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Mazoga the Orc
(RefID: 0008596A)
Home City Leyawiin
House Castle Leyawiin
Race Orc Gender Female
Level PC+1 (min=10) Class Marauder
RefID 0008596A BaseID 00085969
Other Information
Health 53 + (6+2.6)x(PC+0), PC=4-14
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Responsibility 0 Aggression 5
Follower Mazoga the Orc, Knights of the White Stallion
Faction(s) Leyawiin; Mazoga Friend
Mazoga the Orc

Mazoga the Orc will initially be encountered pacing around Castle Leyawiin County Hall, insisting somewhat insecurely that she is a knight. Talking with her or with city guards leads to the quest Mazoga the Orc, during which you will learn a bit more about her less-than-chivalrous past, and give her (and yourself) a chance to become a real knight.

Mazoga wears a set of heavy armor (boots, cuirass, greaves, and shield) which is always the best available quality (based on your level). She carries a longsword, which is also of the best available quality. She also carries four restore health potions, another random combat potion, and a pair of leveled lower-class pants. After you kill Black Brugo and are both named Knights-Errant, she will also carry a Leyawiin shield and a key to the White Stallion Lodge.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Mazoga the OrcEdit

While in Leyawiin, you will hear both guards and citizens referring to the odd knight and directing you towards the Count Marius Caro:

"Orc named Mazoga says she's a knight. I doubt it. The Count wants it looked into. Why don't you talk to him? The Count appears for audiences in the County Hall near the throne weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM."
"There's an Orc named Mazoga up at the castle claims she's a knight. Doesn't look like one to me."
"The Count's been asking questions about some Orc named Mazoga at the castle... she claims she's a knight."

If you speak to her before speaking to the Count she will greet you with:

"Are you the Count?"
"You're a liar. You don't even look like a Count." or "You're a liar. The Count is a man. And you aren't a man."
"Then go away."

Asking the Count about her will see him tasking you with discovering more about her:

"I need your help. An Orc named Mazoga here claims to be a knight, but will not reveal her business. Find out why she is here, and report to me, and you will earn a reward suitable for those who serve Leyawiin."

After speaking to the Count, she will be more talkative:

The Count sent me.
"The Count? Then I can talk to you. I'm Mazoga."
Mazoga the Orc
"Yes. I'm an Orc. I was born under a rock, and I have no parents. So I didn't need a family name. I guess you don't know how to talk to a knight. So I'll teach you. Say, 'Yes, Sir Mazoga'."
Yes, Sir Mazoga.
"All right, then. Just don't forget."
Say nothing.
"You won't say 'Sir' to me? You are afraid to speak. It would shame me to fight a gutless thing like you. So go away."
'Sir?' You're a woman.
"I'm a knight. So say, 'Sir'. Say, 'Yes, Sir Mazoga'."

If you refuse to call her by her proper title, on leaving conversation she will exclaim:

"People are just ignorant around here..."

When greeting you after this, her response will depend on whether her disposition is above 20 or not:

"What do you want?"
"You're getting on my nerves. What do you want?"
Mazoga the Orc
"That's 'Sir Mazoga' to you..."
"I'm a FREE knight. I don't have a lord. You got a problem with that?"
You don't look like a knight.
"You don't know anything about being a knight, so shut up about it."
No, Sir Mazoga.
"All right, then."

Either then leads to her saying:

"There's an Argonian named Weebam-Na in town. Go get him for me."
"Do you know where Weebam-Na is? I hear he's a hunter, knows all about the woods around here."
"Then go find him. Tell him I want to see him right now. I'll meet him here."
"Go tell him I want to see him right now. I'll meet him here."

If approached again:

"Go tell Weebam-Na I want to see him. I'll wait right here."
"Go tell him I want to see him. Here. Right now."

On leaving conversation she will be exasperated:

"Get a move on, will you?"
Mazoga talks to an uninterested Weebam-Na

Once you have brought Weebam-Na:

Weebam-Na: "You want to speak to me?"
Mazoga: "You are Weebam-Na?"
Weebam-Na: "Yes."
Mazoga: "I want to go to Fisherman's Rock. Where's that?"
Weebam-Na: "Fisherman's Rock is north of Leyawiin, about six hours walk, on a point of land on the eastern shore of the Niben."
Mazoga: "Take me there. Now. I'm in a hurry."
Weebam-Na: "Why?"
Mazoga: "That's my business."
Weebam-Na: "Then, if you won't tell me why, I won't take you anywhere."
Mazoga: "Then to hell with you!"

