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Dovesi Dran
(RefID: 00028B78)
Home City Skingrad
Location Summitmist Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 1 Class Commoner
RefID 00028B78 BaseID 000277D2
Other Information
Health 1 Magicka 100
Responsibility 50 Aggression 20
Faction(s) The Doomed House Guests
Dovesi Dran

Dovesi Dran, a Dark Elf commoner, is a guest at Summitmist Manor in Skingrad. Together with Matilde Petit, Nels the Naughty, Neville, and Primo Antonius, she is involved in a private treasure hunt for a chest of gold, or so she believes. There is actually a Dark Brotherhood contract on her and the other guests, which will be given to you as the quest Whodunit?.

She is attracted to Primo Antonius, though the others think she just likes him for his wealth. She doesn't like Matilde Petit, rightly thinking her to be racist.

She wears upper-class attire consisting of a black & burgundy outfit and a pair of gold trimmed shoes and carries a few gold coins. Dovesi knows a leveled set of witch's spells as well as extra Destruction and Mysticism spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-related EventsEdit

During Whodunit?, you will be tasked to eliminate every guest at Summitmist Manor, including Dovesi. According to Ocheeva:

"Each guest, at some point in the past, wronged their mysterious host. Now he's hired us to exact his revenge."

When first meeting her, she will introduce herself with

"Hello, I'm Dovesi. I'm very pleased to meet you. Now that you're here, we can really start looking for that chest of gold. What I mean to say is, before you arrived, we all just sort of glanced around a bit. Now that we're all officially here, we can look in earnest!"

Later greetings will vary depending on her disposition towards you:

"It's funny. I don't even know you, and already I don't like you." (Low)
"This is all so strange, isn't it? I don't know why I was invited to come here, but the gold could really help my family. I hope I find it." (Neutral)
"You seem like a very nice person. I very much want to find the gold, but I wish you luck. May the best guest win. He he." (High)

When asked about herself, she will simply state:

Dovesi Dran
"Not much to tell about me, really. I'm from Morrowind originally, but my family moved to Valenwood a few years ago."

Her commentary on the other guests also differ with disposition:

Dovesi Dran
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "She's all right, I guess. Not that it's any business of yours." "Well, I don't really know her, but she seems like a very respectable old lady." "Honestly? I don't think she likes me. It's because I'm a Dunmer. I heard her say something to Neville, and it wasn't very nice."
Nels the Naughty "It's none of your business how I feel about him." "I wonder what makes him so "Naughty"? He seems nice enough to me." "Every now and then he looks over at me and smiles. I think he's sweet on me. If Nels finds the gold, maybe he'll want some company."
Neville "I really don't know anything about him, so you'd be better off asking someone else." "He's a very serious man, but I guess that's normal for a retired soldier." "I know he's a retired soldier. But not just a soldier -- he was an officer in the Imperial Legion. I hate the Legion and everything it stands for. When those soldiers came to Morrowind, they persecuted my people and stole our lands. Neville may not be in the Legion anymore, but who knows what atrocities he committed."
Primo Antonius "I'm sorry, but my feelings for Primo are really none of your concern." "He's very handsome. But please, don't tell him I said so! Hehe!"" "It's pretty obvious that Primo comes from a wealthy family. He would never be interested in a girl like me, I'm afraid."

In response to her confession of her feelings towards Primo, you can answer her in different ways:

Not true! He told me he likes you!
"He... he did? Oh my goodness, what should I do? Should I talk to him? Or maybe play hard to get? Or should I, you know? Or would that be too forward?"
Go to his room. Wait for him there.
"Oh, you think so? I mean, it is rather forward, but I like it! All right then, I'll wait for him in his room upstairs! Oh, thank you, thank you!"
Just do what you're doing now.
"Yeah? You think? Okay, I'll just try to calm down. Calm down, Dovesi, calm down... I'll just take it slow. I can do that. Thanks again, dear friend."
[Say nothing.]
"No opinion, huh? Maybe I'll just stay close to him for a bit. You know, hover about and see if he notices me. Maybe then we can talk."
You're right. He's too good for you.
"But... but I thought you were my friend? How could you say such a horrible thing? Just leave me alone, you monster!"
[Say nothing.]
"Well, thanks for listening. I know I'm just being a silly little girl, but the heart wants what it wants, as they say."

The first option will see Dovesi head to her room upstairs.

