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Oblivion:Manheim Maulhand

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Manheim Maulhand
(RefID: 00024FE1)
Store Inn of Ill Omen
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 5 Class Publican
RefID 00024FE1 BaseID 000224EE
Available 24 hrs/day every day
Rents Bed Bed 10 gold
Gold 50 Mercantile Apprentice (30)
Sells Food
Other Information
Health 60 Magicka 0
Responsibility 30 Aggression 20
Faction(s) Manheim and Rufio; Inn of Ill Omen
Manheim Maulhand

Manheim Maulhand is the innkeeper at the Inn of Ill Omen. He rents beds while also buying and selling food, potions and ingredients. As one of few vendors with a Responsibility of 30 or less, he will buy stolen goods from any character (even if you are not in the Thieves Guild). However, this is only particularly effectively for players with high Mercantile skill: the journeyman skill perk is necessary to sell him anything other than potions and ingredients, while investing in his store is necessary for him to have more than 50 gold available.

He will spend day and night attending to his inn behind the check-in counter, never even stopping to eat or sleep, while continuously offering his services. Manheim only wears a blacksmith's apron. However, he carries the rest of his clothes in his inventory: iron boots and greaves. He is armed with a leveled warhammer and a small amount of gold.

Business is bad for Manheim so when you arrive at the inn he will be incredibly surprised: "Well I be a spotted snow bear, a customer!" He will quickly try to get you a room: "Hail. We got plenty of rooms if you want one." and "We got plenty of rooms if you want one. Ain't nobody here 'cept old Rufio." If you inquire, he will be startled: "A bed? Well of course! Of course! I've got a small room available right upstairs, first door on the left. Only 10 gold. What do you say?" Asking about the inn will reveal his thoughts on it: "It's a horrible name for an inn, I know. But I just can't bring myself to change it. Besides, I like the sign."

During A Knife in the Dark, Manheim can provide some detail on your target, Rufio: "Rufio? He's an old codger. Been living here for a couple weeks now. If you ask me, he's hiding from something. But what do I care? He pays his tab. His room is downstairs, in what I like to call the Private Quarters. Use that hatch in the floor over there. But don't expect a warm reception." Once you have killed the Breton, Manheim will be shocked: "Rufio? He was killed! Murdered! Right here in my inn! And I thought business was bad before. When this gets out, I'll never rent another room!"

When ending the conversation, he has three different dialogue options: If his disposition is between 20 and 29 (he will attack you if it's lower than 20), he will exclaim: "Go on, now! Get out of my Inn! I don't need your kind hanging about!" Or if it is between 30 and 69, he will say: "Farewell! And tell your friends! The Inn of Ill Omen is open for business, as always." Or if it is above 70, he will say: "Goodbye my friend! And remember, you're always welcome here!

Manheim seems to have taken a liking to Minerva, one of the regulars, as she will remark: "The only people that stay here are stragglers on the Green Road. Me, I got no place else to be. Besides, I think Manheim is sweet on me." If her disposition towards you is low, she will become upset and say: "You make me sick! Now get out of here before I have Manheim throw you out!"


  • Manheim will refuse to talk to you or provide any services if his Disposition towards you is less than 30, saying "By Ysmer's [sic] beard, not you again!" and "I don't care how bad I need the business. You ain't welcome here." Since he will not talk to you, you will need a Charm spell can boost his disposition enough for you initiate the persuasion minigame and permanently alter his disposition towards you.
  • Since a publican on duty removes their armor, Manheim will normally wear nothing below the waist. He will only equip his greaves and boots if he engages in combat.