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Ifriz the Unraveler
Location The Tower of Lies
Race Dremora Gender Male
Health 127470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile Class Fear Mage
Daedra Hearts
Ifriz the Unraveler

Ifriz the Unraveler is the Dremora in charge of the Tower of Lies. He specializes in mind magic and illusions, making many of his prisoners see him as a friend or influencing them to fight amongst themselves.

Related Quests[edit]


Ifriz can be overheard speaking to his mortal prisoners throughout the Tower of Lies; mostly propaganda and statements encouraging the Tower's "guests" to submit.

Ifriz the Unraveler: "The only way out of the Tower of Lies is death!"
Ifriz the Unraveler: "Just give up and let your mind unhinge. For only madness brings peace in this dread realm."
Ifriz the Unraveler: "Do not fear! Your beating shall commence shortly."
Ifriz the Unraveler: "Toil for me, my guests! Toil for me!"
Ifriz the Unraveler: "If you enjoyed your flogging today, please remember to thank your ogrim tormentor."
Ifriz the Unraveler: "The smell of fear and a mortal's pain bring joy to my blackened heart."
Ifriz the Unraveler: "As your mind unravels, try to dwell on your fear and suffering."
Ifriz the Unraveler: "Your weariness and despair are my meat and drink, and I am famished!"
Ifriz the Unraveler: "Break those rocks! Dig those ditches! Why? Because I want you to!"
Ifriz the Unraveler: "The watchers are my eyes. Their payment is your tears."

When you engage him in combat, he will be surprised you found him:

"Mortal weakling! I don't know how you got past my illusions, but it will avail you nothing!"