The other guests also have their opinions of Dovesi, with their responses also varying depending on their disposition towards you:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "What about her? She's a Dark Elf, and that's bad enough. I may even like her less than you, if that's possible." "The little Dark Elf? She seems a nice enough girl. But to be perfectly honest, I've never trusted their kind." "Personally, I think she's a little floozy. She's been eyeing young Primo Antonius, probably smells his wealth."
Nels the Naughty "She's an innocent young girl, and she doesn't need people like you asking questions about her." "Dovesi is a sweet young lass. She reminds me of someone I knew. But perhaps we should talk about something else." "Let me confide something in you, my friend. Dovesi is the spitting image of my own daughter! Her skin is darker, of course, but that sweet face... My daughter was killed, you see. A few years back, by bandits. I'm sorry, please forgive a father's heavy heart."
Neville "She's a Dark Elf. What, you blind as well as dumb?" "Ah yes, Dovesi Dran. She's a Dark Elf, originally from Morrowind, or so I hear. I get the sense she doesn't like me very much." "Dovesi is a Dark Elf. They call themselves Dunmer. When I was young, I spent some time stationed at Fort Moonmoth on their homeland of Morrowind. I have a great respect for the Dunmer people. They are strong and noble, and generally understand the importance of law and discipline. Unfortunately, Dovesi doesn't seem to like me very much. But I don't blame her. The young ones tend to have problems with authority figures."
Primo Antonius "My feelings toward her are really none of your business." "She's quite beautiful, isn't she? A little young, perhaps, and not exactly high-born, but she possesses a unique elegance." "Can I be honest with you, my friend? I find Dovesi... captivating. She possesses a beauty beyond compare. Maybe you could do me a favor? If you speak with her, put in a good word for me, would you? I would be forever in your debt."

Like all other guests, when approached she may say:

"So, here we all are. It certainly is a nice house."
"I can't quite decide where I should look. I don't want to break anything but the chest of gold could be hidden anywhere."
"Hello there."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests she may remark:

"I have a good idea where that chest might be. That gold is as good as mine."
"All right then, I guess I'd better start looking. That gold's not going to find itself!"
"Hmm? Oh, yes, maybe we'll speak again later."

One Guest EliminatedEdit

Once a guest has been eliminated, Dovesi will greet you according to her disposition:

"I'm sorry, but I don't feel like talking right now. Someone has been killed! Don't you even care?" (Low)
"I... I can't believe it's true. One of us is dead... and everyone else is convinced it was no accident." (Neutral)

With a high disposition, you will get some additional dialogue:

"Why? Why would someone do this? The taking of a life is against every principal [sic] I hold dear. It's something I just can't understand."
Sweetie, you should go get some rest.
"Yes. Yes, this whole thing has taken quite a bit out of me. I think I'll go to my room for a bit and get some sleep. Thanks for the talk."
It'll all be over soon enough.
"Oh, I certainly hope so, I still want to find the gold, of course, but is it even worth it? I just want to go home."
[Say nothing.]
"You know, that's what I like about you. You're such a good listener. Thanks, I feel so much better now. I think I'll head down to the basement and get something to eat. I think there's some cheese down there."

In the first case she will head to her room upstairs to sleep; in the latter case she heads to the basement for a quick cheese snack before returning to the main floor.

You can speak with her about the other guests again, and, assuming they are still alive, she will have the following to say:

Dovesi Dran
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "So what are you trying to tell me? That Matilde is the killer? Why are you trying to turn me against her?" "Well, she does seem genuinely upset that someone's been killed. Not that I'm ruling her out as a suspect, mind you." "I don't trust that old hag. She pretends she likes you, and then stabs you in the back. Who knows. Maybe she'll REALLY stab you in the back."
Nels the Naughty "So, you think Nels did it, do you? I would appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself." "I don't know what to make of all this, but I'm not sure I see Nels as a murderer." "Do you think he could have done it? He comes across as something of a drunk, but you never can tell what someone is capable of."
Neville "I'm sorry, but someone has been murdered! I really don't want to talk about Neville right now." "Does being a soldier make him a good person? Does it make him above murder? I hardly think so." "I heard the others talking. Neville was a soldier for twenty years. He's used to killing, if you know what I'm saying."
Primo Antonius "You can't possibly think that Primo had anything to do with the murder, do you? That's madness!" "Primo seems kind of nice. I just can't imagine him killing anyone." "I... I rather like Primo. He's not like the other boys I've known. He has... class. He could never have killed anyone."

