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Public Dungeon
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones 1
Skyshards 1
The ScarNorthern Elsweyr
In the center of Northern Elsweyr, east of The Stitches and southwest of Rimmen
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The once-thriving town of Orcrest may be the location in Northern Elsweyr that was hardest hit by the Knahaten Flu and the breakdown of society that followed. Abandoned and haunted by its own dead, Orcrest is now a place of dread for the nearby surviving Khajiit.

Orcrest is a ruined city found in the center of Northern Elsweyr. The once prosperous city now lies abandoned, and the angry, flu-ridden dead have risen among the ashes. The dead stalk the dilapidated market, gangs wander the streets, cannibals rule the alleys, and strange things lurk in the fetid sewers.

Within the city walls

Related QuestsEdit

  • Orcrest Objective: Help Filbert Cienne with his sacred mission.



Sections of the CityEdit

The Marketplace DistrictEdit

Marketplace District

Plague harpies litter the skies, their nests laying snug on the path towards the Lower City. Undead flu victims, including Conjurers, Archers, Savages and Nightblades, stalk the streets. A decaying abomination lies in a small, open courtyard to the southeast, to the right of the city's entrance.

Shazah's Diary can be found by the entrance to the city.

The Lower CityEdit

Lower City

The Lower City is ablaze. Flame Atronachs and Flame Imps delight in the blaze as Butchers, Dreadnaughts, Hedge Wizards and Pyromancers watch the chaos. To the right of the district's southern entrance is a camp where refugees lie in wait for the perfect moment to run. At the northeastern end of the district, a lone Khajiit with a fire in his eyes is bent on the destruction of the city.

The Orcrest Fragment can be found on the eastern side of the district. A copy of Mathoc the Immortal can be found at the survivors' camp.

The Upper CityEdit

Upper City

The Upper City is crawling with infected ogres and kotu gava. Chemists, arbalests, brigands and assassins walk the streets. A mad alchemist keeps her vigil on the eastern side of the city, overlooking the cannibal-infested streets below. At the manor to the north, a dark creature perches; an omen to the city's fate.

Red Senche AlleyEdit

Red Senche Alley

Red Senche Alley is scourged by Hungers. Feral Khajiit who've gone mad with hunger devour corpses in the streets. To the west is a hulking cannibal thug and his lackeys. The marketplace district lies to the south, and the upper city lies to the north. The Sewer Access is located to the east, close to the stairs that lead to the marketplace.

Orcrest SewersEdit

Orcrest Sewers

Diseased Skeevers inhabit the tunnels leading towards the Red Senche Alley, Lower City and Marketplace District Sewer Accesses. Voriplasms stalk the cavern deep within. Noordigloop the Clog wallows in the furthest recesses of the sewer system. A journal sits beside the corpse of a Khajiit alchemist at the bottom of the pit, by the stairs on the right-hand side. The dungeon's skyshard also lies in Noordigloop's pit, beside a grate near the stairs on the left.

The southern tunnel leads to the Marketplace District, the eastern tunnel leads toward Red Senche Alley, and the northern tunnel goes into the Lower City.


There are four Achievements associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Orcrest Vanquisher.png Orcrest Vanquisher 10 Defeat three of the champions in Orcrest.
ON-icon-achievement-Orcrest Conqueror.png Orcrest Conqueror 50 Defeat all of the champions in Orcrest.
ON-icon-achievement-Orcrest Group Event.png Orcrest Group Event 50 Defeat the Plague of Crows in Orcrest.
ON-icon-achievement-Peryite Plague-Clothes Patcher.png Peryite Plague-Clothes Patcher 10 Gather Plague-Drenched Fabrics in Orcrest and combine them to create the Peryite Skeevemaster Robe.


Map of Orcrest Sewer