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Primo Antonius
(RefID: 00028B74)
Home City Skingrad
House Summitmist Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 1 Class Noble
RefID 00028B74 BaseID 000277D3
Other Information
Health 1 Magicka 100
Responsibility 80 Aggression 20
Faction(s) The Doomed House Guests
Primo Antonius

Primo Antonius, an Imperial noble, is a guest at Summitmist Manor in Skingrad.

Together with Dovesi Dran, Matilde Petit, Nels the Naughty and Neville, he is involved in a private treasure hunt for a chest of gold, or so he believes. There is actually a Dark Brotherhood contract on him and the other guests, which will be given to you as the quest Whodunit?.

He wears upper-class attire consisting of a black & burgundy outfit and a pair of gold trimmed shoes. He also carries some gold.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

During Whodunit?, you will be tasked to eliminate every guest at Summitmist Manor, including Primo. According to Ocheeva, each guest has, at some point in the past, wronged their mysterious host, though it is unknown what Primo did to warrant a contract on him.

When first meeting him, he will introduce himself with:

"So, you finally showed up. It's about time. People of my station are not accustomed to waiting."
Primo Antonius
"It's a regal name, from a rather regal family. Indeed, my father owns more property than the East Empire Company!"

Later greetings will depend on his disposition towards you:

"I was just beginning to think I had something in common with the other guests. And then you showed up." (Low)
"Well, here we all are. It's funny how money can bring people together, don't you think?" (Neutral)
"So, are you ready to search for the chest of gold? I'm confident I'll find it. Not that I need the money, of course. My family is quite wealthy." (High)

Like the other guests, his opinions about them also vary depending on disposition:

Primo Antonius
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "The old woman? I'd put her in the same class as you, actually - a peasant." "The old woman? She's quite a pest, really. I think she's gotten it into her head that I need mothering, or something. She is sorely mistaken." "Apparently the poor old woman thinks she is from a well-to-do family. Truth is, I have servants with more nobility in their blood than her."
Nels the Naughty "He's a Nord. Even a complete idiot could see that. So what does that say about you?" "There's something about Nels I can't quite place. He's not from money, that's obvious. But I don't think he's quite the buffoon he seems, either." "Nels is a drunk. He's doesn't even try to hide that fact. But what else is he? When the liquor has dried, what remains of the man? I think Nels drinks to forget, maybe about some tragedy in his life. He plays the buffoon, but I sense a deep sadness in him."
Neville "Why don't you go ask him yourself? Or maybe you're afraid? You should be." "He reminds me of the guards under my father's employ. Strict, no-nonsense, and ready to fight at a moment's notice." "I know he's a retired Imperial Legion officer. Apparently, he's been in campaigns all across the Empire, from Skyrim to Morrowind. I also get the sense that he's very eager to find the gold. I can't imagine his life of servitude to the Empire left him with much to retire on."
Dovesi Dran "My feelings toward her are really none of your business." "She's quite beautiful, isn't she? A little young, perhaps, and not exactly high-born, but she possesses a unique elegance." "Can I be honest with you, my friend? I find Dovesi... captivating. She possesses a beauty beyond compare. Maybe you could do me a favor? If you speak with her, put in a good word for me, would you? I would be forever in your debt."

Consequently, the other guests will share their opinions of Primo, depending on their disposition towards you:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "That young man has more nobility in his pinky finger than you have in your entire body, you uncultured swine." "He's young, well-educated and obviously full of himself. Not much different than any young nobleman, really." "It's obvious that young Primo comes from wealth. A chest full of gold would be mere spending change for him."
Nels the Naughty "He's somewhere around here. Why don't you stop wasting my time and go ask him yourself." "Seems like a nice enough kid. A little too rich for his own good, maybe, but I've met worse." "Primo is young and rich. I can sense a good, decent person in there somewhere. He just has to get his priorities straight."
Neville "He's young, rich and handsome. Basically the complete opposite of you." (male) "Primo's a blue blood, a noble through-and-through. He thinks he's better than most people, and in most cases he's right." "I'll confess that I have no idea why Primo is here. The kid's got more wealth than the rest of us combined. He sure doesn't need a chest of gold. Maybe he's incredibly greedy, but I don't think so. My guess is that Primo is so bored he simply has nothing better to do."
"He's young, rich and handsome. That's way out of your league, tramp." (female)
Dovesi Dran "I'm sorry, but my feelings for Primo are really none of your concern." "He's very handsome. But please, don't tell him I said so! Hehe!"" "It's pretty obvious that Primo comes from a wealthy family. He would never be interested in a girl like me, I'm afraid."