Depending on who has died, she will also have the following comments about them, which she will repeat as the murders continue:

Dovesi Dran
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "I... I never trusted her. But I never wanted to see her dead. Have you no compassion at all?" "It's hard to believe she's dead. Why would someone want to murder an old woman?" "Good, I'm glad she's dead. I can tell you that because we're friends. Matilde didn't like me just because I'm a Dunmer. She got what she deserved."
Nels the Naughty "Don't you even care that Nels is dead? Maybe you killed him!" "The way he looked at me. It was flattering at first, and then... oh, who could have done this? Why would anyone kill Nels?" "To be honest, I started getting a bad feeling about Nels. But now he's dead! I... I should have gotten to know him better. Now it's too late."
Neville "No, I didn't like the man. But why should you care? Please, just go away." "I... I don't understand. Who would kill him? And why? Is this about the gold?" "All right, so I didn't like Neville. But the man was a trained soldier. He knew how to handle himself. Who could possibly have killed him?"
Primo Antonius "Get away from me! You're the last person I want to talk to about Primo!" "I... I wanted to get to know him. Be his friend. Maybe... maybe more. I can't believe he's gone." "Primo was my chance, do you understand me? He was wealthy! He could take me away someplace! Whoever did this will pay!"

Similarly, the other guests will discuss about her:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Someone has been brutally murdered. Yet you want to question me about that little Dark Elf tramp? Go away, you fool." "If you ask me, the Dark Elf is our killer. They're an evil and vengeful people, all of them." "That little tramp is as guilty as sin, you hear me? She's the killer. And if we don't keep our eyes on her she'll do it again!"
Nels the Naughty "You want to talk to me about Dovesi? Someone's been murdered, you idiot! There are more important matters to discuss right now!" "The poor lass looks upset. But if she's anything like my daughter, she's tougher than she looks. She'll be all right." "Let me tell you something. If anyone thinks they're going to hurt that poor Dark Elf girl, they're going to have to get through me first."
Neville "I'm not sure I like your line of questioning, friend. Someone's been killed. Show a little respect." "Dovesi's upset by the murder but she'll be okay. I get the sense she's seen worse things in her life." "Right now my main concern is figuring out who the killer is. She may be young, but Dovesi is a suspect just like everyone else. I've seen enough in my time to know that anyone is capable of murder if they have the right motivation."
Primo Antonius "Do my ears deceive me, or are you actually suggesting Dovesi might be the one behind the murder? Back away now, cretin." "She seems very upset by the murder. I do hope she'll be all right." "I can tell the murder is weighing heavily on her heart. She seems such a paradox to me. So gentle and beautiful, yet so strong..."

Like all other guests, when approached she may say:

"Have you heard? Someone's been murdered! One of us!"
"What kind of party is this? Someone has been murdered!"
"Is that why someone invited us here? To kill us? This is horrible!"
"Are you all right? This murder has us all on edge, I know."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests she may remark:

"You'd be smart to stay with the rest of the group. It's just not safe to go wandering off alone with a killer on the loose."

Two Guests EliminatedEdit

With tension now rising, it becomes more apparent that the supposed gold is just a hoax, and every guest increasingly suspects each other. Dovesi will now greet you with

"Two people dead, and you're still alive. I'm sorry, but you're starting to make me nervous. Please go away. (Low)
"Two of us, dead! Who would do this? And why? Is that why we're all here? To be killed like vermin? I feel like I'm going mad!" (Neutral)
"I don't care about the gold anymore. I just want to get out of here. I'm going to try all the windows and doors, and see if I can't get one open!" (High)

Her thoughts on the other guests at this point are as follows:

Dovesi Dran
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "Okay, so I don't like Matilde. What makes you think I like you any better?" "Could it be possible that an old lady be a murderer? She'd have the stomach for it, of that I'm sure." "At first I thought she was just a cranky old crone. Now I'm beginning to think she's a cold-blooded killer."
Nels the Naughty "Look, I don't know who is responsible for this madness, so stop trying to taint my opinion of Nels." "I just don't know what to make of Nels anymore. He plays the bumbling drunkard, but he could he could very well be the killer." "Can I be honest with you? Nels won't stop looking at me. At first I was flattered. But now he's scaring me! He could be the killer! I could be next!"
Neville "Two people are dead. Could he really have done it? I... I just don't know..." "Two people have been murdered, and neither of them was Neville. Watch your back around him." "Neville is a trained killer! That fascist pig killed those people, I just know it!"
Primo Antonius "Don't try to turn me against Primo! For all I know, you could be the killer!" "Two people lie dead. Primo could have done it, I know. He's young, and strong. Still, I don't want to believe that." "I know Primo could be the killer, but I just don't want to believe it's possible. If... if he likes me, he could take me away with him..."

