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Anaxes (Legends)
Race Xivilai Gender (no gender)
Appears in Oblivion, ESO, Legends

Anaxes is a Xivilai who serves as an agent of the Dremora Kathutet. He bears some relation to another Xivilai named Medrike.

Like Kathutet, Anaxes once served Molag Bal as a torturer and guard. In 2E 582, he and Medrike were sent to Tamriel by Bal to defend a Dark Anchor. However, they were swiftly banished by the Fighters Guild and the Anchor was released.[1] Sometime after this, Anaxes, Medrike, and Kathutet came into the service of Mehrunes Dagon.

Circa 3E 433, Kathutet was ordered by Dagon to serve Mankar Camoran in Gaiar Alata. He was charged with keeping order in the Savage Garden, where the souls of "unmortal" Mythic Dawn members took part in ceaseless combat to prove themselves. Anaxes was appointed Lord of the Savage Garden, and became feared by the cultists as the worst of their tormentors. The cultists eventually succeeded in trapping him in a cave. Although Kathutet regarded the humiliation of his imprisonment as a fitting punishment, Anaxes' shame made a mockery of Kathutet's authority. Seeing the matter as too insignificant for his own attention, Kathutet attempted to bring the Hero of Kvatch into his service in order to free the Xivilai. The outcome of this proposition is unknown, and Gaiar Alata was destroyed shortly afterward.[2]