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Morrowind: Places

This is a list of all the Ashlander Camps on Vvardenfell. For a list of all places, see this page.

Major Tribal CampsEdit

Ahemmusa Camp — The campsite of the Ahemmusa Ashlander clan. (map)
Erabenimsun Camp — The campsite of the Erabenimsun Ashlander clan. (map)
Urshilaku Camp — The campsite of the Urshilaku Ashlander clan. (map)
Zainab Camp — The campsite of the Zainab Ashlander clan. (map)

Minor CampsEdit

Aharasaplit Camp — An Ashlander camp on the southern shoreline of the island of Sheogorad, located southwest of Dagon Fel and northwest of Rotheran. (map)
Aidanat Camp — A small Ashlander camp just south of Ald Velothi. (map)
Ashamanu Camp — An outcast Ashlander camp on an island west of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Bensiberib Camp — A small Ashlander camp located on the mainland of Azura's Coast between Tel Fyr and Tel Uvirith. (map)
Elanius Camp — Located in the Grazelands Region, not far northeast from Falensarano. (map)
Kaushtababi Camp — A small Ashlander camp south of Molag Mar, just over the mountains. (map)
Mamshar-Disamus Camp — An isolated Ashlander camp located just east of the ruins of Kogoruhn. (map)
Massahanud Camp — The home of a small group of Ashlanders southwest of the Dunmer stronghold Indoranyon. (map)
Mila-Nipal — A simple yurt northeast of the Daedric shrine Dushariran and east of Salothan Ancestral Tomb. (map)
Salit Camp — A medium-sized outcast Ashlander settlement southwest of Tel Mora. (map)
Shashmanu Camp — A desolate camp east of Ald Velothi and south of Khuul. (map)
Shashurari Camp — A tiny outcast Ashlander settlement west of Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
Sobitbael Camp — A yurt on Azura's Coast, north of Erabenimsun Camp. (map)
Yakaridan Camp — A yurt south of Tel Vos. (map)