After Dovesi confesses her feelings for Primo, you will be able to respond and either let her know of Primo's interest or not.

Like all other guests, when approached he may say:

"So, here we all are. It certainly is a nice house."
"I can't quite decide where I should look. I don't want to break anything but the chest of gold could be hidden anywhere."
"Hello there."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests he may remark:

"I have a good idea where that chest might be. That gold is as good as mine."
"All right then, I guess I'd better start looking. That gold's not going to find itself!"
"Hmm? Oh, yes, maybe we'll speak again later."

One Guest EliminatedEdit

Once a guest has been killed, Primo will greet you based on disposition:

"Get away from me, peasant. Someone has been murdered, and I'm rather unnerved by the whole thing." (Low)
"Did you hear? Someone has been murdered! One of us! One of the guests!" (Neutral)
"I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about all of this. I'd leave right now, if I could. The money means nothing to me. I just thought it would be fun." (High)

If you ask him about the other guests again, he will say the following:

Primo Antonius
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Is there something wrong with you? Someone has been murdered! My feelings about that old crone are hardly important right now!" "Something tells me the murder of one of the guests isn't going to stop Matilde from searching for the money. She strikes me as the greedy type." "Now that someone's been killed, Matilde may be a little frightened for her own safety, but she's still more concerned with finding the hidden gold. Matilde claims to be from one of High Rock's most distinguished noble families, but I have a feeling their fortune has long been squandered."
Nels the Naughty "Are you trying to insinuate that Nels might be the killer? Maybe I think you did it. After all, murder is a common crime of the... low-born." "Nels seems just as unnerved as the rest of us that someone has been killed, but he seems to find solace in a bottle." "Before the body turned up, I got the sense that Nels was a bit of a drunkard. But he seems truly unnerved now, and is drinking rather excessively."
Neville "What are you getting at? Are you suggesting that Neville is the killer? Take your suspicions someplace else, you low-born worm." "He seems on edge, doesn't he? I guess you can take the man out of the Legion, but you can never take the Legion out of the man." "Neville seems different now that someone has been killed. More alert, more aware. Something tells me he's not going to take all of this lying down. He's a trained soldier, after all. I bet if anyone can figure out what's going on here, it will be him."
Dovesi Dran "Do my ears deceive me, or are you actually suggesting Dovesi might be the one behind the murder? Back away now, cretin." "She seems very upset by the murder. I do hope she'll be all right." "I can tell the murder is weighing heavily on her heart. She seems such a paradox to me. So gentle and beautiful, yet so strong..."

Depending on who has died, he will also have the following comments about them, which he will repeat as the murders continue:

Primo Antonius
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "No, I didn't really care for her, you commoner scum, but I never wanted anything like this to happen to her!" "The old woman is dead! Murdered! Cut down in this very house! But why? Did she find the gold, and someone wanted it for their own?" "Between you and me, I think Matilde found the gold, and one of the others killed her for it! Maybe that means the rest of us are safe. If that's the case then the killer got what he was after, and the rest of us needn't worry about our own safety."
Nels the Naughty "He's dead, and one of us killed him. Maybe it was you, eh? Maybe he found the gold, and you murdered him for it!" "Someone killed the man, but who? And for what reason? We may never know." "I was thinking, maybe Nels found the chest of gold, and one of the others killed him for it! We've got to be careful, my friend, or we could be next!"
Neville "He's dead, you peasant! There's nothing more to tell!" "Neville was strong, a soldier. If he was murdered, this does not bode well for the rest of us!" "My friend, I am truly worried! Neville was a strong and capable man, a soldier of twenty years! The rest of us will be easy prey for the killer now!"
Dovesi Dran "You are not even worthy enough to mention her name, you low-born parasite. Now get away from me before YOU wind up dead." "She was so beautiful. And now she's gone..." "Who? Who among us is vile enough to take the life of such a beautiful, precious creature? If I find out who did this, they will pay with their life!"

