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Defeat the invading Maormer on Tempest Island.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Faction: Undaunted
Location(s): Tempest Island
Concurrent Quest: Pledge: Tempest Island
Reward: Leggings of the Lamia-Slayer
1 skill point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
Battlereeve Alduril would like me to assist her in her assault on Tempest Island.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Handling the LamiasEdit

Just off the northern coast of Malabal Tor is an island that can be travelled to via boat***. Just beside the small vessel you arrive in*** is Battlereeve Alduril, crouched behind a rock beside a Dominion sailor. You can talk to her to find out why she is here.

"This is a disaster. The bastards were prepared for us."
I just came ashore. Is there a plan?
"We're no good to anyone like this. That nest of lamias is burning us down as we attempt to approach.
Anyone that makes it to the beach is dead as long as the lamias hold it."
I can handle the lamias.
"You don't fear death.
Good. We could well use one such as yourself. Push the lamias out of this area and we might gain some traction on this damned beach."
I'll return when it's done.

Her dialogue is surprisingly uninformative, but very basically she needs you to clear out the lamia from the beach so her fleet can gain a foothold on the beach for some vaguely explained invasion. Follow the beach north to the first big group of lamia to defeat, then head east across the shallow water to find the second. Head north from there to find the final group.

The fleet will storm the beach, following behind Alduril who stands to attention near the plant walkway further into the island. Report back to her.

"This bodes well. With the beach clear we can take the fight to our enemy."
What's next?
"We have an army of lamias to deal with.
Our solution is decapitation—kill their leader, and they will abandon their objective. It's our only chance to gain a foothold on this island."
They have a leader?
"This group waits on the beck and call of a powerful lamia matriarch who decimated our forces as we arrived. She has since retired to the caves above.
We need her dead."
Understood. Lead the way.
"This you must do alone. I have an invasion force to coordinate, and I need you as a spearhead.
The island caves are up ahead. Good luck."
I'll see you inside.

She will then turn to her soldiers, giving them orders.

Battlereeve Alduril: "All right, we've got work to do."
Battlereeve Alduril: "We've lost many securing this beach. Search for supplies and see if you can find wounded worth saving. Strict triage—we are bound to lose more before this day is over and I don't want to waste healing on the dead."
Dominion Sailors (All): "Yes commander!"
Battlereeve Alduril: "As for you .…"
Battlereeve Alduril: "Shipwrecked soldiers and waterlogged vessels could come onto shore at any moment. I need you to direct the survivors and search for more out at sea. We're going to need as many capable fighters as we can get. Move out."
Dominion Sailors (All): "Yes commander!"

Having a msision, you will have to clear the way for the soldiers. Follow the ramp, defeat some mora lamias, and enter Sea Cave. The cave will also be crawling with lamias, but a little further along you can see a Dominion sailor being attacked by a Maormeri soldier.

Dominion Sailor: "Soon, I'll be dead. And you'll be back to where you started. With nothing."
Sea Viper Strongarm: "Then you can die screaming."

The Sea Viper then attacks the sailor, killing them. A little further along, you can find another Sea Viper speaking to the lamia queen, Sonolia the Matriarch.

Sea Viper Strongarm: "You assured us you could handle these foolish Altmer, Matriarch, and they are slaughtering your soldiers. Our storm spell is nearly complete, but we need the time you promised us."'
Sonolia the Matriarch: "My nestlings will tear these Altmer intruders to pieces."
Sea Viper Strongarm: "Talk is cheap. Stormreeve Neidir demands action. Kill them or so help me your head will be mounted on the mast of my ship."
Sonolia the Matriarch: "I will see to it personally."
Sea Viper Strongarm: "We'll make sure of that. Spread out and get ready!"

The Maormer standing around her will then walk away, taking up positions around her.

During the fight, she will summon Sea Vipers and lamia to assist her. She has a conal AoE attack that will stun and do damage, and another attack where she launches a projectile at you needs better description.

Find the Cause of the StormsEdit

After the Matriarch is defeated, Battlereeve Alduril and some of her soldiers will enter the cave, the former issuing orders.

Battlereeve Alduril: "I want every corner of this cave searched. Just because that lamia matriarch's dead doesn't mean we get sloppy.
If we get ambushed someone's falling on their own sword."

You may report back to her on your progress.

