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Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead / Crafting

Furniture Crafting is an extension to the Crafting system added with the Homestead update, allowing you to craft Furnishings for Player Houses. Each of the six crafting professions has been expanded to enable creation of hundreds of different items, some of which require multiple trade-skill passives.

There are also seven new materials to gather and use for furniture crafting. These are occasionally found when gathering materials from the relevant resource nodes.

Furniture plans can be looted from containers or pickpocketed from NPCs. Rarer plans can be bought from Rolis Hlaalu or Faustina Curio either as specific plans or from a furnisher's document, or from a furnishing folio.

Skill Plan Type Furnishing Material
Blacksmithing Diagrams Regulus ON-icon-ore-Regulus.png
Clothing Patterns Bast ON-icon-raw material-Bast.png
Clean Pelt ON-icon-raw material-Clean Pelt.png
Woodworking Blueprints Heartwood ON-icon-wood-Heartwood.png
Alchemy Formulae Alchemical Resin ON-icon-reagent-Alchemical Resin.png
Enchanting Praxes Mundane Rune ON-icon-runestone-Mundane.png
Jewelry Crafting Sketches Ochre ON-icon-ounce-Ochre.png
Provisioning Designs Decorative Wax ON-icon-food-Decorative Wax.png

For an unformatted table of all furnishing plans, see Furnishing Plans/all.


  • Many furnishing plans exist that are not yet available in-game.