Released on August 11 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.1.1 is an incremental patch on the PTS that fixes a number of issues in Imperial City (including some of the common crashes many of you were experiencing), gameplay, itemization, UI, and more. We've made several changes to Imperial City, its dungeons, and the Tel Var Stone system based on your feedback, and are also testing out new rulesets to enter Imperial City itself in this patch. All PC/Mac European megaserver characters will be copied over with this patch, and the size of the update is approximately 6GB for English, 5GB for German, and 4GB for French. .

Thanks to everyone for sending us your feedback and bug reports so far, and we look forward to seeing what you think about this latest iteration!

New Features / Updates / Big ChangesEdit


  • We've updated the PTS with additional templates for VR16! These templates come with all the new item sets that are included with Imperial City including the new crafted sets, the item sets you can purchase with Tel Var Stones, the item sets that are dropped in both the Imperial City Prison and the White-Gold Tower, and the new Monster Mask sets for those dungeons!
  • The previous VR14 and level 35 templates are still available for use.

Alliance War & Imperial City UpdatesEdit

  • The Haderus campaign will be closed for this round of Imperial City testing on the PTS. Everyone will be granted a free home campaign reassignment.
  • A new campaign – Sword of the Crusader – is available to join!
    • This campaign has a 7-day duration, with all objectives in Cyrodiil contributing one point towards victory.
  • This testing period includes new rules for accessing Imperial City. To get into Imperial City from Cyrodiil, your Alliance must own your native six keeps defined per alliance as follows:
    • Aldmeri Dominion: Alessia, Bloodmayne, Brindle, Roebeck, Faregyl, Blackboot
    • Ebonheart Pact: Chalman, Blue Road, Drakelowe, Arrius, Kingscrest, Farragut
    • Daggerfall Covenant: Dragonclaw, Aleswell, Ash, Glademist, Rayles, Warden

Known IssuesEdit

Art & Animation

  • When an enemy knocks you down, your character will appear to pop up instantly rather than displaying the proper animation.

Imperial City

  • Patrolling Horrors will occasionally target group members who are in safe zones. They won't actually damage you in safe zones, though, and will prioritize targets that are not in safe zones.
  • Although rare, your game may crash if you interrupt the Sigil of Imperial Retreat while it's being cast.
  • You may see black boxes in areas that you cannot access; these will be fixed before Imperial City gets published.

DLC Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Art & AnimationEdit

Imperial City

  • General Aklash's facial animations will now be in sync with her dialogue.
  • Trophy Vault doors now play their animations and effects correctly.


Imperial City

  • The Patrolling Horrors in the Sewers are now more audible as they approach to give you more warning of impending doom.
  • Combat music in the Imperial City now scales better with the intensity of the battle.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Imperial City

  • Increased experience gains for all sources in the Imperial City Districts, Sewers, and the Dragonfire Cathedral by 15%.
  • You can no longer enter stealth by crouching in Sanctuary areas within Imperial City, such as Alliance respawn locations.
  • You can no longer use area of effect attacks from sweeper bosses to attack other player characters in their sanctuaries.
  • It is no longer possible to debuff other player characters in sanctuary zones.
  • It is no longer possible to use Silver Leash from the Fighters Guild skill line to pull other player characters into an alliance spawn, which would result in killing them.
  • You can no longer pull other player characters into a respawn location, or use leap-type abilities to get there.

Monsters & Bosses

  • Patrolling Horrors, or sweepers, have had the following changes made:
    • Patrolling Horrors will now detect stealthed targets 15 meters in front, 7 meters to either side, or 1 meter behind them.
    • Increased their ability ranges to match the range all player characters have in the Imperial City, and can now strike targets up to 40 meters away.
    • Patrolling Horrors are now correctly immune to your attacks within any safe location.
    • Patrolling Horrors no longer target player characters in safe locations with remote area effects or projectile attacks. That wasn't fair.
    • Patrolling Horrors will no longer go out of their way to hunt down player characters in safe zones. That wasn't fair, either.
    • Hitting a Patrolling Horror with area effects sourced by reflected projectiles no longer causes millions in damage per tick.
    • Patrolling Horrors now take a quarter of the damage from attacks reflected by player characters.
    • Worm Cult necromancers have finished the construction of their vilest Patrolling Horror to date. A corpulent mountain of flesh and sinew, * Glorgoloch the Destroyer now patrols the Imperial City Temple District. Beware!
  • Redesigned the fight with Emperor Leovic in the Imperial City Sewers.
  • General Nazenaechar can no longer be pulled out of his boss room.
  • The Imperial City Sewers central event no longer becomes unavailable after the first time it is completed.