Similarly, the other guests will discuss about him:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Someone turns up dead and you have nothing better to do than pester me about that fine young man? How truly pathetic you are." "Primo is a young man of refinement. This murder must be quite a shock for him." "I worry about the boy. What if the killer is after money? Primo is quite wealthy. He could be the next victim!"
Nels the Naughty "It's really none of your business what I think about him, now is it?" "I can't imagine someone like Primo has seen much death and suffering. This murder must be quite a shock to him." "Whoever the killer is would have to be strong, and quick. Now, I'm not saying Primo is our murderer, but you have to admit it's at least possible."
Neville "I hope you're not suggesting that Primo is the murderer? I'm the trained investigator here. Just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way." "Well, when somebody gets murdered, everyone nearby could be considered a suspect. That includes young Primo." "To be honest, my instincts tell me the kid isn't the killer. Sure he's a bit obnoxious, but that doesn't make him capable of murder."
Dovesi Dran "You can't possibly think that Primo had anything to do with the murder, do you? That's madness!" "Primo seems kind of nice. I just can't imagine him killing anyone." "I... I rather like Primo. He's not like the other boys I've known. He has... class. He could never have killed anyone."

Like all other guests, when approached he may say:

"Have you heard? Someone's been murdered! One of us!"
"What kind of party is this? Someone has been murdered!"
"Is that why someone invited us here? To kill us? This is horrible!"
"Are you all right? This murder has us all on edge, I know."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests he may remark:

"You'd be smart to stay with the rest of the group. It's just not safe to go wandering off alone with a killer on the loose."

Two Guests EliminatedEdit

With tension now rising, it becomes more apparent that the supposed gold is just a hoax, and every guest's suspicion towards each other increases. Primo will then greet you with the following lines, depending on his disposition:

"Two people are dead, and for all I know you could have killed them! Just leave me alone, you worthless peasant! (Low)
"Two people are now dead. And for what? A trunk full of coins? How pathetic." (Neutral)
"Dear friend, have you heard? Two of the guests now lie dead! If I find out who did it, I may have to take matters into my own hands." (High)

His comments on the other guests at this point are as follows:

Primo Antonius
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "What are you doing? Trying to turn me against her? What's the matter, trying to cover your tracks?" "She seems frightened, like the rest of us. I bet now she's regretting ever stepping foot in this house, gold or no." "The more people that drop dead, the more annoying Matilde becomes. She keeps watching over me like some kind of worried grandmother. If the killer strikes again, maybe they'll do me a favor and take her out next."
Nels the Naughty "Damn it man, two people are dead! Have you nothing better to do than question me about the Nord?" "He's drinking even more than he was before. Is it because he's afraid, or feeling guilty?" "To be honest, I'm not sure if I trust him. He's a hard drinker, but there's something more. Something in his eyes, hard and calculating."
Neville "Look, I don't know what kind of information you're after, but I won't help you. Just go away." "It seems that with each murder, Neville becomes that much more aware. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's planning on catching the killer himself." "Well, Neville is a trained soldier. He was in the Imperial Legion for twenty years, or so I've heard. He certainly knows how to kill. Still, I don't think he's the murderer. No, quite the contrary. I think he takes the murders personally, feels he should have protected the victims."
Dovesi Dran "She's upset, you buffoon, just like the rest of us! Two people have been murdered! I hope you're not suggesting she could be the killer!" "The poor girl! She's too young, too innocent to be exposed to these horrible murders. I hope she's holding up all right." "I don't mean to sound like a ghoul, but with two people murdered and Dovesi obviously upset, this may be my chance to get close to her. You know, offer her comfort and support during this difficult time. Besides, I want to watch over her, make sure she stays safe."

