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Oblivion:Jesan Sextius' House

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Jesan Sextius' House
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Gold Coast
Jesan Sextius' House

Jesan Sextius' House is a house situated within the Westgate district of Anvil. The house itself is adjacent from both Gogan's House and Newheim the Portly's House.

It is the residence of Jesan Sextius and Gorgo gro-Shura, an Orc who's seemingly fallen on hard times. It consists of only one zone, Jesan Sextius' House.


Jesan Sextius' HouseEdit

The main living area
Gorgo gro-Shura's quarters

The front door opens to a staircase directly ahead leading to the second floor. A passage on the left opens up to a small dining and lounge area. To the direct left, several stacked barrels contain clutter as well as a pumpkin and an open-grain sack containing food nearby. A shelf holds copies of A Less Rude Song and Brief History of the Empire, v 1, as well as a note and a handbill for the local inn, The Fo'c's'le. A laid out dining table nearby holds a bottle of mead, some cheese, a loaf of bread, an apple and an assortment of vegetables. A shelf along the northwestern wall holds several items of tableware as well as several heads of lettuce, a pumpkin, some mutton and boar meat. A locked chest atop the shelves contains minor loot. Further along the wall, several more open-grain sacks contain even more food, and a sack contains clutter. A second exit to the exterior of the house can be found along the southwestern wall, and a lit fireplace nearby spaciously illuminates the room.

The master bedroom

Continuing back towards the front entrance and following the stairs to the second floor of the house several sacks containing clutter can be found on the steps, as well as a passage at the top of the stairs that leads to a small bedroom, pressumably Gorgo gro-Shura's. The bedroom contains a single bed right next to a fireplace which spaciously illuminates the room. A shelf in the northern corner holds clutter, as well as a locked door to the right leading into the master bedroom. The master bedroom opens up to a small dining area to the right that holds a bottle of cheap wine, an apple as well as several blackberries. A set of drawers containing common clothing as well as clutter can be found nearby, with the enchanted steel helmet, Witchhunter Helmet, on top. A small study area along the northwestern wall holds a desk with a weak potion of antivenom, a copy of The Argonian Account, Book 2 and yet another handbill for the Fo'c's'le. A barrel as well as several sacks containing further clutter can also be found nearby. The double bed is situated within an alcove along the northeastern side of the room and at the foot of the bed, a small table holds a chest containing either iron or steel armor or weaponry.