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Online:Redfur Trading Stalls

Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Grahtwood / Marketplaces(Redirected from Online:Nazura's Nibbles)
Redfur Trading Stalls
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Redfur Trading Post
Redfur Trading Stalls, south side

Redfur Trading Stalls is the marketplace around which Redfur Trading Post is built. Various vendors' stalls are situated along the central street which runs from the north to the south.

Redfur Trading Stalls, north side

There is a blacksmithing station by the Essential Arcanist tent. One cooking fire is available for crafting beside the Nazura's Nibbles kitchen, and another one is right under the bridge.

Misapan often comes here to look at the wares. Several Jode's Chariots along with Jode's Chariot Guards patrol the marketplace.

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Vendors and StallsEdit

Residents and PatronsEdit

* Presence of this NPC at this location is quest-related.


  • Some signs in the marketplace got mixed up. The blacksmithing station is denoted by the weaponsmith's sign, while one of the merchant stalls by the grocer's sign and a grocer's stall - by the 'merchant pack' sign.
  • Two letters in the name of the Nazura's Nibbles stall switched places in comparison to its owner's name.

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