At this point, the other guests will talk about her as follows:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "She's a Dark Elf and a harlot, and for all I know she's a murderer too! Now leave me be, you cretin!" "Isn't it obvious? Two of us have been murdered in cold blood, and that little tramp hasn't batted an eyelash. You figure it out." "Don't trust her, sweetie. Not a thing she says. If she tries to get you alone anywhere, get away as fast as you can! She's a cold-blooded killer!"
Nels the Naughty "Two people are dead, you pathetic little worm. Take your gossip mongering someplace else." "She's frightened, of course. No one that young should be exposed to such horrors." "So far the killer has claimed two victims. If they plan on adding Dovesi to that list, they can think again. I won't let any harm come to that girl."
Neville "Why are you so concerned with my feelings toward a young Dark Elf girl? You wouldn't be so stupid as to try and turn me against her..." "The girl's either upset that those people were killed or she's an excellent actress. She's still a suspect as far as I'm concerned." "You want my honest opinion? I think Nels is the killer. But I haven't yet ruled out that Dovesi may be working with him."
Primo Antonius "She's upset, you buffoon, just like the rest of us! Two people have been murdered! I hope you're not suggesting she could be the killer!" "The poor girl! She's too young, too innocent to be exposed to these horrible murders. I hope she's holding up all right." "I don't mean to sound like a ghoul, but with two people murdered and Dovesi obviously upset, this may be my chance to get close to her. You know, offer her comfort and support during this difficult time. Besides, I want to watch over her, make sure she stays safe."

Like all other guests, when approached she may say:

"Two of us have been murdered! One of us is a killer! But who?"
"It's not safe to be alone. I certainly don't want to be the third victim."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests she may remark:

"Stay safe... if that's even possible."
"Don't go far. It's too dangerous to go wandering around this house."

Three Guests EliminatedEdit

With only two targets left, there are now only two possible suspects: the other guest, or you. Dovesi will now greet you with the following lines, based on her disposition:

"No.... no! You... you stay away from me! One of you is the killer... stay away from me!" (Low)
"Only three of us left... only three..." (Neutral)
"Only three of us left. I'm certainly no murderer, and I know it's not you. That leaves one person! We must protect ourselves... find weapons!" (High)

Her thoughts on the other guests at this point are as follows:

Dovesi Dran
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "So you're telling me I should believe you? That Matilde is the killer? Why should I trust you? Get away from me!" "I have no doubt that Matilde is capable of murder. But what about you? You're as much suspect in my eyes as she is." "It's her! You understand me? It's Matilde! She's the killer! She's the one doing this! We've got to kill her first! Do you understand me?"
Nels the Naughty "Either you or Nels is the killer! I can't trust either of you, so just stay away from me!" "Please, just leave me alone! Either you or Nels is a murderer. I just don't know who to trust anymore!" "It's Nels! He's the murderer! We have to get him before he gets us! Do you understand what I'm saying? We have to kill Nels!"
Neville "He's the murderer, you idiot! Can't you see? He murdered all of those people!" "He's the killer! Don't you see? We have to protect ourselves! We'll be next!" "He killed them! All of those people! We... we have to get him before he gets us! We have to kill that murdering swine!"
Primo Antonius "He can't be the killer! He can't! I won't believe it! Get away from me! "Please... No... Primo can't be the killer. But it's either him... or you..." "Oh, Azura, no! It's Primo! He's the only one left! He killed them... killed them all! We have to protect ourselves! We have to kill him first!"

With a high disposition, asking her about the other guest will cause her to attack them. After this, if you approach her she will say:

"You and I are the only ones left. But we did it. We survived. We... we won!"

She will then greet you with:

"Oh, can it really be true? Can the killer really be dead? This has been such a nightmare! I just want to find a way out of this house and go home."

