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Online:Skald Svari

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Skald Svari
Location Fallowstone Hall
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Companions
Skald Svari
Sage Svari

Skald Svari is a researcher from Fallowstone Hall in Skyrim. She is the author of An Accounting of Werewolves and is an expert on the subject of werewolves. Upon helping her become the next sage of Fallowstone Hall, she will change her title to Sage Svari.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Storming the HallEdit

When first met:

"Don't come near me! I'll gut you if you touch me!"
Wait! Vigrod sent me. Everyone is to rally at the Hall!
"To the Hall!"

She will run off whilst saying:

"Kyne, what they did to Tirora. I have to stay strong. I'll see you back at the Hall."

Speaking to her outside the main doors:

"I can't believe Tirora's gone."

Speaking to her after dispelling the barrier:

"That was her, Sage Tirora.
I suppose I'll see her again, on the other side of the bridge."

The Rise of Sage SvariEdit

You will need to speak with her.

"I can't believe Tirora's gone."
And you're going to replace her?
"I hope so. Sage Tirora has passed to Sovngarde. Fallowstone deserves a sage, someone to record the Companions' deeds. But first I must prove myself."
What's involved?
"The sage-to-be and a companion must pray at Fallowstone's shrines. Visions of the Five Hundred in their prime should appear to them. Will you take these prayer beads and accompany me?"
I'd be honored to.

You will now follow the skald to the Shrine of Yngol.

Skald Svari: "We'll begin with the tale of Yngol, Ysgramor's son."

Then you'll follow her to the Shrine of Ylgar.

Skald Svari: "This next shrine is to Ylgar. He led the Companions alongside Ysgramor as the Nord tide swept the elves from Skyrim."
Skald Svari: "One of Ylgar's greatest accomplishments was taking up the mantle of leadership upon the death of Ysgramor. The Companions would have fallen apart if not for his commanding presence."

Finally, she'll lead you to the Shrine of Ysgramor.

Skald Svari: "The last shrine is to Ysgramor, the harbinger of us all. He led the Companions to Skyrim and drove the elves howling to distant lands."
Skald Svari: "With his mighty axe Wuuthrad in hand, none could resist Ysgramor. Soon, all foes fled before him."
Skald Svari: "Only one, the dread half-giant Sinmur, leader of Skyrim's giant clans, dared to face Wuuthrad and Ysgramor."

Speak to her back in front of the Hall.

"Thank you for your time and support. May I have the beads back?"
Here they are.

Vigrod will appoint her as the Sage of Fallowstone Hall.

Vigrod Wraithbane: "Companions! Rise and honor Skald Svari as she ascends to the post of Sage."
Vigrod Wraithbane: "Skald Svari, we are here to honor your courage, wisdom, and strength. You have proven yourself worthy to be our next Sage."
Vigrod Wraithbane: "Do you swear to uphold the tenets of the Companions and to defend Fallowstone Hall with your life?"
Skald Svari: "I do."
Vigrod Wraithbane: "Then arise as Svari, Sage of the Companions of Fallowstone Hall!"

Speaking with her after she becomes the Sage:

"I've worked my whole life to achieve this. Thank you for honoring me with your presence."
I was proud to do my part.
"Recording your deeds here will be my first act as Sage of Fallowstone Hall. The Companions will recover from this setback. Vigrod and I will make sure of it."

Sage Svari then enters the Hall and moves upstairs.

Finding Winter's HammerEdit

You will find her upstairs in the Hall.

"Thanks for your help! The Companions are still in disarray after the Reach's attacks."
Do you have any other problems?
"After the recent disruptions, many of our most sacred relics are missing. The dangerous ones are what I worry about."
How can I help?
"We heard that the bandit leader at Fort Greenwall has Winter's Hammer. Would you reclaim it for me?"
I'll try.

Speaking with her again:

"Best of luck finding Winter's Hammer!"

Recover the weapon and return to her:

"Did you find Winter's Hammer?"
Here's Winter's Hammer.
"What a relief! I can't tell you how good it feels to see Winter's Hammer back in its rightful place."

Returning Winter's BiteEdit

"Will you do something else for us? You've already done so much!"
What can I do?
"Rumor has it that one of the most dangerous of our missing relics—Winter's Bite—is being held in Faldar's Tooth. Would you return it to us?"
I'll do my best.

Speaking with her again:

"Please return as soon as you find Winter's Bite!"

Return with the weapon:

"Did you find Winter's Bite?"
I've brought Winter's Bite back.
"Winter's Bite! How can I ever thank you?"

After the quests, she'll thank you:

"Thank you for all you've done. These ancient relics embody all that the Companions stand for."


  • As Sage Svari, she has answered questions about werewolves.