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Hi I'm Zeke I like elder scrolls and walkthroughs that make you feel like you played the game yourself

I've also joined the online quest project and have done a couple of things working on that because i wanna help

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Daily mapsEdit

I've been making these for a while, but one of my biggest barriers was making them very fancy and lack of motivation due to lack of viewership. So now i'm uploading them to UESP! You'll find em on the pages for the related quests, but i'm also collecting them here for my own use

Stubs and FactchecksEdit

Stuff to check information for
Edjar's existence in game during relevant quest, but before he's supposed to appear

  • Norianwe has some missing dialogue iirc
  • Fennorian is missing some dialogue during Greymoor Rising for if the greymoor keep quest hasn't been completed
  • Lyris Titanborn is missing dialogue during one of the greymoor quests. forget which one


These quests need descriptions written up. study the formatting of other quests and fix these pages

- The Blood of Old Karth
- Ruthless Competition, unsure where to start
- That one prologue quest that has some missing dialogue. Forget which one. elsweyr?

In Progress WriteupsEdit

Tharayya's TrailEdit

When adventuring in one of the many Dwemeri delves of the Alik'r, you may come across a page of notes. Read it to find out who left it there and why.

You can find page 19 in Yldzuun, in the room with the skyshard.

"<The note was left here by someone named Tharayya.
She seems to be a Dwemer researcher looking for a specific artifact called the "Guardian's Eye." The note says her search points her to Volenfell and she intends to go there.>"
I should investigate Volenfell.