After the conversation with Weebam-Na:

"Weebam-Na won't take me to Fisherman's Rock."
Fisherman's Rock
"Weebam-Na won't take me to Fisherman's Rock. You know where it is?"
"Take me there. Now."
"The Argonian said Fisherman's Rock is north of Leyawiin on a point of land on the east shore of the Niben."

Either leads to:

"This guy, Mogens Wind-Shifter, he camps at Fisherman's Rock. So you take me there, and I talk to him, and then we see what happens. You hear me? I TALK to him first. No smashing in his teeth or chopping off his head! Understand?"
Talking, THEN smashing and chopping?
"Could be. You know how it is. But not until I'm finished talking!"

If you decline she will be annoyed:

Maybe later.
"Big help you are.... All right. Maybe I'll wait here. And maybe not."

She will then say goodbye with:

"What are we waiting for?"

Speaking to her again now will net you:

"Take me to Fisherman's Rock. Now."
Fisherman's Rock
"Are you going to take me to Fisherman's Rock?"
I understand. Follow me.
"The Argonian says it's north of Leyawiin, about six hours walk, on the east bank of the Niben. Let's get moving."
Follow me.
"Get moving! I'm right behind you..."
Wait here.
"Come on! What's the hold-up?"

She will now follow you everywhere you go.

Mazoga the Orc and Mogens Wind-Shifter have a nice chat

When Mazoga arrives, she will walk right up to Mogens and confront him with past crimes.

Mazoga: "Remember me?"
Mogens: "No. Who are you?"
Mazoga: "I'm Mazoga. You killed my friend, Ra'vindra."
Mogens: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Mazoga: "You're a lying bastard. You killed Ra'vindra. And now I'm going to kill you."

After the conversation Mazoga and Mogens Wind-Shifter will engage in combat, and you will have to back her up. If you try to speak to her before she has her conversation with Mogens she will shout "Get out of my way!" and proceed to attack.

After the battle, Mazoga will tell the sad story about why she swore a knight's oath of vengeance:

"I kept my oath. Mogens Wind-Shifter is dead. Mogens Wind-Shifter had a gang. They robbed and killed travelers. But Ra'vindra saw, and told the guards. Mogens got away, but first he killed Ra'vindra... my best friend, Ra'vindra. That day, I became a knight, and swore a knight's oath. I searched a long time, and asked everyone, then I finally heard he was hiding at Fisherman's Rock. So now you know everything. You helped me, and I won't forget. Take what you want from the dead. I came to keep my oath, and now I'm done."
Mazoga's Story
"When I saw my friend killed, I swore I'd be a true knight and right all wrongs. So now I gotta do some good deeds. I don't know much about being a knight. But I'm gonna learn. Say. You did ME a good deed. You ought to be a real knight yourself."

Her goodbye:

"You're a pal."

If approached again:

"I kept my oath. Mogens Wind-Shifter is dead. Now I return to Castle Leyawiin. Come visit me there some day."

After this, she will set off back to Leyawiin.

On the other hand, if you killed Mogens and his gang on your own, she will start making her way back to Leyawiin on her own. Should you speak to her, she will greet you with:

"What's the matter? What did you do?"
I killed bandits at Fisherman's Rock.
"You idiot! You ruined everything!"

This ends the conversation, and if you speak to her again she shouts:

"You spoiled everything, you idiot!"
Mazoga's anger
"I'm so mad, I could kill you!" (Disposition <70)

If you manage to raise her disposition, she will then elaborate:

Mazoga's anger
"Mogens Wind-Shifter! He killed Ra'vindra, my best friend. So I swore a knight's oath of vengeance... and you've spoiled it!"
But I didn't know...
"No. You didn't know. It was my fault. But now you know everything. And you helped me, and I won't forget."
I'm sorry...
"I should have told you. It was not your fault. An Orc pays her debts. You helped me, so I forgive you. And thank you, too."

