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MW-icon-effect-Dispel.jpg Dispel
School Mysticism
Type Off./Def.
Base Cost 5.0
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Built-In Potions

Dispel M%

Cancels all temporary magic effects on the target (effects from abilities, potions, enchanted items, scrolls and diseases are all unaffected). This can be used either to remove an enemy's defenses, or to remove negative effects from yourself or your allies. Note that in either case, it will remove both helpful and harmful effects. The magnitude determines the chance an effect is removed. Dispel 100% will always cleanse all the temporary effects on the target.


  • This works on all effects regardless of being positive (for example, Chameleon, Levitate and Fortify Attribute) or negative (for example, Paralyze and Drain Health). This can be a disadvantage compared to effects such as Cure Paralyzation when used on an ally or self, but a big advantage when used on enemies as this can remove their positive effects. Dispel can even get rid of an enemy's bound items or summoned creatures.
  • It is possible to dispel the effects of enchanted items, but only if the Dispel spell is cast from the same item as the effects to be dispelled. For example, an enchanted item with Dispel + Bound Weapon can be recast at any time to refresh the durability of the weapon, without having to wait for the effect to expire.

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to make a potion of Dispel:

* This is a first-effect, so you can eat the ingredient raw to get the effect as well.