Monster Abilities

  • Amoncrul
    • The visuals from Antimagic Field no longer become stuck on your character after death.
    • Antimagic Field now correctly casts while the Amoncrul is moving.
  • Emperor Leovic
    • Debased Dragonfire now does slightly more damage.
  • General Kryozote
    • The damage from Fire Spit can no longer be blocked.
  • Grievous Twilight
    • The Grievous Twilight will now properly use its abilities at long ranges.
  • King Khrogo
    • Tremor no longer fails to damage anyone in its impact radius.
  • Mazaluhad
    • Dark Circle zombies are now faster.
    • Defiled Ground now defiles more ground.
  • Necrotic Hoarvor
    • Necrotic Swarm no longer deals damage before its telegraph appears.
  • Patrolling Horrors (Sewers)
    • Daedric Chains no longer fail to appear when its effect is applied.
    • Daedric Chill, Daedric Inferno, Vampiric Ground, and Vampiric Totem no longer cast immediately after one another.
    • Daedric Chill no longer deals damage before its telegraph appears.
    • Daedric Inferno can now be dodged.
    • Patrolling Horrors who cast Drain Essence will now face their target before absorbing their health.
    • Fire Runes will now target multiple player characters.
    • Increased the damage of Force Pulse.
    • Lava Whip now correctly hides the caster's weapon while being cast.
    • Steel Cyclone now deals damage synched to its animation, and now stops channeling if its active target dies.
    • Vampiric Totem has been redesigned.
  • Volghass
    • Claw can no longer be interrupted.
  • Ysenda Resplendent
    • Feast now casts at targets up to 40 meters away.
  • Zoal the Ever-Wakeful
    • Shocking Pools will now dissipate faster.
    • Reduced the duration of Shocking Gaze.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


  • Imperial City Prison (Normal and Veteran)
    • Gravelight Sentry
      • The Gravelight Sentry now enrages at a much higher health percentage.
      • Decreased the damage from the Gravelight Sentry's Gaze.
    • Lord-Warden's Council
      • The Lord-Warden's Templar, Necromancer, Knight and Berserker will now wait longer before becoming enraged.
      • The Bone Surge Totem now spawns properly when the Necromancer goes to summon it.
    • Lord-Warden Dusk
      • Increased the damage of the Lord-Warden's Orb Tether.
    • Overfiend
      • Fixed an issue where Flurry could not be blocked after the first hit.
      • Flurry can no longer be purged.
    • The Flesh Sculptor
      • The Flesh Sculptor now travels to his putrid flesh pit more frequently.
      • Flesh Grenades now travel faster when flying through the air, and spawn slightly slower.
      • Decreased the reticle size from Flesh Grenades.
      • Fixed some issues with how Flesh Grenades impact targets.
      • Slightly increased the attack range for the Flesh Atronachs.
      • The projectiles from Blight Bomb now travel faster, and the impact now registers properly on all targets.
  • White-Gold Tower (Normal and Veteran)
    • Molag Kena
      • Molag Kena will now adequately respond to damage, and no longer shake so violently.
      • Subsequent hits with Storm Slam will now only cause greater knockback instead of greater damage as well.
    • Planar Inhibitor
      • Fixed a visual issue with the Planar Inhibitor when the encounter resets. The boss will no longer be vulnerable after he resets.
      • The Planar Inhibitor now takes less damage while she is vulnerable.
      • The Ogrim that spawn from the rifts are now ranged attackers. They will lob flame projectiles that leave patches of flames on the ground upon impact. These Ogrim are also immune from crowd control.
    • The Adjudicator
      • You will now be rooted initially when teleporting into the cage. However, the root will be removed quickly, and does not get reapplied.
      • The cage doors will now properly appear as closed after being teleported via Coldharbour Justice.
      • Soul Shriven Aristocrats and Nobles will now move slightly faster and can now break crowd control abilities.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran Imperial City Prison
    • Flesh Abomination
      • The Necrotic Hoarvor's Poison Mist now does more damage the longer you stand in it.
    • Flesh Sculptor
      • More inmates will now spawn throughout the encounter.
      • Inmates will now be killed instantly when hit by a Flesh Grenade.
      • Inmates that sprint to the putrid flesh pit will now move slightly slower.
      • The Flesh Atronachs now take longer to enrage, but their damage is greatly increased and will move faster while enraged.
    • Lord-Warden's Council
      • The Necromancer's Shade now only targets two player characters with Deathly Grasp, rather than four.
    • Overfiend
      • The Overfiend's Flurry, Slash, Devastating Leap and Entropic Flurry will now apply a snare on impact.
  • Veteran White-Gold Tower
    • Reduced the health on the Xivkyn Elites and Grievous Twilights throughout the dungeon.
    • Molag Kena
      • Taking damage from Shock Spear or Storm Furry now applies a hard-hitting damage over time effect called Lingering Static.
    • Planar Inhibitor
      • The Planar Inhibitor's rift stages now escalate at higher heath percentages.
    • The Adjudicator
      • The Adjudicator will no longer absorb Shriven Aristocrats and Nobles the first time she is engaged.
    • The Elite Guard
      • Reduced the health for Cordius Pontifio and Micella Carlinus.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Adjusted the number of Tel Var Stones needed to complete the achievement Tel Var Master to 100,000 Tel Var Stones.
  • Some Imperial City Achievements had a mismatch between the amount of Tel Var Stones required in the description and what was actually required. "Sudden Spoils" now correctly requires 300 Tel Var Stones, "Windfall Profits" requires 600 Tel Var Stones, and "Big Score" requires 900 Tel Var Stones.
  • Glorgoloch the Destroyer has been added to the Patrolling Horrors achievement.
  • Renamed the Escape Artist achievement for Imperial City to "No Prison Can Hold Me.”
  • Imperial City Achievements "Trove Scamp Seeker", "Trove Scamp Slayer" and "Trove Scamp Exterminator" now reference Trove Scamps rather than Hoarding Scamps.
  • The Imperial City Achievement, "Who Dares, Wins" now requires 50 player kills.

