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Aldryn Dres
Home City Ebonheart
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dres
Aldryn Dres

Aldryn Dres is a Dunmer noble and slaver of House Dres in Ebonheart. Beside him are two Goblin slaves.


"What? Yes? Ah. I see, a traveler. Have you come to the Ashlands looking for profit? House Dres applauds your efforts.
In fact, we're planning to exploit two new resources soon. Have you heard of the Hightide Hollow? Or Mephala's Nest?"
What is Hightide Hollow?
"Hightide is the Ashlander name for an old cave. It's just crawling with beast men. A perfectly excellent resource.
You'll find it on the coast almost due west of here, beyond Vivec's Antlers."
How is the cave a resource?
"A resource for slave chattel, of course! Goblins take quite a lot of educating before they come around. It's worth it, though. They're a highly valued commodity.
I once sold a whole tribe to a vizier in High Rock. Made a prince's ransom in coin!"
You mentioned a "Mephala's Nest?"
"A common enough name for old cultist ruins in the Ashlands. This particular nest is almost due south out of the city, in the hills around the river. Swarming with goblins, just rancid with the beasts.
A fantastic resource."
There's more than one Mephala's Nest?
"Not very learned, are you? Hmph. The ancient Chimer, the Dunmer forebears, venerated the goodly Daedra: Mephala, Azura, and Boethiah. These "Nests" are ancient Chimer shrines.
The dirt-eating Ashland tribes still do much the same today, of course."