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Home City Solitude
Location The Antiquarian Circle
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Antiquarian Circle

Amalien is a disabled High Elf scholar and member of the Antiquarian Circle who can be found at the Gwylim Annex in Solitude. She is unable to walk and has crafted her own wheelchair in order to locomote. Her research specializes in the more obscure and outlandish areas of Tamrielic history.


Prior to joining the Antiquarian Circle, you can ask Amalien about membership.

"Saarthal …. I mean, something had to be there, right? Clearly. But what? Atmoran relics? No, no, no, no. Too obvious.
Oh, I'm sorry, can I help you?"
I'm here to join the Antiquarian Circle.
You know, I'd love to help you with that, but I'm afraid membership applications go through Verita. She's just there. Good luck!"

If you talk to her during your initiation test:

"You mean to join the Circle? That's great! That's really … really great.
So, I'd love to indulge in introductions, but I've just had a thought, and you know how that goes. Pop in, pop out! Have to commit it to paper! So, you know … goodbye!"

Once you are a member of the Antiquarian Circle, Amalien will greet you, but the dialogue options won't be available until The Antiquarian's Art is also completed:

Welcome to the Circle, cerum!
I'm the organization's resident eccentric. So, if you're fond of bizarre, yet completely plausible historical theory, I'm your Elf!
Why do you call yourself an eccentric?
"Well, that's how this lot sees me. I always think it best to get out in front of the story, you know?
I focus on historical mysteries. Bizarre and arcane phenomena. You know, the interesting stuff."
Can you give me an example?
"Ha! How much time do you have?
The disappearance of the Dwemer, the secrets of the Hist, the mysteries of the Zero Stone … Tamrielic history is positively bursting with unexplained oddities!"
And the other members of the Circle see these mysteries as …?
"As a complete waste of time and resources.
Verita Numida would rather while away the days gluing broken Alessian pottery back together. And Ugron? I've never seen him show an interest in anything that hasn't been embalmed."
Do you have anything to show for your efforts?
"Oh, plenty! Like, I've got a Cyrodilic bird-person skull buried around here somewhere. At least I think it's a Cyrodilic bird-person skull. Reginus swears it's a terror bird.
See what I mean? Narrow-minded ninnies, the lot of them!"
That's an unusual chair.
"If by "unusual" you mean "remarkable," I agree!
Quite the feat of engineering, eh? I made it myself. Well, I designed it myself, at any rate. You know what I mean."
Do you mind if I ask why it has wheels on it?
"No, no. Practically everyone does.
I was born with a twisted spine. It makes walking … well, impossible, to be perfectly honest. The chair grants me a degree of mobility I wouldn't have otherwise."
That's pretty ingenious.
"Made childhood in Summerset a real treat, let me tell you.
Want to see a High Elf's face light up? Put them in a room with someone they perceive as fundamentally flawed. It's gross. But also hilarious. We're so insecure, you know?"
Is that why you left Summerset?
"What? Mara's mercy, no!
There's only so much you can learn there. The Sapiarchs, that whole business with the Thalmor and the Dominion? Too many tight collars and small minds. No one takes risks there. It's just the same tired stories over and over."
So you joined the Circle to explore the world?
"Yes indeed! And I've never had cause to regret it … except when Verita really gets going with her chores list.
Believe me, you've never seen someone more uptight about loosely-folded laundry."
What brings you to the Gwylim Annex here in Skyrim?
"Ugron, mostly. He hates getting stuck between Verita and Reginus without back up.
Skyrim boasts its fair share of mysteries, too. I've been developing a theory about the Snow Elves that's sure to wow our colleagues abroad."
"Oh yes!
I don't want to get into the specifics just yet, but it involves Dragons, Dwarves, Magnus the Divine, and a band of plucky Atmoran skalds. And also a six-legged mammoth. I know that last bit sounds odd, but trust me, it's essential."
I guess I'll take your word for it.
"No, no, no! Your days of taking people's words for things are behind you, my friend.
I've got a good feeling about you. You'll be unlocking all manner of ancient secrets before long. Just promise to share the weirder bits with me, all right?"