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Unused Content is content that is unreleased, scrapped, or unavailable to the player through normal gameplay. This list includes content found in Tribunal and Bloodmoon.



  • Npc dialogue suggests a system where Blight Diseases could be contracted during ash storms. This was not implemented in the final game.


  • Unused Items- List showing unused artifacts and other unused items. Included in this list are items that can be obtained through normal gameplay, but the intended feature they are meant to fulfill was not implemented.



  • See the Test Cells page
  • Ald Redaynia: was stated to be a small village, in-game it is only a Velothi tower.
  • Sharapli features the "Pool of Forgetfulness", a named pool of water that upon activating it does nothing.
  • Several taverns and tradehouses do not actually offer a bed that one may sleep on, see their pages for more information.




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These are unused loading screens taken from the game data.

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