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Kingscrest Milegate
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Northwest of Kingscrest Keep
Kingscrest Milegate

Kingscrest Milegate is an Imperial milegate in northeastern Cyrodiil, northwest of Kingscrest Keep, on the border between Pact and Covenant territories. The gate is one of four passages through the hill range, and one of three which can be destroyed. It acts as a bottleneck between the territories, which may result in occasional skirmishes between factions. It is a prime location for setting up ambushes against players traveling between Kingscrest Keep and Fort Dragonclaw, and can be destroyed by Siege Weapons to prevent passage. Access to the top of this gate is available from the east side, while entering through the portcullis is the only access from the west side. If the portcullis is destroyed but the scaffolding to the top remains intact, the gate can still be used for east-to-west passage only; the scaffolding must also be destroyed to prevent access completely. The portcullis and scaffolding can be repaired with Bridge and Milegate Repair Kits, available from Siege Merchants.


  • If the milegate is destroyed, players can still cross the border using the tunnel at Silver Tooth Pass.
  • This location was originally named Winter Gate, prior to becoming destructible along with the other Milegates and bridges in Update 20.


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