Dwemer Ruin:
Reachwind Depths
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Blackreach Jelly, Centipede, Cockroach, Dwarven Scarabs, Rat, Shroom Beetle, Torchbug, Vale Deer Buck, Vale Deer Doe
Dwarven Centurion, Dwarven Arquebus, Dwarven Sentry, Dwarven Sphere, Dwarven Spider, Swarming Dwarven Spider
Chaurus Egg, Chaurus Reaper, Dwarven Dynastor, Falmer Nightprowler, Falmer Gloomlurker, Falmer Duskslicer, Dwarven Dynastor
Lothid Archer, Lothid Battlemage, Lothid Bloodfiend, Lothid Enforcer, Lothid Servant, Lothid Skullguard, Lothid Stalker, Lothid Tormenter
The Reach
North of the Reachwind Ritual Site
Loading Screen
"It is best to avoid the stone halls of the Deep Folk. Any son or daughter of Karth will tell you what folly awaits a person who ventures too far beneath the sky." —Raddolf of the Stag-Heart Clan
Reachwind Depths

Reachwind Depths is a Dwemer ruin located north of the Reachwind Ritual Site in the Reach.

A copy of Scary Tales of the Druadach, Book 2 is located atop a crate beside a heavy sack at a camp just west of the ruins. Clans of the Reach: A Guide (a lore book) is sitting next to a cooking fire at a camp slightly northwest of the ruins. There is a backpack and a soul gem at this camp, which can be looted freely. A copy of The Gray Host: A History Part 1 is located at a Gray Host camp located northwest of the ruin's entrance.

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When you enter Reachwind Depths, you'll find yourself at a lift on the north side of a large rectangular chamber. There are many passive creatures in this room, along with mushrooms that spew poisonous spores when you approach. A grate located along the southwestern wall leads to Reachwind Depths Ruins. The lift to the south leads to Boss Trenlor's Court.

Reachwind Depths RuinsEdit

The natural cavern opens up into a Dwarven ruin. A vent that spews Swarming Dwarven Spiders is located in the middle of the first room. Dwarven Scarabs scuttle across the floor. You'll find that the hallway to the south is lined with bookshelves. The occasional Dwarven push trap sits along the walls. A chest can spawn behind a pillar at the southern end of the central chamber. This entire section is fairly linear. A lift leading to the Deep Tombs lies at the end of the path down the split in the hallway beyond the central room.

Deep TombsEdit

This is another linear section of the ruins. Steam vents litter the floors here. Cells with prisoners inside line the walls in the first room. A book titled In the Deep Tombs is located on the floor in front of the last cell on the western wall in the second room. Lothid Clan vampires patrol the halls. You'll start seeing electricity field traps in this section of Reachwind Depths. These traps fire jolts of electricity to the opposite wall for five seconds, taking a two second break before firing again. A lever in the middle of the fourth hallway deactivates the traps for about eight seconds.

You'll start encountering bloodfiends in the eastern section of the Deep Tombs. The Storage Chamber is located off to the west of the eastern room where you fight your first bloodfiends. There is a lift leading to the Blinds in the southernmost chamber. A chest can spawn between the crates and the wall on the east of the lift. South of this room is a small strip of pavement overlooking a waterfall. A chest can spawn in the northwest corner of this room, atop a rocky outcropping just below a broken corner of the Dwarven walkway overlooking the underground lake. Blackreach Jellies float about here.

Storage ChamberEdit

There are three corpses in the middle of the room. There is nothing of note here if you're not doing the related quest.

The BlindsEdit

The Blinds are natural caverns that lead from east to west. You'll start to encounter more passive living organisms (such as vale deer) and poisonous mushrooms here. Red and yellow torchbugs can be encountered here as well. A chest can spawn atop the hill in the northwest corner of the first room. You'll start to encounter Falmer in the second chamber. A chest can spawn in the northwest corner of this room, behind a Chaurus Reaper and its eggs. The path in this central cavern branches to the west and south; both paths take you to the northwestern chamber, where you'll find a Dwarven Dynastor. Behind it is the exit, which leads to the Servant's Quarters.

Servant's QuartersEdit

A room with several containers in it.

Boss Trenlor's CourtEdit






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