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Tivam Sadri (tivam sadri)
Location Holamayan Monastery
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 14 Class Priest Service
Gold 500 Mercantile Apprentice (20)
Other Information
Health 222 Magicka 30
Alarm 100 Fight 40
Tivam Sadri

Tivam Sadri is a Dunmer priest who sells ingredients and potions at the Holamayan Monastery. He is a restocking vendor of the following ingredients: Ash Salts, Corkbulb Root, Ectoplasm, Ghoul Heart, Gravedust, Hackle-Lo Leaf, Muck, Saltrice and Scrib Jerky.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
Item Qty
Ash Salts -5
Corkbulb Root -5
Ectoplasm -10
Ghoul Heart -1
Gravedust -10
Hackle-Lo Leaf -10
Muck -10
Saltrice -10
Scrib Jerky -10
Cheap Restore Health 2
Standard Restore Fatigue 1
Potion of Cure Common Disease 1