Online: People
Location On the platform overlooking the Tower of Lies
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild

Gwilir is a Bosmer member of the Fighters Guild found on the a platform overlooking the Tower of Lies. He was acting as a scout for his group when he accidentally stumbled into a daedra patrol which lead to the rest of them either being captured or enslaved at the prison. Gwilir managed to slip away, only able to watch helplessly and when he is encountered, he is trying to psych himself up to jump into the pool below.

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"I can do this. I really can. All I have to do is … oh, who am I kidding? I can't do this! There's no way!
Why did I ever think I could make it in the Fighters Guild?"
What are you doing out here?
"Trying to figure out my next move.
I'm with the Fighters Guild. We were attacked. By Daedra! They captured my companions. Took them into that prison down there. I'm just a scout. I can't fight Daedra! But I bet you could."
How do you get into this prison?
"There was a portal. The Daedra used it. But it disappeared. Near as I can figure, the only way in now is to jump down into the water.
If you're brave enough to take the leap, look for Skordo. Big Orc fellow. He always knows what to do."
I'll jump in and help the Fighters Guild.
"What I wouldn't do to be in a nice, safe place. A tavern somewhere, maybe. Warm. A pint of ale. Some good company.
Instead, I'm in Coldharbour. If Molag Bal's minions don't kill me, Skordo surely will."
What else can you tell me about this place?
"The Daedra called it the Tower of Lies. I scouted around, looking for stairs or even some sort of secret entrance, but no such luck.
The water looks pretty deep, though. Should be as safe as a walk in the park."
You mentioned someone named Skordo?
"Skordo knows everything and he's tough as nails! Captains Captains Eilram and Arakh may be in charge, but Skordo keeps our unit running smoothly. I suggest you talk to him before you do anything else down there."
Do you know why they call this hole in the ground the Tower of Lies?
"I assumed Molag Bal was trying to be funny. It's really just a deep pit, so the tower is a lie. Get it? A lie? No?
Neither did I. But maybe there used to be a tower here once. That probably makes more sense."
How did you avoid getting captured?
"There was a lot of yelling, fighting, movement. I'm smaller than a lot of the fighters, good at sticking to the shadows. So … I hid.
I'm not proud of it, but at least I can still help them. Or, rather, I can get someone like you to help them."
What's your role in the Fighters Guild? (Appears after one question is asked.)
"I'm a Wood Elf. I'm not a front-line soldier, if that's what you're getting at. If I have to fight, I prefer to do it from a distance.
Anyway, jump off here and you should be fine. I really appreciate the help."

After successfully rescuing the prisoners and taking out the commanders of the tower, you can encounter Gwilir again once you have spoken with Skordo on the road outside the Hollow City. While Gwilir is relieved to know his comrades were rescued, Skordo is none-too-pleased with him.

Gwilir: "Skordo, you're free! By Y'ffre, you don't know how relieved I am to see you."
Skordo the Knife: "Gwilir! If you had half a brain in your head, you'd run and hide."
Gwilir: "I'm really sorry, Skordo! I didn't mean to cause so much trouble!"
Skordo the Knife: "You led an army of Daedra right toward us! You ignorant, scatterbrained, sorry excuse for a Wood Elf, weakling!"
Gwilir: "I'll never do anything like that again! I promise!"
<Gwilir runs off towards the city.>
Skordo the Knife: "Thanks again for your help. Now excuse me while I go find that good-for-nothing Wood Elf and introduce his backside to my very large boot."

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