This then leads to back to the topic Mazoga's Story above. Speaking to her again now will instead net you:

"Mogens Wind-Shifter is dead. Ra'vindra is avenged. Now I return to Castle Leyawiin. Come visit me there some day."

If spoken to when inside Castle Leyawiin:

"Hello, friend. Thank you again for your help."
"I like Leyawiin. That Count got you to help me. Damn nice. Both of you. Think I'll stick around. Maybe do some good deeds here."

Once this quest is finished, the Leyawiin townfolk can be heard saying:

"I hear the Count's got someone to sort out that business with Mazoga the so-called knight."

Knights of the White StallionEdit

Once the Count has tasked you with eliminating the bandit Black Brugo, he will suggest asking Mazoga about him:

Black Brugo
"The outlaw, Black Brugo, is a menace to County Leyawiin. They call his marauders 'Black Bow Bandits' because they use black bows. Find Black Brugo, and execute him for his crimes, and I will make both you and your friend Mazoga Knights-Errant of the White Stallion."
How shall we locate Black Brugo?
"In her shadowy past, your friend Mazoga might have had contacts with outlaws. Ask her."

Mazoga can be found loitering by the entrance of the County Hall and, sure enough, she can help:

Black Brugo
"I know Brugo. Long ago, back before I became 'Sir Mazoga', I split a share or two with Brugo."
Tell about Count's offer.
"Brugo's a jerk. He's got a hideout in a ruin called Telepe. Every night, between midnight and six AM, he stops there to pick up his take. We're pals, right? So we'll kill Black Brugo and be knights! I'll wait right here until you ask me to follow you."

If approached again:

"If you're ready to go get Black Brugo, I'm ready to follow you."
I'm ready. Come with me.
"Let's go."
Not yet. Wait here.
"You're the boss. Whenever you're ready...."

She will now follow you everywhere again. If you speak to her now, she will provide you with some misleading information (see Bugs):

"I'm with you, friend. We kill Black Brugo, and the Count makes us both knights."
Black Brugo
"Expect Brugo and his boys in Telepe. Middas, after midnight."
Follow me.
"I'm ready when you are..."
Wait here.
"You're the boss."

After killing Black Brugo she will be delighted and will set off back to Leyawiin with:

"Black Brugo is dead, right? So I'm going to be a knight? I'll go back and wait in the County Hall. You'll tell me when I'm a real knight? Please?"

When spoken to after receiving your reward from the Count:

"Did you tell the Count about Black Brugo?"
Black Brugo
"So? Am I a knight?"
Not yet.
"Yeah? Well, good luck. Let me know how it comes out."
We are both Knights-Errant!
"God's goolies! Not just a knight, but a... Knight-Errant! That's a real special kind of Knight, right? So? Go on... say it! Say... 'I greet you, Sir Mazoga.'"
Hail, Knight of the White Stallion!
"Thank you kindly! 'Knight of the White Stallion.' Sounds good. Damn good. I'm a knight-errant now, and I don't care who knows it."
I greet you, Sir Mazoga.
"Thank you kindly, Sir Knight. Sounds good. Damn good. I'm a Knight-Errant now, and I don't care who knows it."
Don't push it. I'm a knight, too.
"Yeah. Well. Maybe you're right. A real knight shouldn't act like a jerk to his pals."

Any option will then lead to:

"So, thank you. You've been good to me. And I won't ever forget it. So I better get started doing my good deeds. And maybe I'll see you at the White Stallion Lodge?"

Black Bow BanditsEdit

After you have completed the quests involving her, you will not be able to interact with her anymore. Her only responses are:

"I'm gonna go get me some black bows. Tag along if you like."