Imperial City

  • Patrolling Horrors within the Districts will now always drop a Treasure Vault trophy.
  • Deconstructing VR15 and VR16 weapons and armor will now always provide one associated refined material instead of just having a chance to do so.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of Treasure Vault door key fragments from monsters.
  • Sigils of Imperial Retreat are now more common from trapped chests in the Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sigil of Imperial Retreat could unintentionally be used in the White-Gold Tower or the Imperial City Prison.
  • Removed the low-quality Potions from the Treasure Scamps that drop crafting materials.
  • Updated the reward chest for the Arena event. It will now drop Tel Var Stones as well as a larger quantity (and better quality) of loot.
  • The bosses in White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison will drop more of their dungeon's Treasure Vault door key fragments.
  • Sigils of Imperial Retreat now cost 10,000 AP instead of costing Tel Var Stones.
  • Some VR15 and VR16 crafting materials have had their names changed:
    • Colossus Ingot is now Corundum Ingot.
    • Sanded Ruddy Ash Wood is now Sanded Ruby Ash Wood.
    • Daedra Skin is now Rubedo Leather.
    • Harvester Silk is now Ancestor Silk.
  • Greatly reduced the commonality of Xivkyn-style equipment from monster drops in the Imperial City and its dungeons.
  • Modified the descriptive text on the Sigil of Imperial Retreat to further clarify the stone is consumed on use.
    • Note: If the effect is broken early (such as by movement), the stone will not be consumed.
  • The loot from Trophy Vaults in the Imperial City (as well as the items and keys associated with said vaults) are now of Epic quality.
  • Adjusted the drop rate for the chest pieces of the Phoenix and Meritorious Service sets.
  • A recent printing error resulted in numerous copies of "Racial Motifs 17: The Xivkyn" being printed with incorrect text. (Specifically, they were printed with copy taken from the seminal bestseller, "Racial Motifs 5: The Bretons".) The editor regrets this error, and has replaced all copies and partial copies of the work with updated versions with the correct text.
  • You can now receive the quest for Imperial City from the Generals found in the Imperial Sewers, in addition to the Captains in Cyrodiil.

Item Sets

  • Updated the Agility, Endurance, and Willpower item sets to all be Bind on Equip.
  • Essence Thief: This set's ability can now critically heal.
  • Shield Breaker: This item set can now only be triggered on player targets.
  • Shock Master: The damage caused by this set can now critically hit.
  • Tormentor: The item set's Taunt duration is now displayed on the tooltip. We also fixed an issue where the Taunt was not properly triggered by the Invasion ability.

