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Morrowind:False Incarnate

Morrowind: Quests: Tribunal Temple / Suran
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Investigate the claims of a possible Nerevarine in Suran.
Quest Giver: Tuls Valen in Ald'ruhn
Location(s): Suran
Prerequisite Quest: Compassion
Next Quest: Pilgrimage to Maar Gan
Reward: 3 Exclusive Restore Health Potions
Disposition: +10 (Tuls Valen),
+15 (Elvil Vidron)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Temple)
ID: TT_FalseIncarnate

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Tuls Valen in the Ald'ruhn Tribunal Temple for your duties.
  2. Travel to Suran to investigate Elvil Vidron, who claims to be the Nerevarine.
  3. Convince him that he is not the Incarnate that he thinks he is, or kill him.
  4. Return to Tuls to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Tuls Valen in the Ald'ruhn Tribunal Temple asks you to investigate Elvil Vidron in Suran, who claims to be the Nerevarine. Tuls is certain that Elvil is not 'divine' and you must convince him of this or kill him.

False IncarnateEdit

You can arrive in Suran quickly via the Silt Strider routes and find Elvil hanging around outside Desele's House of Earthly Delights. Your options depend on how far you have progressed in the Main Quest:

  • Whether or not you have seen any disturbing dream, you can convince him he is not the Incarnate of the dreams, if his disposition with you is at least 65.
  • If you have the Moon-and-Star ring, you can show it to him to prove that you are the Nerevarine. However, this does nothing due to a bug (see below).
  • Otherwise, your only choice is to kill him outright.

Return to Tuls for your reward of three Exclusive Restore Health Potions – unless you killed Elvil, in which case you will get no reward, although you will still receive the reputation and disposition boosts.

  • You are likely to be prosecuted for the killing of Elvil, even though it was ordered by the Temple. Be prepared to pay a fine of at least 2,000 gold. No amount of stealth seems to be sufficient to avoid detection – for example, killing with chameleon of over 100%. This can be worked around by getting him to strike first, with either Frenzy Humanoid, or Taunt.


  • If you kill or pickpocket Elvil Vidron, you'll discover that he's carrying an Ash Statue. These are the same statues that the Sixth House has been using to corrupt the dreams of the people of Vvardenfell. This likely explains why Elvil has been having dreams which convince him that he is the Incarnate.
  • This quest is available to everyone, even if you are not a member of the Temple, provided that you have the False Incarnate discussion topic available.
  • The Morrowind Patch Project makes it impossible to convince Elvil that he is wrong before you have your first disturbing dream, unless you have the Moon-and-Star.


  • Showing Elvil the Moon-and-Star will not update your journal correctly: the dialogue result attempts to set quest stage 55 on the TT_Compassion quest - the previous one in the series.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

False Incarnate (TT_FalseIncarnate)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Tuls Valen asked me to speak with Elvil Vidron in Suran. Elvil Vidron has proclaimed himself to be the Incarnate. I must either persuade him to give up the notion that he is the Incarnate or kill him.
50 I convinced Elvil Vidron that he is not the Incarnate.
55 I showed Elvil Vidron the Moon-and-Star ring. He recognized me as the true incarnate.
60 I knew no other recourse but to prove to Elvil Vidron that he was not the Incarnate. He is dead.
100 Finishes quest☑ Tuls Valen thanked me for stopping the false incarnate.

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