Online:Apprentice Fasarel

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Apprentice Fasarel
Location Fungal Grotto II
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Apprentice Fasarel

Apprentice Fasarel is an Altmer member of the Fighters Guild and part of the team found inside the Fungal Grotto II. After the disastrous attack by the Fighters Guild, he was imprisoned by the Spider Cult.

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He can be spoken to and asked about the cultists once he is released from his cage.

"That was certainly a grim situation.
Are you all right?
"I'll live.
Thank you for your help, but as someone who usually plays the role of the mercenary rescuer, I just want you to know that I can't afford to pay you."
Two-Blades sent me. What happened to you?
"Bless that man's bald head?
Those Cultists captured me and boasted that they would bless me with "the Obsidian Husk." They were going to take me to some shrine up ahead, said they would "make me clean." It sounded very unappealing."
Do you know how we can stop them?
"Well, this "Husk" sounds fairly important.
Whatever it is, it's waiting in that shrine up ahead, I would start there."
Very well.

After Vila Theran is killed, Fasarel will return with the other survivors:

"I've always hated spiders, but I think today proved that squashing them can be extremely gratifying.
At any rate, you've been a great help. Two-Blades will probably want to thank you, too."


"Today would have been a dark one without you.
Do me a favor and don't be so vocal about it, yes? You could cost me my job."