She will also begin a new routine, though it is affected by a bug. At midnight on Morndas she will head off to Telepe, which takes about an hour. Once there, she will start looking for any Black Bow Bandits to kill and loot of their bows. She will keep this up until 6am, when she returns to the Lodge for breakfast. After napping from 8am to 2pm, she once again sets off for Telepe. She will stay until 6am on Tirdas, when she returns to the lodge for her breakfast and nap. At 2pm she again heads to Telepe, staying there until midnight. Now into Middas, she sets off for Rockmilk Cave. She will stay there until midnight on Turdas, with two breaks to travel to the lodge for food and sleep. Once the day changes into Fredas, she heads to Undertow Cavern and stays there until midnight, with the usual food and sleeping break in between. On Loredas and Sundas she will spend all day pacing in the lodge, only breaking off to eat and sleep at the usual times.

You will also hear the townsfolk comment on Mazoga's elevation to knighthood:

"The Count made that Orc, Mazoga, into a knight? Well, well. Next thing, we'll be making horses into knights."

Unused DialogueEdit

  • Due mostly to conflict with her AI packages, you will never be able to hear her "hello" lines. When approaching her at different stages during the quests, she would have said: "What are you looking at?", "Where's Weebam-Na?", "Where's Fisherman's Rock?", "Mogens is dead, the bastard!" and "Thanks again, buddy.".
  • One of her unique "goodbye" lines after you'd completed the first quest is always overridden by others: "Thanks for the help. You're okay."
  • There are two unused lines presumably related to you questioning her knightly credentials: one for I'm sorry, Sir Mazoga. ("All right, then. Just don't forget I'm a knight.") and another for [Say nothing.] ("Go. You're not worth the trouble.")
  • Finally, Mazoga has a host of lines apparently for an unused branch to the Knights of the White Stallion quest that would have seen her be reluctant to tell you about Brugo and then presented you with the opportunity to deny her any reward.
    • Black Brugo: "I told you all I'm going to tell you. You want Brugo, you're on your own."
    • Greeting once you kill Brugo and return: "I hear Black Brugo is dead."
    • Black Brugo: "So. You killed Black Brugo. Well, the bastard had it coming, I guess. You get a reward?"
      • Count made me a knight.
      • "Well. That's nice."
      • Nothing much.
      • "Really? That's not what I heard. I heard you got made into a knight."
      • Either would then have lead to: "Well. That's nice. I set Brugo up for you, and you get the reward? Congratulations, you manky scroat. Now get away from me. And don't ever talk to me again."
    • After she would have said "You! You make me vomit!" if approached and greeted you with: "Push off, scroat! We got nothing to talk about."


  • It is advisable either to complete Mazoga's quests before you have started Sanguine's quest or wait to start after you have completed it. Performing Sanguine's prank with the other quests active can cause Mazoga to fight the numerous castle guards and probably end up being killed.
  • You may consider not doing her quests and just keeping her as a permanent follower. However, she is not essential and therefore can quite easily die in combat.
  • You can continuously pickpocket Mazoga's armor and weapons while she sleeps. She will eventually get more gear which may be better depending on your level. It will not matter if she catches you due to her low responsibility, though her disposition towards you will decrease.
  • As your level increases, the caves to which Mazoga travels will also become increasingly more dangerous for her to explore. It is very common to find her dead in Rockmilk Cave, as it is inhabited by Marauders and Black Bow Bandits who will eventually kill her due to their overwhelming numbers.
  • If you assault Mogens on your own but then manage to get away without killing him and speak to Mazoga, she will greet you with: "Mogens and his dogs must die!". As this forces an end to the conversation, if you'd asked her to wait she won't follow you back to Fisherman's Rock, leaving you to dispatch Mogens on your own.


  • Mazoga was only meant to spend Morndas, Middas and Turdas hunting for bows, but due to the duration of the relevant AI packages she ends up spilling over into Tirdas and Fredas. ?
  • If Mazoga dies when fighting Black Brugo, after you have completed that quest a Leyawiin shield and a White Stallion Lodge key will appear on her corpse.
  • Mazoga claims that Black Brugo and his gang should be expected in Telepe on Middas when actually they appear every night.
  • Due to incorrect conditions, Mazoga always used her hello about hunting Black Bows even when in the Lodge, meaning you never heard the alternative: "Time to relax."
  • Similarly, Mazoga always used her greeting about hunting Black Bows, meaning you never heard the alternative: "I'm going to spend some time at the Lodge. Then maybe tonight, I might go hunt me some black bows."