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Morrowind:Talis Drurel

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Talis Drurel (talis drurel)
Home City Vivec, Redoran Canton
Location The Flowers of Gold
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 9 Class Barbarian
Training Athletics (47)
Block (42)
Medium Armor (42)
Other Information
Health 103 Magicka 92
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Redoran Retainer(Retainer)
Talis Drurel

Talis Drurel is a Dark Elf barbarian and Retainer of House Redoran located in The Flowers of Gold in the eastern corridor of the Redoran Waistworks in Vivec.

He is a minor trainer in Medium Armor, Athletics and Block.

Talis wears a boiled netch leather cuirass and netch leather greaves with matching gauntlets, boots, and tower shield. He also wears a common shirt and a pair of extravagant pants and carries a steel battle axe along with a chitin short bow and 50 corkbulb arrows. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows the following spells: Heal Companion, Veloth's Gift, Veloth's Benison, Regenerate, Balyna's Soothing Balm, Balyna's Efficacious Balm, Orc Strength, Powerwell, Skylamp's Shadow, Feet of Notorgo, Blood Gift, Absorb Strength, Absorb Speed, and Energy Leech.

When asked about latest rumors, he will say: "Elvil Vidron in Suran is claiming to be the Incarnate. So far the Temple hasn't said anything about it."