Imperial CityEdit


  • Fixed a number of common crashes that were most noticeable in Imperial City.
  • Added a new timed immunity buff to the doors between districts, and the ladders between districts and sewers. This immunity buff lasts for 30 seconds, and will be removed upon initiating combat, stealthing, drinking a potion or sprinting.
  • Adjusted numerous locations where you could receive the Sanctuary immunity buff while standing in PvP locations inside Imperial City.
  • Fixed numerous locations where the Sanctuary immunity buff was not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Spirit buff was not applying in the Dragonfire Cathedral.
  • Fixed an issue with the door from Alessian Tombs to Antediluvian Vaults.
  • Friendly caged ghosts in the Alessian Tombs will no longer attempt to attack you. They're friendly, after all!
  • Fixed multiple areas where you could become stuck between assets.
  • You will no longer be able to resurrect multiple times in succession while in enemy respawn locations.
  • You will no longer be able to gain Tel Var Stones while in safe zones with the immunity buff active.

Tel Var Stones

  • Adjusted the percentage of Tel Var Stones lost on death by enemy players from 100% to 80%.
    • This is part of our ongoing iteration based on your feedback and may or may not be adjusted further, or even rolled back, before going to the Live servers. We'd like to see how this feels on PTS, so please try it out and let us know what you think!
  • Removed all restrictions to deposit Tel Var Stones into your bank.
  • Greatly increased the amount of Tel Var Stones found in treasure chests in Imperial City.
  • Updated the Tel Var Greater Lockbox Merchant's wares. These boxes are now locked at VR16 which means regardless of your Veteran Rank or level, the gear inside is VR16. Additionally, you cannot open these boxes until you are VR16.
  • Soul Gems have been added to Tel Var vendors, for the same AP cost they have in Cyrodiil.
  • Using /stuck in Imperial City will now deduct 10% of the Tel Var Stones in your inventory.
  • Added a glow around the edge of the screen and improved the visuals of the Tel Var meter when the multiplier increases.
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, two player characters could kill each other at exactly the same time, and both would lose Tel Var Stones and gain none.



  • Fixed an issue where the Collectible tooltips icon in the Crown Store could overlap the collectible's name.
  • Added a link to an associated Help section in the Imperial City notification that will show you how to access the Imperial City.
  • Added a filter to the Cyrodiil map filters called "Imperial City Entry", allowing you to toggle the Imperial City access pins.
  • The Imperial City sewer doors from Cyrodiil will now appear interactive regardless of access, but will display an alert if you try to use them when you are not allowed inside.
  • Added an icon for the Imperial City entrance to the map key for Cyrodiil in the "Other" section.

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance WarEdit


  • You can no longer get to an Elder Scroll unless you've broken through the Scroll Keep Gate.
  • Thoron's Orders have again been moved further away from the bounty board.
  • You can now wear the Emperor's Regalia at any time after receiving it.
  • Fixed an issue where you could no longer control a siege weapon if it was initially placed on top of fire.
  • Rewards for the Worthy now scale up to VR16, not just VR15.
  • Fixed an issue where the bosses in Cyrodiil's many caves were dropping level 50 gear, even when you were Veteran Ranked. They will now drop gear up to VR14.

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed an issue that was causing eyes from NPCs to bulge out of their sockets.

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Fixed an issue where Battle Spirit was not being properly calculated on a number of abilities.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Sharpened weapon trait, as well as the Champion passives Piercing and Spell Erosion, to act multiplicatively instead of additively when combined with other penetration effects.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing you to generate and activate large amounts of Ultimate.
  • Single-target abilities cast by those that have an active detection potion will no longer miss player characters who are Shadow Cloaked. If you can see them, you can hit them!
  • Fixed an issue that allowed those with racial passives which increased Stamina Recovery to still recover Stamina while blocking.
  • Taunt immunity can no longer be triggered by a single player character taunting the same target.
    • Two or more player characters who taunt a single target a total of three times among them will still cause the target to become immune.
    • Taunts from combat pets do not count toward the limit, and pets will no longer taunt targets already taunted by a player character.
  • Increased the per-level armor value on light armor by 100%.
    • Note: This was included in PTS patch 2.1, but was unintentionally missed. Our apologies!



  • Storm Calling
    • Boundless Storm (Lightning Form morph): Increased the duration of this ability to 23 seconds from 15 seconds at Rank IV. It retains the Major Expedition buff at the current maximum value of 7.5 seconds.
    • Thunderous Presence (Lightning Form morph):
      • Decreased the duration of this ability to 15 seconds from 23 seconds at Rank IV.
      • Grants the Major Expedition buff for a maximum of 4 seconds at Rank IV.
      • It now deals 300% more damage during the first 4 seconds after activation.


  • Restoration Staff
    • Healing Ward: Fixed an issue where this ability's damage shield was not properly reduced by Battle Spirit.
  • Bow
    • Hasty Retreat: Increased this ability's duration to 2.5 seconds at Rank I from 1 second, and 5 seconds at Rank II from 2 seconds.