"Our gambit paid off. The lamias on the shore fled soon after your entrance into the caves.
We've broken the back of their army, and are free to press the assault against the Maormer."
The Maormer?
"They are the sea-cousins of the Altmer, and have been our sworn enemies for generations.
We suspected they were planning an attack against Malabal Tor, so we struck first. The size of their invasion force … surprised us."
Why did you suspect them?
"Our agents on the mainland reported strange lights, ambient auras, and sudden lightning storms off the coast of this island, a known Maormer territory.
I believe they are preparing powerful weather magic."
What do you propose we do?
"We challenge the Maormer head on.
My scouts tell me the magical storms are menacing up ahead. Their source must be close. Head deeper into the island, investigate the spell the Maormer wizards are casting and stop it if you can."
Very well. I'll find the source of these storms.

With the knowledge that the assault on the island was to pre-emptively stop the suspected Maormer invasion, you can continue onwards to lead the charge and discover the source of the storms. Exiting the caves, follow the various walkways north, deeper into the island. You will need to get past a few groups of Sea Vipers before coming across Valaran Stormcaller, who appears to be standing by a Conduit Stone. When you approach, he is thrown back by a burst of lightning.

Valaran Stormcaller: "The storms are powerful, now! You'll die before I let you touch the Conduit Stone!"

With that, he will charge and engage you in combat.

Valaran has a few important abilities. Aside from heavy attacking, he can stun you with a bolt of lightning and summon a spectral copy of himself named the Lightning Avatar. Additionally, the Conduit Stone will occasionally generate a moving electrical field AoE. Once he is defeated, you can destroy the Conduit Stone, which will then explode in a massive burst of lightning. Battlereeve Alduril will emerge from the northern pathway, flanked by two soldiers.

Battlereeve Alduril: "I don't want any loafing around! Don't care if you're tired from scaling that sheer cliff. I'd ask you to do it again in a second. Spread out and search this place. We'll need all the supplies we can get."

You can ask her about what happened.

"I had my unit scale the sheer cliff behind us, and there was much complaining. The young are weak.
You, however, handled that Conduit Stone very well."
What just happened?
"You interrupted the flow of that Conduit Stone, causing an overload. Maormer equipment can be delicate.
It is well that you did—Maormer use Conduit Stones to enhance their magic. It will be more difficult for them to maintain this storm, now."
What now?
"The scouts report that there are two more Conduits Stones to deal with, one up ahead, and one at the summit of this mountain.
My soldiers and I must tend to the wounded, but we'll guard your rear as you advance. The lamias have all but fled."
I'll meet you at the summit.

Weaken the StormsEdit

Take the northern path and travel along another walkway, fighting a handful of Maormer as you do. Past the second group is an Ayleid ruin, nicknamed Temple of Storms. Inside, you will have to fight more Maormer. After getting past a few groups, one will call out.

Sea Viper Strongarm: "We've found the invaders!"

Kill another group before reaching Yalorasse the Speaker. She is surrounded by various Sea Vipers, which are easily killed. When she is engaged in combat, she will give a battle cry:

Yalorasse the Speaker: "THis island belongs to the Maormer!"

During the fight, she will occasionally summon a miniature storm, leaving an AoE on the ground that deals medium damage. She will also teleport to the player and deal high damage, much like Allene Pellingare but somewhat less deadly. Her heavy attacks hit hard, and she will also occasionally use her two blades to do a whirlwind attack.

Continuing onwards, you will have to fight a bigger group of Maormer before encountering a group of mages at a Conduit Stone. They summon a gigantic Storm Atronach named Stormfist, before it immediately releases a pulse of electricity, killing all the mages.

Stormfist has many mechanics to keep an eye out for. It will occasionally summon three regular-size Storm Atronachs, as well as making a giant hand of stone from the ground and attempting to grab you, much like the Stormfist monster set. It will also stomp the ground, flinging you into the air and keeping you stunned for a while, and one that applies a snare. At around 20% health, it will begin pulsing with electricity, dealing damage if you are nearby. Information may be missing

Finally, once Stormfist is defeated, you can destroy the second Conduit Stone it was standing in front of, exploding the same way the first one did. Now you can continue up to the summit to finish the job.

Stopping the StormEdit

Entering another Ayleid ruin, this one called the Temple of Storms, you will have to fight Sea Vipers like before, but now with the addition of Storm Atronachs. A little further into the ruin is a Maormer camp, and approaching it will cause Commodore Ohmanil to leave his tent. Upon spotting you, he will order the rest of the Sea Vipers in that part of the cave to attack.

