent means to kill us all. Man or Mer. He doesn't give a damn."
What is the Celestial Serpent?
"A powerful being; ancient. With power drawn from the stars above. Beyond that, even the Star-Gazers don't know, though there are certainly options. Only thing that matters is that his magical power is immense, and he means to slay us. All of us."
If there's a group still in the Sanctum, why are you here?
"I didn't desert them, if that's what you're implying. I came to find help. But the Star-Gazers are dealing with the Scaled Court in the entirety of Craglorn. There's no one left to handle this."

The captive cultist, Scaevola Calvisius, tells you that his master wants to destroy the world as you know it—killing all mortals and returning Nirn to a primeval state, before mortalkind walked its surface.

The Serpent summons the Possessed Mantikora
Defeat the Celestial Serpent
All three Guardian Celestials will appear if you have completed the other two Craglorn trials

When you defeat the Celestial Serpent, Turuk and Atildel will appear.

Turuk Redclaws: "By the Moons! What happened here?"
Atildel: "The Apex Stone! It's sealed the Serpent away!"

You must speak with Atildel to receive your reward for completing the trial, which includes a coffer you can earn once a week.

"Finally, the Serpent defeated. He killed so many of the others, wrought such destruction on this region … I didn't think I would live to see it happen."
What now?
"The battle against the Scaled Court will continue, but this was the one place in Craglorn the Serpent could be contained. You accomplished wonders today.
Turuk wanted me to give this to you. Don't worry—it's not diseased. I think."

If you fail to pick up the quest at the start of the trial, you can loot a Celestial Serpent's Trophy off of the Serpent's corpse.

<This is a piece of the Serpent's Apex Stone.>
I will take this as proof of the Serpent's defeat.

Take it to Atildel to complete the quest.

After you complete the quest, Turuk and Atildel will take a closer look at the Apex Stone.

Atildel: "The Serpent's Stone. I never thought I'd live to see it. It's huge."
Turuk Redclaws: "Turuk has seen bigger."
Atildel: "It's a marvel of Nedic sorcery. Imagine—the literal essence of all our troubles in Craglorn trapped in one place. A miracle stone."
Turuk Redclaws: "Turuk's stones are an equal miracle. Admittedly not Nedic."
Atildel: "You're disgusting."
Turuk Redclaws: "Turuk tries."
<Atildel starts chuckling.>

Quest StagesEdit

The Oldest Ghost
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Everyone who has taken on the dangers of the Sanctum Ophidia have been defeated. Though the Scaled Court controls the caves, I must enter the Sanctum and slay the Serpent.
Objective: Kill the Celestial Serpent
Finishes quest  I've defeated the Celestial Serpent and returned him to his prison within the Apex Stone. The Scaled Court of Sanctum Ophidia has been scattered. I should speak with Atildel.
Objective: Speak to Atildel
  (If you didn't accept the quest from Atildel at the entrance)
In the wake of the Serpent's defeat, I found a shattered piece of the Apex Stone.
Objective: Speak to Atildel
Finishes quest  In the wake of the Serpent's defeat, I found a shattered piece of the Apex Stone.
Objective: Speak to Atildel
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