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Morrowind:Galmis Dren

Morrowind: People
Galmis Dren (Galmis Dren)
Location Nammu
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 16 Class Battlemage
Other Information
Health 116 Magicka 166
Alarm 0 Fight 90
Galmis Dren

Galmis Dren is a Dark Elf battlemage and the leader of a band of smugglers hiding in the cave of Nammu. He wears the Ring of the Wind, a powerful artifact which is being sought by the Imperial Cult. He also wears common pants, an expensive robe, dwemer helm, dwemer cuirass and bonemold boots as well as a random amulet. He carries up to 20 gold. He wields a leveled axe.

Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows spells Vivec's Wrath, Daedric Bite, Dispel, Blood Despair, Spell Absorption, Vivec's Feast, Dire Weakness to Shock, Dire Weakness to Poison, Dire Weakness to Magicka, Dire Weakness to Frost, Dire Weakness to Fire, Deadly Poison, Sleep, Strong Shock Shield, Strong Frost Shield, Strong Fire Shield, Great Feather and Burden of Sin.

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