Poison Arrow: The damage over time effect from this ability and its morphs is no longer subject to passive dodge chance.


  • Fighters Guild
    • Silver Leash: This ability now has the same height restrictions as the Dragonknight ability Fiery Grip. Your target must be within 8.5 meters above or below you for the pull to function. We also fixed an issue where Silver Leash could kill the target with fall damage.


  • Argonian
    • Argonian Resistance: Increased the maximum health bonus from this passive to 2/4/6% from 1/2/3%.
    • [[ON:Quick to Mend: Increased the bonus healing received from this passive to 3/6/9% from 2/4/6%.
  • High Elf
    • Spellcharge: Reverted the magicka recovery bonus from this passive that was introduced in patch 2.1.0. The buff is now back to 3/6/9% from 4/8/12%.
  • Nord
    • Resist Frost: Increased the maximum health bonus to 3/6/9% from 2/4/6%.
  • Wood Elf
    • Resist Affliction: Reverted the maximum stamina bonus from this passive that was introduced in patch 2.1.0. The buff is now back to 1/2/3% from 2/4/6%.

Monster Abilities

  • Frost Mage
    • Ice Barrier now correctly absorbs attacks from the front of the barrier while the protected object is behind the barrier.
    • Frost Mages no longer run away while an active Ice Barrier is in front of them.
  • Daedric Arch
    • No longer keeps you in combat at ranges greater than 30 meters.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Prismatic Armor enchantment effects will no longer conflict with your food or drink buffs.
  • Fixed an issue where glyph tooltips were displaying a level range when the minimum and maximum level was the same.

Crown StoreEdit


  • Adjusted the layout of the Crown Store to add better categorization and sorting, as well as create groupings of Crown Store products.
  • Updated the style and layout of the Crown Store product tiles.
  • You will no longer see an unusual effect on your character when drinking Crown Refreshing Drinks.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • The book you find in Veteran City of Ash, "Daedra Dossier: The Titans" now has an appropriate book icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Wraiths would sometimes drop an incorrect monster collectible.
  • Opening containers will now have a one second cooldown to avoid getting disconnected from the server.


  • Updated the icons for some Achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement for Indecent Exposure incorrectly counted stolen weapon and shield pieces.


  • Added a chance to obtain the Shoulder pieces of Monster Sets to the Silver Undaunted Chest.
    • This chance is much less than the chance to earn them from the Gold Undaunted Chest, and the items will be Superior quality as opposed to the Gold Chest's Epic quality.
  • Armor will no longer lose its value until it reaches zero durability. At zero durability, they still grant zero armor.

Item Sets

  • Maw of the Infernal: The summoned Daedroth has been doing cardio and now has a 15% bonus to movement speed. The Daedroth now also gains critical chance based on your critical chance.
  • Twice-Born Star: Fixed an issue that was, in rare cases, allowing some player characters to obtain multiple Mundus Boons after losing the set bonus.

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Removed a heavy sack that was respawning more often than intended.
  • Will of the Woods: Fixed an issue where your quest progress could become blocked if you logged out during the step "Complete the Ritual," then logged back in.


  • The Harvest Heart: Talking to your follower after defending one (but not both) of the ritual sites will no longer cause the follower to despawn.

Fighters Guild

  • The Dangerous Past: Sees-All-Colors will no longer stand around for thirty seconds after you defeat the Centurion.

Glenumbra Red Rook Camp: Pigs will no longer respawn instantly when killed.

Main Quest

  • Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold: You will no longer become blocked from completing these quests if you jump to a friend or otherwise teleport to Silver/Gold zones before you actually interact with the Light of Meridia.
  • The Weight of Three Crowns: Your quest progress will no longer become blocked if you log out after entering the Portal Valley without talking to Vanus.

Mages Guild

  • Simply Misplaced: Your quest progress will no longer become blocked if you abandon this quest on the step to collect and use essences, then immediately retry.



  • Fixed and issue where tooltips for stolen items would not indicate the item was stolen while you were within the crafting UI.
  • Fixed an issue where all UI saved variables were being deleted when loading a character.
  • You will no longer receive a UI error message when reloading the UI during a consumable's cooldown period.
  • Your e-mail address will now autofill when you first open the Customer Service menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glass Style Motif Fragment could unintentionally be quickslotted.
  • Fixed an issue where the third-person camera would attempt to enter first-person view too aggressively in confined spaces.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an issue where the Imperial City gates on the Cyrodiil map gave the wrong information when viewed outside the campaign.
  • Fixed a slight display issue within the Cyrodiil campaign list when only one campaign is available.