At this point, the other guests will talk about him as follows:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Two people lie dead, and all you can do is question me about that sweet boy? I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong with you." "The poor lad is handling all of this better than I expected. It's a testament to his noble bearing, I'm sure." "If I may confide in you, dear friend, I'm very worried about the poor boy. The trauma of murders... it could scar him for life! He deserves better."
Nels the Naughty "I'm not sure if you're really concerned for the kid or trying to convince me he's a murderer. Either way, I ain't listenin'." "I'm not sure what to think of the kid anymore. All I know is that two of the guests have been murdered, and he's just dandy. Makes you wonder." "Let me ask you something, friend. Why is Primo even here? The rest of us need the money, but his family is wealthy beyond measure. Maybe he was bored, or maybe he just wanted to do some slumming. Or maybe he's a trained assassin hired to kill us all, one by one. Sound crazy? Well these are crazy times, my friend."
Neville "I don't really know what you're trying to accomplish, but questioning me about Primo with two people lying dead just makes me suspect you even more." "Primo may be young, but he's no fool. He knows that the murder of two innocent people doesn't bode well for his own safety." "Primo may be young, but he looks strong, and I'm sure he could handle himself in a fight. I think I'm going to enlist his help. I'll talk to Primo, give him a bit of encouragement. If he and I are vigilant, we may prevent the killer from claiming another victim."
Primo Antonius "Don't try to turn me against Primo! For all I know, you could be the killer!" "Two people lie dead. Primo could have done it, I know. He's young, and strong. Still, I don't want to believe that." "I know Primo could be the killer, but I just don't want to believe it's possible. If... if he likes me, he could take me away with him..."

Like all other guests, when approached he may say:

"Two of us have been murdered! One of us is a killer! But who?"
"It's not safe to be alone. I certainly don't want to be the third victim."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests he may remark:

"Stay safe... if that's even possible."
"Don't go far. It's too dangerous to go wandering around this house."

Three Guests EliminatedEdit

With only two targets left, there are now only two possible suspects: the other guest, or you. Primo will now greet you with varying degrees of suspicion based on his disposition:

"You... you're still alive... For all I know, you're the killer! You stand your ground, or so help me they'll [sic] be blood between us."(Low)
"Three people now dead, and yet the two of us still live. Do you think I'm the killer? Because I most certainly wonder the same thing about you."(Neutral)
"Dear friend, three of the guests have been killed! You and I, we must stay close. Band together, for mutual protection!" (High)

His thoughts on the other guests at this point are as follows:

Primo Antonius
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "What, are you telling me Matilde is the killer? I don't know what to believe! You just stay away from me!" "At first I thought Matilde was just a cloying old hag, but now I realize she could be the killer!" "It's her! Don't you see? She's the only one left! The only one left alive! We've got to get her before she can get us! Do you understand?"
Nels the Naughty "You want me to think Nels is the killer, is that it? Maybe you did it, eh? Maybe you're just trying to turn me against him!" "I just don't know what to think. I had my doubts about Nels, and he is still alive. Could it be true? Could he have killed all of them?" "I was right about him! He's been doing it, he's the killer! My friend... you and I have to end this. We must kill Nels before he kills us!"
Neville "What are you saying? That Neville is the killer? Why should I trust a low-born dog like you? Get away from me!" "I... I thought he was hunting the killer. Now I don't know what to think! I don't trust him, or you! Stay away from me!" "I was wrong! Don't you see? I thought Neville was trying to catch the killer! But he IS the killer! We need to find a way out of here!"
Dovesi Dran "You fiend! Are you suggesting Dovesi is the murderer? You'd do well to watch your mouth, and your back." "Dovesi is young and weak, yet the killer left her alive. Why? She couldn't possibly have anything to do with the murders... could she?" "How could I have been so naive, so stupid? We must stick together, my friend, for Dovesi is surely the murderer! We must strike before she does!"

With a high disposition, asking him about the other guest will cause him to attack them. After this, if you approach him he will say:

"You and I are the only ones left. But we did it. We survived. We... we won!"

He will then greet you with:

"It's... It's finally over. The killer is dead. We just... We just need to get out of here..."

If he killed Dovesi Dran and you ask him about her, he will be disgusted:

"To think, I actually had feelings for that wretched witch! Thank the gods she's dead. Now... Now we're safe. We are safe... aren't we?"

