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Oblivion:Cheydinhal Fighters Guild

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Guild Hall:
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
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Console Location Code(s)
CheydinhalFightersGuild, CheydinhalFightersGuildBasement
The Cheydinhal Fighters Guild is recruiting!

Cheydinhal Fighters Guild is in the west part of the city, between the Mages Guild and Magrum gra-Orum's house.

The Guild Hall is divided into the Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild and the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement.

Cheydinhal Fighter's GuildEdit

The top floor of the Fighters Guild Hall

The entrance to the Fighters Guild is directly across from a large fireplace. On the table next to it, a plate holds four potatoes. The area to the right, in the northern end, is a large dining room. On the table, which seats four, are three apples, two carrots, five blackberries, a cheese wedge, a bottle of cheap wine, and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald Wine. The cupboard behind the table contains food, and the wine rack next to it holds 12 bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, four bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, and three bottles of cheap wine. The cupboard in the opposite end of this area contains dishes, and two apples and two ears of corn sit on top. The Fighters Guild Porter can often be found here.

The area in the southern end of the first floor holds four barrels which each contain clutter, possibly some iron arrows and/or a repair hammer. Two are in the eastern end, and two are next to the stairs leading up to the second level. The door to the Basement is under the stairs.

On the second floor are two more barrels with the same contents, and a bear pelt sits on top of the larger one. Next to them is a display case locked with a hard lock which holds two flawless sapphires, a pair of ebony ceremonial gauntlets and an ebony dagger replica. On the table in the eastern end sit six bottles of beer. The chest next to the candlestick in the corner holds only clutter, as does the one next to the bookshelf. The basket on the floor next to this bookshelf contains five more bottles of beer, and next to this basket is another clutter/repair hammer barrel. The bookshelf itself holds a copy of the skill book The Armorer's Challenge on top and another bottle of cheap wine rolled to the back of the bottom shelf. Keld of the Isles can often be found here.

The next door leads to a large bedroom with three single beds lined up along the northern wall. The desk on the east wall holds only clutter, but has a recipe for restore fatigue sitting on top. The chest of drawers in the northwest corner holds clothing, and the chest next to it holds gold and a possibility of jewelry and clutter. The chest of drawers next to the easternmost bed contains more clothing. The sack at the foot of this bed holds more clutter, as does the one at the foot of the next bed. The two sacks and the chest do not respawn; however, all other containers in these areas do.

Cheydinhal Fighters Guild BasementEdit

The basement of the Fighters Guild Hall

Beside the stairs leading down to the basement are two crates which each contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. The two sacks next to them also contain clutter. In the alcove behind the stairs, another two crates and a barrel also contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. A repair hammer sits on the short stone wall around the forge. The cupboard next to this wall contains more clutter, and another repair hammer sits on the shelf over the steps to the lower level.

The lower level has a large practice area in the center. The cupboard in the north corner contains clothing. The two chests against the east wall can both contain weapons and/or armor. These two chests and the two sacks in the upper level do not respawn; however, every other container in this room does.


Burz gro-Khash Guardian
Keld of the Isles Guardian
Ohtimbar Guardian
Fighters Guild Porter Repairs Protector

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Fighters GuildEdit

Master TrainingEdit


  • A dog named Clancy appears unused in the game files and was intended to belong to the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild, similar to Mojo in Anvil.


  • An "Explore" tune is played in the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Hall even though it's in a city.