Commodore Ohmanil: "They can't be allowed to interfere. Eliminate them!"

brief summary of abilities

Defeating him, you can finally reach the Summit of Storms via a ladder. After passing by or fighting various Sea Vipers and Storm Atronachs, Battlereeve Alduril will return to put down some Vipers before leading her forces onward.

Battlereeve Alduril: "Let's move! I want that last Stone found and smashed! Or do you lot want to climb another cliff? It's only going to get rainier!"

You can speak with her to coordinate your next move.

"We had to ascend the cliff behind you and still beat you here. Try to keep up.
Though the scouts say you handled the second Stone quite well."
What's the next move?
"We've cut the legs out from under the Maormer.
We need only deliver the killing blow, and shutting down the last Conduit Stone should do it. It should be just ahead.
Let's destroy the final Conduit Stone.

She and her soldiers will then surround the stone, attempting to disable it.

Battlereeve Alduril: "Good. This should be the last conduit. Let's take it apart."

Almost immediately, a bolt of lightning will strike the area, killing all the soldiers as Alduril cries out. A Maormer will appear in the lightning, and must be defeated to smash the final Conduit Stone.

Stormreeve Neidir can be a difficult fight, even for experienced players, if unfamiliar with the mechanics. Occasionally, she will create an AoE under her, and will release a wave of electricity when it reaches its full size. If caught in will most likely kill anyone who is not a tank, so you must move away from her. Immediately after this, she will tackle the furthest away player, which can once again oneshot anyone who isn't a tank. There are also small storms that bounce around the area, and will do damage and briefly set you off balance. The best strategy for dealing with her is to stay close (not too close), then run and roll dodge as soon as she starts brewing a storm. As soon as she has released the lightning, move in close to her to avoid being tackled.

Upon destroying the Conduit Stone, an explosion like the previous two will occur, and Battlereee Alduril will get up, kneeling. Speak to her.

"I apologize. I should have known one of their mages would be lying in wait. Maormer are known cowards.
That was Stormreeve Neidir. If the Maormer wanted to hurl a tidal wave at the Malabal Tor mainland, it would have taken power like hers to do it."
Has the battle been won?
"Indeed. Tamriel is fortunate that my people decided to handle the crisis. And we are fortunate to have you.
If we had allowed it, the Maormer would have devastated the Malabal Tor mainland with their storms."

She will then reward you with some pants, some gold, and a skill point.


  • If the quest is abandoned after defeating the lamias, picking it up again will take you through the dialogue before defeating them, but instead you will be able to skip directly to the next stage of the quest after speaking with Battlereeve Alduril.
  • Yalorasse the Speaker can be skipped, as she isn't necessary for the quest and if the player dies and respawns they can use the invulnerability state granted to walk past her.

Quest StagesEdit

Eye of the Storm
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I have agreed to help the Altmer forces push the lamias off the Tempest Island shore. There seem to be three nests of them spread across the beach.
Objective: Clear the Beach of the Lamia Forces
I've defeated the lamias on the Tempest Island beach. I should speak to Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Alduril
According to Battlereeve Alduril, the lamias are led by a powerful matriarch that has hidden in the caves below. I should pursue and defeat her.
Objective: Defeat the Lamia Matriarch and Her Allies
I've defeated the lamia matriarch. I should speak to Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Alduril
Battlereeve Alduril believes the Maormer are preparing a magical storm to send against the Malabal Tor mainland. I should head deeper into the island to investigate whatever magic the Maormer may be casting and stop them.
Objective: Discover the Source of the Maormer Storms
Objective Hint: Kill Valaran Stormcaller
I've defeated the weather mage guarding a strange Maormer artifact before disabling the artifact itself. I should speak to Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Talk to Battlereeve Alduril
I should locate the second conduit, said to be further up the mountain pass, and overload it.
Objective: Destroy the Second Conduit Stone
I should head for the summit of Tempest Island to rejoin with Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Reach the Summit of Tempest Island
I've reached the summit of Tempest Island. I should speak with Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Talk to Batttlereeve Alduril
I need to destroy the final Conduit Stone.
Objective: Destroy the Final Conduit Stone
Objective Hint: Kill Stormreeve Neidir
Finishes quest  The last Conduit Stone has been destroyed, and the mage who guarded it defeated. I should speak with Battlereeve Alduril.
Objective: Talk to Batttlereeve Alduril
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