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Defender Two-Blades
Location Fungal Grotto II
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Defender Two-Blades

Defender Two-Blades is an Imperial member of the Fighters Guild leading an attack on the Spider Cult, a dangerous group found in the Fungal Grotto II.

Related Quests[edit]


"You need to leave this place, stranger. It will soon be crawling with Daedric shadows.
We've been in conflict with the Spider Cult for days, and it appears they have won."
What happened here?
"The Spider Cult recently attacked this Grotto and wiped out the indigenous Goblins. They control this region, now.
The Fighters Guild sent my men to investigate shortly thereafter, but our ranks have been devastated."
By Cultists?
"These are like no Spider Cultists I've faced before. They can turn flesh into shadow, and sedition to loyalty.
They've amassed a small army of shadow soldiers, ensnaring innocent people to their cause. This region will soon be overrun."
I'll defeat them.

Two-Blades can be asked further questions:

"You must have a death wish. Very well, that's madness I can use. What to handle first....
I need to know how the Spider Cult is indoctrinating their victims. If you can free my captured Guildmates up ahead, they may be able to share some insight.
What happened to your Guildmates?
"I didn't abandon them, if that's what you're asking. We were ambushed , and a dozen of us were killed in the opening moments of battle.
I called for a fighting retreat, but not everyone made it back. I was the only one."
What enemy did you face?
"Spiders. Lots of spiders and their handlers. They wield strange magics, blessings from Mephala, that enshroud them in darkness.
Their army consists of enthralled travellers as well, innocents made loyal to the Cult by the power of the same magic."
What is the Spider Cult?
"They're Daedra worshippers. Specifically of Mephala.
They've been entralling travellers moving through the Grotto, and turning them into beings of darkness loyal to the Spider Cult."
How do we stop them?
"I don't know. They can be fought and killed, but they replenish their ranks daily, as travellers continue to pass through."

After taking the Obsidian Husk and fleeing with it back to the entrance, Defender Two-Blades is startled when he sees what you have.

"Fasarel and the others you've saved give you their thanks, stranger. I'll buy you a round next we....
Sheor take me. What is that stone you carry?"
The one who guarded it called it the "Obsidian Husk."
"I sent Ranawa and the others to look for survivors. They mentioned the Cultists spoke of this Obsidian Husk.
That it allowed them to turn flesh to shadow, and bestow a "blessing" to enslave innocents. May I see it?"
Here it is.
"I'll try to destroy this thing. The Spider Cult leader, Vila Theran, retreated to tend to other matters after she crushed our offensive. She will no doubt be alerted when I use my magic on the stone.
I'll need you to defend me one last time."
I will protect you. (Will open fight with Vila Theran.)

Defender Two-Blades begins his destruction of the Husk.

Defender Two-Blades: "Such power...such corruption. Let's end this now!"
<Screen goes black.>
Defender Two-Blades: "By the Eight, what's happening? I can't see!"
Vila Theran: "So you're the ones killing my precious flock."
"This stone belongs to my mistress Mephala. Return it, and your death will be swift."

During the battle Two-Blades will use the Husk to make a shield to protect you from Vila's shadow powers.

Defender Two-Blades: "I'm manipulating the Husk's powers."
"Quick! Use it to protect you!"

When Vila is defeated the stone will be destroyed and survivors will come back for Two-Blades.

Defender Two-Blades: "It is done."
<Survivors arrive.>
Swordsman Ranawa: "Two-Blades! You're alive! We arrived as soon as we could."
Defender Two-Blades: "Thanks to our friends, not all was lost today."

You can then speak with Two Blades:

"You are a bag of miracles, my friend. We are fortunate the Cult did not enthrall you, though perhaps your will would have ovecome them anyway.
As for the Obsidian Husk—I destroyed it while you did battle with Theran."
How did you do that?
"I disenchanted it. The second blade in "Two-Blades" refers to my magic.
I don't always get to put it to use, but I'd prefer no trying that again. Fortunately for us, you were here to handle Theran."

After completing Lighting the Shadows, Defender Two-Blades can then be spoken to a final time:

"May Daedric cults always find roads to you. So that I don't have to deal with them."