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Firepot Spider
(lore page)
Location Clockwork City: Asylum Sanctorium, Halls of Regulation, Incarnatorium, Machine District, Mechanical Fundament, Mnemonic Planisphere, Ventral Terminus
The Disquiet StudyNecrom
Species Fabricant
Health 29,870
Reaction Hostile
A firepot spider

Firepot Spiders are fabricants resembling spiders designed by Sotha Sil.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A basic ranged attack dealing low flame damage.
The spider shoots several balls of fire around the battlefield, one after the other, creating lingering pools of flames, indicated by circular AoEs, dealing continuous low flame damage. The spider can cast this ability while moving.
Erupting Sphere
After taking enough damage, the spider becomes overcharged with energy as it starts glowing bright red. It then charges at you at full speed and explodes its upper section, indicated by a growing circular AoE, dealing moderate flame damage followed by continuous low flame damage from the pool of fire created. From this point on, the Firepot Spider behaves exactly like a Dancing Spider.


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