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Dwarven Spider
(lore page)
Location Dwemer Ruins
Species Dwarven Spider
Health 31364, 60370
34501 (Mzeneldt), 62200 (Craglorn), 9153 (Mzeklok fight)
Normal52831Veteran(?) (Darkshade Caverns I)
Normal32417Veteran71289 (Volenfell)
Normal117879Veteran300750 (Darkshade Caverns II)
36,500 rounded (Nyzchaleft Falls)Orsinium
Normal8865Veteran(?) (Seht's Balcony), Normal22393Veteran(?) (Seht's Flywheel)
56455 (Sentinel Point)
Reaction Hostile
A Dwarven Spider

Dwarven Spiders are hostile, spider-like Dwarven automatons that can be found in Dwemer ruins. They can be encountered individually as well as in swarms.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Shocking Touch
A basic melee attack that does minor shock damage.
Double Strike
A charged melee attack that does moderate physical damage. This attack can be blocked to set the spider off balance.
Static Field
The spider charges up, emitting a shock aura around itself. Standing in it does moderate shock damage over time to all enemies as indicated by a blue circle. Other Dwarven automatons may also attempt to charge up by being near the spider, although this can be interrupted. When an enemy is charged, it glows blue and deals more damage.
When destroyed, the charged spider will explode, dealing moderate shock damage to all players around it as indicated by a red circle.

Unique Dwarven SpidersEdit


Quests Involving Dwarven SpidersEdit

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