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Gogan's House
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Gold Coast
Gogan's House

Gogan's House is a house situated within the Westgate district of Anvil. The house itself is between Jesan Sextius' House and Quill-Weave's House.

It is the residence of Gogan and Maelona, both of which are undercover guards as part of the quest, The Siren's Deception. It consists of only one area, Gogan's House.



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Gogan's HouseEdit

The interior of the house

The front door opens to a vestibule. To either side of the door are shelving units which hold tableware and a small book collection. Slightly to the left ahead a staircase to the second floor begins. Directly across from the door is a small desk and chair with a pair of pigskin shoes on the floor nearby.

The living room, on the right, is brightly lit by the fireplace. A chair faces the burning logs and a handbill for the local business, Lelles' Quality Merchandise, can be found in the fire; a lectern and sack are on the mantle.

To the left of the fireplace is a storage unit with tableware on its shelves. To the right, along the northeast wall, are two barrels, a crate, an open grain sack and a wine rack with bottles of cheap wine and Surilie Brothers Wine.

A short wall intrudes to create a dining alcove with a small cupboard storing food in its corner. Two chairs and a dining table are on the southeast wall. Resting on the table are a bottle of mead, two cloves of garlic, a sweetroll, a wedge of cheese, and an assortment of other vegetables.

Heading up the stairs, there is balcony at whose end is a locked chest containing loot. Gogan and Maelona's bedroom on the northern side of the house has a double bed on its northeast wall. A set of drawers atop another set of drawers, both holding common clothing, is next to the bed. To their left are two sacks. In the corner to the right of a fireplace is a cupboard. A locked chest containing armor and weaponry rests atop the cupboard. A pair of doeskin shoes and thick cowhide shoes are on the floor under the cupboard.


  • The key to the house is carried by both Gogan and Maelona.
  • Downstairs the lectern and the sack on the mantle, and the grain sack are safe storage.
  • Upstairs the balcony chest, the armor chest, and the two sacks are safe storage.
  • The bed is not usable.
  • Gogan's House appears in ESO as Senna's House.