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Armory Station

Armory Stations were added in Update 32. An Armory Station collectible furnishing is available for free from the Crown Store and can be placed in player houses to access the system.

The Armory system allows you to save multiple builds for your character. This allows you to quickly change your attributes, skills, equipment, Champion Points, and Outfits. It also allows you to quickly switch between being a vampire or werewolf, or having no curse, without requiring you to get cured or repeat the vampire or werewolf quests.

The Armory UI

It is possible to save builds for each of your characters. Each character starts with two Build slots, but more can be purchased for 015001,500 Crowns each. Note that these purchases are character-bound, so you will need to buy the slots multiple times if you wish to expand your number of slots on multiple characters.

You can access the Armory system outside of player homes by using the Armory Assistant Ghrasharog, available from the Crown Store for 050005,000 Crowns.

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