The other guests will also react in similar fashion:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "You... you're trying to turn me against that sweet boy. Make me think he's the murderer! Get away from me, you fiend!" "There are only three of us left. All those people... dead. And the killer had to be either Primo... or you!" "Oh, my heavens! Primo must be the killer! I... I never thought it could be him. Please... please! You've got to protect me from him!"
Nels the Naughty "By Ysmir, you've got nerve! Three people are dead! What, are you trying to turn me against Primo now?" "This is madness! There are now only three of us left -- myself, you and Primo. I know I'm not the killer, but what about Primo? What about you?" "Besides you and me, he's the only one left! By Ysmir, that boy will pay for what he's done! Come, we must kill Primo before he kills us!"
Neville "I've come across your kind before. People get murdered, and you ask questions. It's a sure sign of a killer with a guilty conscience. Watch yourself." "All right, I'll be honest. I'm not quite sure what to think about Primo anymore. My list of suspects is getting pretty damned small as it is." "It's all starting to make sense now. Primo didn't need the money. He has more than any of us. Enough, in fact, to give away an entire chest of gold! That rich little bastard lured us all here by appealing to our greed! Don't you see? He considers us all low class, and wants us exterminated! That high-born little worm won't get away with this! He'll pay with his life! Come on, you watch my back. I'm going to take Primo down!"
Dovesi Dran "He can't be the killer! He can't! I won't believe it! Get away from me! "Please... No... Primo can't be the killer. But it's either him... or you..." "Oh, Azura, no! It's Primo! He's the only one left! He killed them... killed them all! We have to protect ourselves! We have to kill him first!"

Like all other guests, when approached he may say:

"This house is a deathtrap! We're being killed off, one by one!"
"So many people dead. I just don't know who to trust anymore."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests he may remark:

"Where are you going? What are you doing? We need to keep our eyes on each other!"
"This is insane. We're being hunted down one by one. There must be a way out of this madhouse!"


If Primo is the last person alive and didn't kill the other guest himself, greeting him with a low or neutral disposition will cause him to attack:

"You... you murdering dog! How could you have killed all those people? For the gold, is that it? You filthy peasant!"
"I... I don't understand. You're the only one left. Why weren't you killed? No... no... it can't be..."

If his disposition is high, however, he'll say:

"Listen to me! The others, they're all dead! Someone has been coming in here and killing them! That means there must be a way out!"

Like all other guests, when approached now his response will vary depending on his disposition:

"It's... it's you... you're the only one left. You did it! You killed them all!" (lower than 30)
"So that's it. It's down to you and me. I know I'm no killer, so that means..." (between 30 and 70)
"You and I are the only ones left, but we're not alone in this house. That killer is in here with us, hiding. But where?" (above 70)

As with all other guests, her words when leaving conversation will depend on his disposition:

"So I guess this is it then?" (above 30)
"How could you do that to all those innocent people? What did they ever do to you?"
"Why? What drove you to this madness?"


Should Primo die at any point, the other guests will remark on his demise:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Leave me alone, you ghoul! Can't you see I'm mourning for that poor, sweet boy?" "He was so young... so innocent. That boy was destined for greatness. Who could have done such a thing?" "I just can't believe he's dead. He was like a young, beautiful prince. I hope whoever did this can live with themselves."
Nels the Naughty "The lad's dead, you uncaring fool! Now get away from me before you join him!" "That poor boy didn't deserve to die. He was rich! He had no business even being here, looking for treasure that might not even exist." "Primo being here made no sense. Whoever our host is, why would he invite someone who didn't even need the money? It's as if we were invited for another reason altogether. Think about it. We're trapped in this house, with no way out. And now people start dying. I think poor Primo was tricked, just like the rest of us. If we're not careful we'll end up dead too. You mark my words."
Neville "He was a young man and now he's dead, slaughtered like a lamb. I've got my eyes on you, stranger. Don't you forget that." "I'm still putting the pieces together. Was Primo murdered for his money? Was it something about the chest of gold? I'm not sure yet, but I'm close." "Primo was a young man, strong and full of life. Surely he would have been able to defend himself against an attacker."
Dovesi Dran "Get away from me! You're the last person I want to talk to about Primo!" "I... I wanted to get to know him. Be his friend. Maybe... maybe more. I can't believe he's gone." "Primo was my chance, do you understand me? He was wealthy! He could take me away someplace! Whoever did this will pay!"

Unused DialogueEdit

When leaving conversation after one guest had been killed, he should have remarked:

"Wonderful. People are dropping dead and I'm trapped here looking for gold I don't even need! I'll be happy just to find the key and get out of here!" However, the generic goodbye lines will always take precedence.