Online: Blood and Tears

Online: Quests: Northern Elsweyr / Side Quests
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Stop the new direction of the Tenarr Zalviit.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Objective: Weeping Scar — Help stop Yushiha's vampire clan from preying on travelers.
Quest Giver: Yushiha
Location(s): Weeping Scar, Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary
Reward: Tenarr Zalviit Pauldrons
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 6316
Travelers in the Weeping Scar are falling prey to an ancient clan of vampires called the Tenarr Zalviit, but I met an exile of this clan named Yushiha, who is determined to stop the bloodshed.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Check the nearby Travelers' Camp.
  2. Search the wrecked Caravan.
  3. Talk to Rakazsa.
  4. Enter the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary.
  5. Find the Kennel Key and rescue imprisoned caravanners.
  6. Talk to Yushiha.
  7. Hunt down and kill Rakazsa.
  8. Find and talk to Yushiha.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

As you cross over the Weeping Scar, you'll notice two Khajiit having a confrontation. The male disappears, and you're left to speak with the female, who is standing over a weakened Khajiit named Shiluk. Speak to the woman. She introduces herself as Yushiha, and explains that she's a member of the Tenarr Zalviit, a vampire clan. The clan has gone downhill since the old clanmother died. The clanmother had the clan live in harmony with mortals, only feeding on offerings of willing blood from nearby Orcrest. After the flu destroyed Orcrest, the clan resorted to feeding off of animals. The clan's new leader, Rakasza, disagrees with the late clan mother's way of life, and is encouraging the Tenarr Zalviit to kidnap travelers to feed off of. They've recently kidnapped an entire caravan, and Shiluk is the only on Yushiha managed to save. She asks you to check up on the caravanr's camps, which were set up around the canyon.

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Save the caravaners

Enter the Ossuary and head north, then east. A set of kennels is located in the northern chamber, and a Khajiit named Zayrah is locked inside. She begs you to free her, as the vampires have been taking people out and dragging them further into the ossuary to feed on them. She saw one of the vampires put the key in a chest across the nearby bridge. Cross the bridge, take the Kennel Key from the chest, then head back to Zayrah and free her. Yushiha appears and tells you to find the other caravaners before leading Zayrah to safety.

Head south, deeper into the ossuary. A caravaner named Ra'kardru is being harassed by the Tenarr Zalviit. Kill them, and more vampires attack you. A third wave of vampires will attack you once the second is eradicated. With all three waves of vampires defeated, Yushiha appears to lead Ra'kardru out of the ossuary.

Head southwest, up the tunnel to the second floor. The last two caravaners, Kuhari and S'zaram, are trapped in a cage together. Free them, and Yushiha once again enters the scene to lead the innocents out of the ossuary. With all of the remaining caravaners set free, you now need to find Rakasza. Push forward until you reach a large chamber. There, Rakasza is standing on a ledge, speaking to Yushiha. He warns her that he's prepared to fight before retreating to his den.

Speak with Yushiha. She asks you to deal with him, and says that you may have to kill him. Proceed west and enter Rakasza's Den and kill him, then meet Yushiha outside. After you exit the ossuary, you'll end up above the Weeping Scar. Yushiha and the surviving caravaners are right in front of you. Jump down and climb the hill, then speak to Yushiha for your reward.

Quest StagesEdit

Blood and Tears
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Yushiha was able to protect a Khajiiti traveler from Rakazsa, another vampire of her clan, but fears that others passing through the Weeping Scar won't be so lucky. She asked me to check the traveler's nearby camp.
Objective: Check on the Travelers' Camp
I found no survivors at the camp, but they left behind journal indicating that they fell behind a caravan headed through the area. I should search for the caravan and warn them about the vampires.
Objective: Check on the Caravan
I found the caravan empty except for Rakazsa. It appears he wants to talk. I'll listen, for now.
Objective: Talk to Rakazsa
Rakazsa blames his late Clan Mother's pacifist ways for decades of deprivation and suffering. It seemed like he had more to say on the matter, but Yushiha chased him off. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Yushiha
Yushiha believes her clan abducted most of the caravanners to feed on later. She instructed me to go on ahead to the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary that her former clan calls home and mount a rescue.
Objective: Go to the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary
I found the ossuary that Yushiha spoke of. I should search for any survivors from the caravan attack and help them.
Objective: Search the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary
I found a captive caravanner locked in a makeshift kennel like livestock. She said her captors took the key with them across a nearby bridge. I should follow them and search for it.
Objective: Acquire Kennel Key
I found the key to the makeshift kennels the vampires are keeping the caravanners captive in. I should use it to rescue whoever I can find.
Objective: Rescue Captive Caravanners: 0/4
I freed the caravanners. Now I need to find Rakazsa and put an end to his attacks.
Objective: Find Rakazsa in the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary
I caught up to Rakazsa, who was arguing with Yushiha. He was not swayed by her argument and dared us to pursue him. I should speak to Yushiha about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Yushiha
Yushiha could not convince Rakazsa to give up and is convinced he will not stop his bloody hunt until he is dead. She asked me to kill him and put an end to this.
Objective: Pursue Rakazsa
Rakazsa awaits me in his den. I need to kill him to free Yushiha's clan from his influence.
Objective: Kill Rakazsa
I killed Rakazsa and Yushiha instructed me to follow her to where she took the caravanners we rescued. I should meet her there.
Objective: Talk to Yushiha
☑Finishes quest Rakazsa is dead and the caravanners are rescued. I should talk to Yushiha about what's transpired.
Objective: Talk to Yushiha