The other guests will speak of her as follows:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "You bloody half-wit! Do I have to spell it out for you? She's a killer! A murderer!" "I knew it! It's her! That Dark Elf tramp killed them all! We've got to get out of this place!" "It's up to us now, don't you see? Dovesi did it! She murdered everyone! And now she wants to murder us too! We have to get her first!"
Nels the Naughty "Only three of us left, and one of us is a murderer. Do you expect me to believe it's that sweet girl? You murdering scum! I'll kill you!" "She's afraid for her life, as we should be! There's someone else in this house, my friend. Someone hiding somewhere, killing us off one by one!" "I swear to you, my friend, if anyone tries to harm that sweet girl I will tear them limb from limb! Whoever killed the others will strike again. They're getting into this house somehow, which means there must be a way out as well! We need to find the secret exit and escape this madhouse!"
Neville "I find it odd that so many people have been killed, yet the two of you still live. Looks to me like you two are working together." "So, three of us left -- you, Dovesi and myself. The list of suspects is certainly getting smaller. With Nels dead, my eye is on Dovesi." "You've helped me come to my senses, friend. There's no time for evidence gathering, no time to collect proof! Dovesi is the murderer! That little Dark Elf urchin killed three people in cold blood, and now she's going to try to kill us! We can't let that happen! Follow me, my friend, and watch my back. Dovesi must be brought to justice, and I'm the one to do it. Let's go!"
Primo Antonius "You fiend! Are you suggesting Dovesi is the murderer? You'd do well to watch your mouth, and your back." "Dovesi is young and weak, yet the killer left her alive. Why? She couldn't possibly have anything to do with the murders... could she?" "How could I have been so naive, so stupid? We must stick together, my friend, for Dovesi is surely the murderer! We must strike before she does!"

Like all other guests, when approached she may say:

"This house is a deathtrap! We're being killed off, one by one!"
"So many people dead. I just don't know who to trust anymore."

Similarly, upon leaving conversation, like all other guests she may remark:

"Where are you going? What are you doing? We need to keep our eyes on each other!"
"This is insane. We're being hunted down one by one. There must be a way out of this madhouse!"


If she is your last target left, speaking with her will have her say the following, depending on your disposition

"You... you're the only one left... By Azura, no! Please, please don't kill me. I beg of you! Spare my life! Aggghhh!" (Low)
"Please. Please help me. I don't want to die. I just want to go home. Go home..." (Neutral)
"We must escape! Do you understand? We're the only two left! We're next! If we don't find a way out of here, we're going to die!" (High)

Like all other guests, when approached now her response will vary depending on her disposition:

"It's... it's you... you're the only one left. You did it! You killed them all!" (lower than 30)
"So that's it. It's down to you and me. I know I'm no killer, so that means..." (between 30 and 70)
"You and I are the only ones left, but we're not alone in this house. That killer is in here with us, hiding. But where?" (above 70)

As with all other guests, her words when leaving conversation will depend on her disposition:

"So I guess this is it then?" (above 30)
"How could you do that to all those innocent people? What did they ever do to you?"
"Why? What drove you to this madness?"


Should Dovesi die at any point, the other guests will remark on her demise:

Other guests
Disposition: ≤30 >30 ≥70
Matilde Petit "So she's dead. What do you want from me? Flower? A eulogy? I think not." "Yes, the poor girl is dead. What a shame. Well, I guess she won't be finding the gold, hmm? Hehehehehe." "One less Dark Elf in the world. And now there's one less person to find the gold, as well. It's a good day, don't you think?"
Nels the Naughty "Who could have done this? Who could have killed a sweet, innocent girl? Was it you? So help me, if I find out you're the one who did this..." "I... I can't believe she's dead. Seeing her body lying there... It's like my poor daughter all over again." "No... no! When I looked into Dovesi's face it was like peering at my own daughter. I... I feel like I've lost her all over again."
Neville "She was a child, and some sick murdering dog struck her down in cold blood. I swear, if I find out you did this I'll kill you with my bare hands." "Dovesi couldn't have been any more than fifteen years old. What threat could she have posed? Why was she murdered? Damn it, I mean to find out!" "I was in the Legion for a great many years, my friend. I saw a lot of horrible things, including the murders of children. It made no sense then, it makes no sense now. But don't you worry, I vow to bring Dovesi's killer to justice!"
Primo Antonius "You are not even worthy enough to mention her name, you low-born parasite. Now get away from me before YOU wind up dead." "She was so beautiful. And now she's gone..." "Who? Who among us is vile enough to take the life of such a beautiful, precious creature? If I find out who did this, they will pay with their life!"