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Morrowind:Salit Camp

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Salit Camp
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Console Location Code(s)
Salit Camp, Zalit's Yurt
Salit Camp, Zelay's Yurt
Grazelands, [12,11]
Salit Camp

Salit Camp is a medium-sized outcast Ashlander settlement southwest of Tel Mora.

The camp is just a few paces inland from the waterfront of Azura's Coast. The five Ashlander residents are all hostile and only have some basic supplies and weapons. Zelay Sobbinisun is a minor trainer in Long Blade, Athletics, and Block if you can sneak up or calm him long enough to speak with him. He can be found inside his yurt. The yurts provide a safe haven from the dangerous daedra that roam the Grazelands.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Hemus Zelma-Alit Male Dark Elf Archer 9 97 92 0 90 Zelay's Yurt
Zalit Salkatanat Male Dark Elf Barbarian 13 132 100 0 90 Zalit's Yurt
Seba Anurnudai Female Dark Elf Wise Woman 9 66 98 0 90 Outside
Tis Abalkala Male Dark Elf Archer 9 97 92 0 90 Outside
Zelay Sobbinisun Male Dark Elf Scout 10 113 100 0 90 Zelay's Yurt Trainer


  • When entering Zalit's Yurt, you will get stuck in the fireplace.